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Physical therapist accused of inappropriate touching and Snapchatting his junk

Richard Jay Johns

32-year-old Richard Jay Johns, of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, was a physical therapist. That was before he allegedly inappropriately touched an underage girl during a therapy session. As if he thought his game was that strong, Johns is also accused of sending a picture of his Little Johns to his victim on the photo sharing app Snapchat. According to reports this wasn’t Johns’ first rodeo as the victim’s family was able to provide police with the name of a second victim who Johns allegedly sent a risqué picture to on Snapchat.

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I’d be curious to know how Johns was able to find these girls on Snapchat. It could be that the girls were just being friendly in giving out their Snapchat names. Or they could have posted their Snapchat usernames somewhere public, like on a different social network like Facebook. If they did that, it wouldn’t take long for a stalker or predator to find them in order to send unsolicited dick pics. Sharing your Snapchat username indiscriminately isn’t going to make you famous, it will make you a target.

And yes, I realize therapist is very close to ‘the rapist’. That joke’s older than you think it is Trebek.

3 thoughts on “Physical therapist accused of inappropriate touching and Snapchatting his junk

  1. Derrick says:

    The difference between “therapist” and “the rapest” is how tight the space is.


    1. Derrick says:

      I can spell more gooder! I promise!


    2. Now that one I hadn’t heard before.


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