35-year-old cosplayer cruises cons and Instagram to prey on girls

35-year-old cosplayer cruises cons and Instagram to prey on girls

Derrick La Marr Jones

(Story broke 5/3/2017)

35-year-old Derrick La Marr Jones, of Catonsville, Maryland, was arrested for allegedly trying to lure a 16-year-old girl from Ashburn, Virginia to Baltimore through Instagram, while using the screen name of ‘Toxicnfektion’. He is also said to have sent an Uber to the girl’s home to bring her to Baltimore. Authorities say that this girl may not be his only victim.

Investigators say that Jones has traveled all over the country to various comic conventions, and the like, in order to try to pick up underage girls. He would use the aliases of Kanovski Zan-Lee Vulgen, Kano or Lee, when telling girls at these cons that he was anywhere from his late teens to early 20s. He also claimed to be a cosplayer, a martial artist and a pro-gamer. Jones is said to have attended conventions in Orlando, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City.

Police believe he may have more victims…

Anyone with information regarding the possible identity of the suspect is asked to call Detective J. Suess of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-0475 or you may submit a tip through the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office app, which can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play.

There are few things as sad as a middle-aged man trying to act like a young person for any reason. Doing so to try to pick up underage women is even sadder. Not to mention that he bragged about being a martial artist. I bet he even tried to convince them he was an MMA fighter. If he wasn’t so potentially dangerous he’d be almost laughable.

How not to approach your children about Snapchat

How not to approach your children about Snapchat

(Story broke 6/21/2017)

If you discovered that your 11-year-old son or daughter was on Snapchat how would you handle it? I’d like to think most of us would handle it rationally, but still disciplining the child within reason. For example, you could take away their phone for a certain amount of time, or you could add restrictions to the phone where they wouldn’t be able to download such apps. I would also imagine that you would have a talk with them about how dangerous apps like these could be, especially when you make friends with strangers.

31-year-old Sean Nguyen of Peabody, Massachusetts, did not handle it that way. When Nguyen found out that his 11-year-old daughter was on Snapchat he, for lack of a better term, snapped. When his daughter wouldn’t relinquish her phone, Nguyen allegedly beat the girl with a belt, pulled her hair and choked her.

Nguyen may have had valid concerns, but that does not excuse his alleged actions.

“My niece had over 800 friends, but she doesn’t know 800 people. My brother’s concern was some of those people could be perverts. So she deleted her whole account, that did come about at the end, the account is gone,” her aunt explained.

While I’m not a fan of Snapchat, parents may want to remember that celebrities are also on the photo sharing app. When I was that age, there were a number of musicians I was infatuated with, although I don’t think there were 800 of them. Either way, this could have been used as a teaching moment instead of an outburst of violence.

As a reminder to parents, Snapchat is rated T, which means it is not appropriate for children under 13.

Check the video at this link of his family and neighbors defending him. It’s worth it.

Attentive mom busts sneaker creeper on Instagram

Attentive mom busts sneaker creeper on Instagram

Mohamed El-Saawy

(Story broke 5/3/2017)

62-year-old Mohamed El-Saawy of Johns Creek, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly trying to lure a 14-year-old boy by promising him high-end shoes through Instagram. The way he was caught was a thing of beauty, if the word beauty can be used in this instance.

The 14-year-old boy was using his mom’s phone for Instagram because his phone was broken. The mom reviewed his Instagram activity and was able to arrange a meeting with El-Saawy that just so happened to involve police. The mom also has some great advice for parents…

“Be vigilant,” she said. “It’s not invading their privacy. It’s making sure that they stay safe.”

In other words, be their parent.

Trio accused of prostituting pregnant teen on Backpage

Trio accused of prostituting pregnant teen on Backpage

(Story broke 6/23/2017)

Three people were arrested in Acworth, Georgia, recently for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on Backpage. If that wasn’t bad enough, the girl was also 23 1/2 weeks pregnant at the time of her alleged traffickers’ arrests. Police say that there could be additional arrests.

The article I linked to from WSB in Atlanta didn’t mention the suspects’ names, but from the video it sounds like they are Amanda Beck, Joanne Grindel, and, I kid you not, Cross Beaver. I have no idea if any of their names have been spelled correctly.

Suspect names aside, this is just one more travesty to add to the unending list of travesties that have been perpetrated through the pages of Backpage. Sex trafficking is still taking place on their website no matter how many times they cry censorship, which means Backpage is still making money from the pimps and traffickers who use violence and force as their tools to sell women and children over and over again.

It is an embarrassment to our society that more people aren’t outraged about this.

Female teacher gets jail time for Snapchat sex with student

Female teacher gets jail time for Snapchat sex with student

Amelia Tat

(Story broke 5/1/2017)

27-year-old Amelia Tat was a middle school teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia. Last June, she was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old male student after communicating with the student on Instagram, and of course Snapchat. The ‘relationship’ (child rape) went on for 8 months before the boy’s mother discovered text messages between Tat and the student.

For those of you who say things like “I wish I had a teacher like that when I was 14”, the boy has been diagnosed with PTSD. So, I hope you’re also hoping for a lifetime of mental health problems to go along with your statutory rape fantasy.

Surprisingly, Tat was sentenced to ten years in prison. Not surprisingly she had eight years suspended. So she’ll only have to spend two years in prison and I have no doubt she’ll be released early since she’s a new mother. Thankfully, not with her victim.

Snapchat’s new map feature is a cause for concern, but it’s not the end of the world

Snapchat's new map feature is a cause for concern, but it's not the end of the world

(Story broke 6/25/2017)

Photo sharing app Snapchat has added a new feature called Snap Map, and it has some parents concerned. The new feature allows Snapchat users to see the location of other users, but it’s not as dangerous as it may sound.

First off, the feature is off by default. If someone wants to be found on Snap Map they need to turn it on first. Secondly, not everyone on Snapchat can see where every other user is. You can only see people on your friends list and they have to enable Snap Map. So no, child predators won’t know where your child is at all time. However, that does come with a caveat.

As a parent, you need to know who your child is friends with on Snapchat. Check their friends list regularly and ask who they are and how old they are. Make sure you get a first and last name for all their friends. If your child were to unknowingly friend someone who was a child predator and turned on Snap Map then they could know where your child is.

Much like with every other social app out there, it’s your job as a parent to prevent your kids from meeting predators online. The apps are not going to do it for you.

Kik kreeper ‘bigbillz36’ accused of sending child porn to 13-year-old girl

Kik kreeper 'bigbillz36' accused of sending child porn to 13-year-old girl

Billy Duane Adkins

(Story broke 5/3/2017)

30-year-old Billy Duane Adkins, of Huntington, West Virginia, is accused of allegedly sending child porn to a 13-year-old Montana girl using the mobile messaging app Kik. Not only that, but one of the images he sent is said to have been of himself performing sexual acts with a girl under the age of 6. Adkins’ Kik user name is said to have been ‘bigbillz36’. Looking at his mugshot the biggest bill he’s probably ever seen is a five.

When police searched his devices, they reportedly found over 130 images of child porn. At the time this story broke, Adkins was being held on $50,000 bond. That’s probably more big bills than he’s seen in a lifetime.

I can’t stress enough just how much Kik is full of sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. If you let your kids use this app, you have to know who they’re talking to on it. I would recommend that if they can’t identify their friends on Kik with a first and last name and they’re not local, those friends need to be removed from their friends list.

Pimp of murdered child prostitute from Backpage arrested in Chicago

Pimp of murdered child prostitute from Backpage arrested in Chicago

(Story broke 6/21/2017)

Back in December, I originally posted about the murder of 16-year-old Desiree Robinson. She was allegedly murdered by 32-year-old Antonio Rosales, who responded to her ad on Backpage requesting that she join him at a party in Markham, Illinois. He reportedly beat her and slit her throat after he didn’t have enough money to pay her. At the time of that post I said her pimp should also be charged since, in my opinion, he’s equally as culpable in Desiree’s death. While he hasn’t been charged with her murder, 33-year-old Joseph Hazley of Chicago, has been charged in federal court with sex trafficking of a minor.

Hazley was also allegedly prostituting a 19-year-old the same time he was turning out Desiree on Backpage. At one point, according to the unidentified 19-year-old, he made her watch him and Desiree ‘having sex’ and after Desiree died he asked the other girl to come back to work for him, saying, “Now that she’s gone, I got no money coming in.” Hazley is looking at 10 to life in federal prison. Here’s hoping it’s closer to life than it is to 10.

There’s a whole lot of ‘not caring’ in this tragic story. Rosales obviously didn’t care about the life of Desiree Robinson. Neither did Hazley except when it came to making money. Most importantly Backpage doesn’t care that 16-year-old girls are being peddled on their website as long as the pimps continue to pay for the ads. Desiree did have a family that cared for her and they still do. They’re currently suing Backpage for allowing Desiree to be prostituted. While most of these lawsuits have failed in the past, lawsuits like this may be successful in the future due to the Congressional investigation that found Backpage was editing their ads to make them appear less criminal.

UPDATE 7/6/2017: Hazley has been denied bond.

Las Vegas man accused of raping woman from craigslist after posing as cop

Las Vegas man accused of raping woman from craigslist after posing as cop

Bobby Joseph Brown

(Story broke 5/2/2017)

41-year-old Bobby Joseph Brown, of Las Vegas, Nevada, is accused of allegedly raping a woman he met through craigslist. In early April, Brown is said to have met with a woman from craigslist for a ‘sexual encounter’. The woman reportedly changed her mind which caused Brown to produce a gun and say that he was a cop. He then raped the woman multiple times in his apartment.

In late April, Brown is said to have met with another woman through craigslist’s casual encounters section and tried the same trick, but this time his victim escaped. While I can’t say this with 100% certainty, considering Brown claimed to be a cop, it leads me to believe these women may have been prostitutes. However, that doesn’t matter when it comes to a crime like rape. No woman ever deserves that nightmare. Rightfully, Brown is currently being held without bail.

This story does show one thing though, prostitution is still alive and well on craigslist, except now it’s in the casual encounters section. Much like the prostitution on Backpage has moved to the personals section. It also shows predators and rapists are still using craigslist as their own personal victim menu. Yet craigslist continues to spend zero dollars on moderating illegal content on their site which could prevent any number of these crimes.

Suspect arrested in Florida murder of teen, says deal was for weed not Playstation

Ed Lamarre

(Story broke 6/21/2017)

20-year-old Ed Lamarre, of Miami, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the supposed craigslist killing of 19-year-old Brian Brown in North Miami Beach. Previously it was thought Brown was selling a Playstation on craigslist when he was killed. Now, reports are saying the deal was actually for marijuana.

Police say in their arrest report Lamarre got in the back of Brown’s car and was handed a bag containing some weed. Instead of paying for it, it’s alleged Lamarre shot Brown in the back and fled. Lamarre was captured because he left his phone behind and was picked out by Brown’s girlfriend in a photo line up.

Brown’s family is maintaining Brian was not a drug dealer, however, police are saying craigslist was not part of his murder.

Lamarre is said to have confessed to the murder.

Even if Brian Brown was selling weed to Lamarre, his life was still cut short by a lazy and greedy asshole. Lamarre was even said to have had no intention of paying Brown for the weed. So instead he shot Brown in the back over a half-ounce of weed after Brown allegedly tried to take it back. Lamarre allegedly killed Brian Brown just because he didn’t want to pay to get high, and now a man who had a potentially bright future is dead. To me that makes Lamarre one of the lowest forms of criminal.