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Portland woman accused of prostituting 3-year-old daughter on Backpage

Kelsey Wheeler

(Story broke 4/19/2017)

27-year-old Kelsey Wheeler, of Portland, Oregon is accused of allegedly offering her 3-year-old daughter for sex online. Wheeler reportedly placed ads on Backpage advertising ‘mother-daughter experiences’ and ‘taboos’. I guess those keywords are allowed to slip through Backpage’s so-called moderation tools. She was dimed out by a potential john who she is said to have offered sex with her daughter. Wheeler claims that she was not only actually going to turn out her young daughter, but was going to rip off the man instead, because that’s so much better.

Again, this is just more evidence that Backpage has little to no concern for the women and children being peddled on their website and that their self-imposed closure of the adult section is nothing more than a smoke screen.

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