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19-year-old accused of prostituting 15-year-old ex on Backpage

Desmond Taper

(Story broke 5/25/2017)

19-year-old Desmond Taper of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was arrested for allegedly prostituting his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend on Backpage. The girl is said to have been turned out on Backpage’s dating section after Backpage falsely claimed censorship and ‘shut down’ their adult section. It seems Backpage’s alleged safeguards designed to prevent underage girls from being advertised have failed again. It makes me wonder if the ads in question were edited by Backpage.

So how could such a young man get into child prostitution? One reason could be that Backpage makes it so easy for anyone to get into the prostitution racket. All you need is a gift card, a willing or unwilling person to turn out, and an internet connection. The bar of entry into the world of human trafficking has been severely lowered, thanks to Backpage.

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