8-year-old allegedly solicited for explicit pics on Musical.ly

8-year-old allegedly solicited for explicit pics on Musical.ly

This story is a month old but I’m posting it anyway because it shows a continuing and disturbing trend.

In Centreville, Utah, an 8-year-old girl was allegedly solicited for explicit pics on the music sharing app Musical.ly. Musical.ly is a social app where you can share short videos set to music. Users can also message each other through the app.

According to Centerville police, an online predator tried coercing an 8-year-old girl on the app into taking her clothes off…

At first, the person asked the young girl for a picture of her face, then asked for one of her clothed body. And later, the person asked for a picture of “her stomach a little,” according to the warrant.

The person kept asking for more pictures, revealing a little more each time until the person eventually requested nude photos. The unknown person “sent 14 consecutive messages asking (the girl) to send a picture,” the warrant states.

“Pull your pants down like I asked u to do,” and “take it off now,” were among the messages sent, the warrant states. “Its just between me and nobody will see. plzs trust me. plzs I’m crying again.”

When the girl refused the predator tried extorting the 8-year-old girl into sending explicit pics by threatening to post their conversation publicly on the app.

At the time the article was posted, no arrest had been made.

BUT WHY ARE PARENTS ALLOWING KIDS THIS YOUNG ON A SOCIAL APP BY THEMSELVES??? This isn’t our first story about this happening on Musical.ly. The past victims were 6 and 7 years old. No child this young should ever be allowed on any social app unsupervised and in reality, shouldn’t be allowed on this app at all. Musical.ly isn’t supposed to be used by anyone under the age of 13 according to their terms of service.

If you’re letting your kids use Musical.ly on their own, you’re basically opening a window for predators to come into your home.

WI craigslist creeper tried using Backpage as an excuse

WI Craigslist creeper tried using Backpage as an excuse

James Gnewikow

Captain Combover up there is 65-year-old James Gnewikow of Wilton, Wisconsin. According to police from Holmen, Wisconsin, about 50 miles away, Gnewikow allegedly placed an ad on craigslist looking for a “real female, any age.”

Holmen police responded to the ad posing as a 15-year-old girl. Gnewikow is said to have offered the ‘girl’ money for sex after finding out her age. When police arrested him at the predetermined meeting place. Gnewikow reportedly told officers that he was there to meet an adult woman from Backpage. So basically he was there to meet a prostitute rather than an underage girl.

I’ll say this much, that’s a pretty good strategy. If police buy it, you only get arrested for soliciting a prostitute instead of a child. Good in theory but horrible in execution because if the police are already there waiting for you, or show up right after you arrive, they already know why you’re there.

LetGo robbery takes place at site of craigslist killing

LetGo robbery takes place at site of craigslist killing

Marlon William Cotham

Earlier this week, I posted about the murder of former Tennessee police officer Jonathan Outlaw. He was shot and killed at a Robertson County gas station after going there to meet someone from craigslist he thought he was going to sell his car to. Just a few days later, another armed robbery was committed at the same exact gas station, except this through the LetGo app.

Police in Robertson County are actively looking for Marlon William Cotham of Nashville. He is accused of allegedly robbing someone at gunpoint who thought they would be selling some video equipment. This happened at 2pm on a Saturday. That’s the textbook definition of broad daylight. And again, just days after another man was killed during an alleged craigslist robbery.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or the whereabouts of Cotham, please contact our tip line at (615) 382-6600.

I’ve said this many times before, but the old rules don’t apply anymore. You can no longer rely on meeting in public during the day even if you bring a friend along. Too many criminals have shown that these recommendations are for naught. Personally, I don’t do any business on these sites or apps for obvious reasons, but if you’re going to, use the local police department as your meeting place. It’s not a 100% guarantee of safety but it’s the safest option available to you today.

Freeman High School shooting decided on coin flip

Freeman High School shooting decided on coin flip

More news from back in September about the Freeman High School shooting near Spokane where one student, Sam Strahan, was killed and the 16-year-old shooter, Caleb Sharpe, was taken into custody.

According to documents released by investigators, Sharpe allegedly claimed that he made the decision to commit the school shooting based on the flip of a coin…

“Heads meant he would do it (shoot students at the school) and tails meant he would not do it and never think about it again, but the coin landed on heads,” according to court documents released on Wednesday. While searching Caleb’s room after the shooting, detectives found two coins, a quarter that was tail side up and a penny that was head side up.

That last part about two coins being found makes me think Sharpe is lying about the coin flip. In my opinion, he had his mind made up from day one and added the coin flip story to try to make himself sound cooler somehow. If you’re not familiar with the lore of Batman, or didn’t see The Dark Knight, Two-Face (pictured above) is a Batman villain who makes all his criminal decisions based on the flip of a coin. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that Sharpe made this up and probably borrowed from the movie to make himself seem more of a badass. Instead, it makes him look more like an unoriginal coward.

Sharpe also is said to have claimed that he did not intend to kill himself after the shooting which conflicts with the fact he left a suicide note behind.

Police also released some of the writings in Sharpe’s notebook such as…

“They will be my slaves in the afterlife”, “Killing is fun and I enjoy it”, “I’m smarter than the cops”, and “Did you figure out my name yet?” were also written inside the notebook.

A longer note in the second notebook read: “Caleb Sharpe is a stupid fat f*** that can never get anything right! I am nameless I am the true spirit of the f***** known as Caleb Sharpe that stupid bitch is to (sic) soft to do what I am going to he is an ugly piece of s*** that shouldn’t be alive. I am the one who deserves to live, but I still need Caleb until I kill all of those f******* kids. Then Caleb will finaly (sic) die while I live on even if it is in prison I will live on. Semper Fi. Common sense!”

Let’s not forget this self-proclaimed Marine surrendered to the school custodian after the custodian told him to get on the floor, but I digress. To me these writings prove the shooting was not about bullying, even though Sharpe claims this, but had more to do with his own feelings of inadequacy, just like every other school shooter.

UPDATE 11/5/2017: A hearing will be held in April to determine if Sharpe will be tried as an adult.

Sailor and pregnant wife shot during OfferUp sale

Sailor and pregnant wife shot during OfferUp sale

An unnamed sailor in the Navy and his pregnant wife claim they were shot in Portsmouth, Virginia, during an OfferUp meeting where they thought they were buying a cell phone. They were on the way to the alleged seller at a home when their car was surrounded by several men. By their account, one man opened fire without hesitation.

The sailor was shot in the arm, chest and temple while his wife was shot in the chest narrowly missing her heart. According to their GoFundMe page for their medical expenses, the sailor has lost his eye and his wife suffered a collapsed lung. Thankfully, if that word can be used in this instance, the baby is unharmed.

So far, no arrests have been made. Police are asking for any information on the shooting.

If you have any information, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

Just because OfferUp is an app and looks a lot slicker than old man craigslist, that doesn’t mean it’s any safer than craigslist. Remember, when doing any transaction from one of these sites or apps that require face to face interaction, always insist the deal be made at a police station. That won’t guarantee there won’t be any potential harm, but it severely limits that chance.

Franklin Regional stabber pleads guilty

Franklin Regional stabber pleads guilty

Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal was 16 when he stabbed over 20 people at Franklin Regional High School in 2014. These are no mere cuts and scrapes we’re talking about either. Some of the injuries were so bad they included one that just missed a student’s heart, another where a student’s lip had almost been removed from his face, and one where a student had been cut so deep the student’s liver was protruding from the wound.

Not surprisingly, Hribal was a columbiner and wanted to commit his spree on the 15th Anniversary of Columbine, April 20th, 2014. However, there were no classes being held at the Murrysville, Pennsylvania, high school that day, so Hribal moved up his plans to April 9th, the birthday of Columbine coward Eric Harris.

Hribal was set to be tried as an adult, but this past week the now 20-year-old Hribal pleaded guilty to 21 counts of attempted murder. The prosecution is looking for a 30 to 60 year sentence when Hribal is scheduled for sentencing in January. Technically, the judge could sentence Hribal to 21 consecutive sentences totaling around 800 years but that is unlikely to happen.

Again, I would love to know if the parents of columbiners know their kids have obsessions with mass murderers. At this point, most columbiners weren’t even born when Columbine happened. If your kid has just such an obsession, it’s not just a phase. A phase is them having some kind of hair cut you don’t care for. The hero-worship of mass murderers is a sign that they’re in severe need of mental treatment. They may not turn out to be a killer, but why take that chance?

La Loche shooter won’t spend much time in prison

La Loche shooter won't spend much time in prison

Dene High School at the La Loche Community School

For those of you who may not remember, in 2016, a 17-year-old boy from La Loche, Saskatchewan, shot and killed two brothers at their home before going to Dene High School at the La Loche Community School and shooting and killing two faculty members. In Canada, juvenile offenders can’t be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The gunman, who was a month away from his 18th birthday when he committed the shootings, has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for the deaths of the school faculty members, and second-degree murder to the two brothers he killed.

For the past several months, the court has been having hearings about whether or not the gunman will be sentenced as an adult. While the decision was said to be handed down this month, the presiding judge has decided to hand down her decision in February.

Even if the shooter is sentenced as an adult, the CBC is reporting that he might not even spend a decade in prison. Canada has a new law that states juveniles sentenced as adults are not eligible to be sentenced to 25 years per victim. So under adult sentencing, he could be released on parole in ten years.

That is not even close to justice for someone who killed four people in one morning who thought he was going to receive a present in custody on the anniversary of the shooting.

There’s going to come a time, in both the US and Canada, where these entitled and selfish juvenile murderers will be completely excused from their homicidal actions. Then school shootings will become even more common than they are today.

UPDATE 4/2/2018: Back in February a Crown judge ruled the shooter will be sentenced as an adult. Last month, the final sentencing date was set for May 6th.

UPDATE 5/8/2018: The shooter was sentenced to life behind bars, however, he will be eligible for parole in 10 years.

3-month-old rescued during sex trafficking sting

3-month-old rescued during sex trafficking sting

Recently, the FBI announced the outcome of a nationwide sex trafficking sting operation called Operation Cross Country XI. They were able to rescue 84 juveniles and arrest 120 people involved in sex trafficking. Of course, one of the sites they used during this operation was Backpage.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the Operation happened in Denver, Colorado, where agents were able to rescue two sisters, ages 5-years-old and 3-months-old, from someone who was turning them out for money. A ‘friend’ of the girls’ family was offering them for sex (child rape) for $600. I really hope this was the first time this supposed friend was offering these girls out, but somehow I doubt it was.

While it can’t be said for certain those girls were turned out on Backpage, I would hazard that at least a large portion of the other 82 juveniles rescued were. Yet Backpage still continues to do business, still continues to make money off of these victims, and still claims that their role in the national sexual slavery trade of juveniles is their right to free speech. Yet very few in the general population of the country care because they don’t think it’s happening where they live, or to someone they know. That’s just one of the ways they’re wrong. It’s happening across all social classes, locations, and ethnicities, and unless we wake up to the problem and it will only get worse.

Thanks to Nancy and Mare for the tips.

Washington Post

Michigan teacher accused of Snapchat sex with student

Michigan teacher accused of Snapchat sex with student

Allyson Brittany Moran

Speak of the devil. 26-year-old Allyson Brittany Moran was a substitute teacher at a high school in Mason, Michigan. She’s accused of having a ‘sexual relationship’ with a male student after sending the student nude pics of herself on Snapchat.

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Conversely to what I asked in my last post, why do these teachers want to be with teenage boys? For the most part, they’re gawky and awkward and they almost always brag to a friend, or the whole school. Not to mention it’s technically a form of rape that could negatively affect these kids mentally and socially for the rest of their lives.

And all the bros who say “I wish I had a teacher like that when I was in school” need to grow the fuck up.

Ohio teacher sends nude Snapchat to student

Ohio teacher sends nude Snapchats to student

You know, it’s gotten to the point every time I see a story about a teacher sending out nude pics on Snapchat, I almost automatically assume it’s a female teacher ‘seducing’ a younger male student. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link to the news article to find this…

Ohio teacher sends nude Snapchat to student

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is a substitute teacher who worked at the Scioto County, Ohio, schools. He’s accused of allegedly sending a nude Snapchat of himself to a female student and trying to get the girl to come to his home for sex.

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What 67-year-old man thinks that a teenage girl is going to want to have sex with them? Unless you’re filthy rich or Taylor Swift’s grandfather, they’re not.

Also, my usual advice to parents applies here as well. Check your kids’ devices to know what apps they’re using and who their friends are on these apps. Be their parent, not their buddy. In this digital age there comes a time when you have to stop being the ‘cool’ parent and be a real parent.