Virginia Tech student tried to buy 5000 bullets

Virginia Tech student tried to buy 5000 bullets

19-year-old Yunsong Zhao was a student at Virginia Tech who had recently been arrested for possessing an assault rifle and trying to purchase 5000 bullets. The reason that’s illegal in this case is that Zhao is not an American citizen and under the terms of his visa, it is illegal for him to own any firearms. However, the news is even scarier than his alleged attempt to buy more bullets than any one man should own.

According to police, Zhao not only researched how to obtain a bulletproof vest, but he also had bought a car which was once used by police which he reportedly fitted with a special bumper. Zhao was arrested after a weeks-long investigation with Zhao being apprehended without incident.

Police say the University was never in danger, but my God, what the hell was Zhao planning? You don’t buy a police cruiser with some markings still on it and 5000 bullets in order to sell Girl Scout cookies. While his intended target may or may not have been the University itself, you can’t blame the students and their families for being a bit jumpy since the school was the site of one of the most violent school shootings ever. It makes me wonder if Zhao was some kind of Cho Seung-Hui acolyte.

Sadly, the infamous school shooting is not the only violent crime Virginia Tech has had to endure. Back in 2009, another Chinese student by the name of Zhu Haiyang, decapitated 22-year-old Yang Xin who was also a student from China. Zhu brutally murdered Yang Xin after she rejected Zhu’s romantic advances.

Getting back to Zhao, it will be interesting, to say the least, to see what his plans actually were. Somehow, I doubt he was getting ready to fight a war on crime.

Kik kreeper tried luring NY girl to L.A. on a bus

Kik kreeper tried luring NY girl to L.A. on a bus

What is it with child predators and buses? Since the days of MySpace, I’ve been posting stories about how either the predator traveled to meet the victim by bus or tried to have their victim come to them by bus. It’s probably because a passenger doesn’t necessarily need an ID to travel across the country on a bus. According to the website of a certain bus line, you can buy a ticket for a passenger and all they need to give at the counter is a password that was established ahead of time and that’s it. It’s almost like pizza delivery for pedophiles.

For example, 28-year-old Carlos Francisco Lopez of Los Angeles was recently arrested for allegedly trying to lure a girl from Western New York State to his home. Police in Tonawanda, New York, were able to locate the girl and get her off the bus before it took off for L.A.

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Lopez is said to have met the girl on the mobile messaging app Kik in a chat room for runaway teens. In the past, I have occasionally mentioned that Kik is infested with sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. To have a chat group for runaway teens on Kik is like putting out a flashing neon sign that says “LOST KIDS HERE, PEDOPHILES WELCOME”.

It wasn’t enough for Lopez to make the girl travel cross-country on a bus, but after police posed as the girl in a conversation with Lopez, he was reportedly going to send an Uber to pick her up from the bus station.

On Jan. 18, an undercover law enforcement officer posed as the victim to continue to communicate with the individual that police identified as Lopez. The officer wrote, “hey u there … this bus ride sucks.” The undercover officer stated she was due into California around 10 p.m. on Jan. 19 and asked what to do upon arrival.

Police said Lopez replied, “call me or text me. Wait at the station, and ill send an uber.” Lopez was arrested after the officer sent a message that the bus had arrived and he reportedly ordered an Uber.

Lopez is also a registered sex offender in California where he was convicted in 2011 for a sexual offense against a child under the age of 14. So if convicted, Lopez will be a sex offender in two states, however, he may not get to be on any new registry since he’s facing life in prison. Speaking of registries and prison, I’m glad to see his last conviction set him on the straight and narrow after obviously being rehabilitated. Seriously though, these scumbags should be kept in prison for much longer than they are. Once a creeper, always a creeper.

Girl sentenced in Maryland school shooting plot

Girl sentenced in Maryland school shooting plot

Evidence seized in alleged Catoctin High plot

Back in March 2017, 18-year-old Nicole Cevario was arrested for plotting a school shooting against Catoctin High School in Thurmont, Maryland. This wasn’t just some teenage girl fantasizing about shooting up her school either. As you can see in the above photo, police seized a shotgun and several pipe bombs made by Cervaio. Cervaio had legally purchased the shotgun.

What made this story different from the scores of the other would-be school shooters out there is that Cervaio is female. A female school shooter is largely an anomaly and Cervaio wanted to be the first female school shooter. According to her journal…

“By definition, a school shooter has to be attending the school they target at the time of the attack, and I haven’t found a single woman who has fulfilled that criteria,” the passage reads in part, according to Nicole Ann Cevario’s charging documents. “Guess it’s meant to be me. Yes, I know it’s meant to be me. This is what I’m supposed to do. Maybe not with my life, but with my death.”

“… It just really hit me this afternoon,” Cevario wrote in one passage, according to the charging documents. “I realize [sic] I was going to die surrounded by people I hate in a building I hate.”

She also wrote about the shooters at Columbine and Sandy Hook noting the ‘mistakes’ those shooters had made.

Since Cervaio was 18 at the time of her arrest, there was no question about trying her as an adult.

Earlier today, Cervaio pleaded guilty to possessing explosive material with the intent to create a destructive device and was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

Is that a long enough sentence for a girl who wanted nothing more than to be the first female mass killer, or is two decades in prison more than enough justice for the crime she committed and the lives she put in danger?

UPDATE 2/4/2018: Cervaio was also sentenced to be held in a secure psychiatric facility until her 21st birthday in order to get her mental healthcare help and to assist in her transition to adult prison.

Kentucky school shooter identified

Kentucky school shooter identified

Late last week the gunman from the Marshall County High School shooting had been identified as 15-year-old Gabe Parker. Normally, minors are not identified until they are charged as adults, which prosecutors are expected to do. However, Parker’s name was made public after it was released that his mother is a local reporter who responded to the scene as part of her job.

Speaking of parents, both of Parker’s parents are divorced and have remarried. Neighbors have said they don’t believe Parker’s mother kept any type of firearm in the home.

And as is come to be expected, rumors of Parker being bullied have swirled through social media and then the local news. No reports of any actual bullying have yet to be confirmed and in my opinion probably never will be as the bullied school shooter is largely a myth. Another reason I think there was no bullying involved was because according to one witness, Parker liked to talk about violence and allegedly told people he wanted to join the Mafia.

Even if he was bullied, he more than likely did not take his wrath out on his supposed tormentors, as according to most reports Parker targeted people at random.

There still hasn’t been a motive mentioned publicly, but I’m still laying odds on Parker being just another Columbine copycat. Just another loser who can’t deal with his own inadequacies without resorting to violence who doesn’t have an original idea in his feeble little mind.

UPDATE 3/15/2018: Parker had been previously charged as an adult and a court ruling has upheld that decision.

UPDATE 3/29/2018: Earlier this month, Parker appeared in court, but according to this report, Parker claims he was not bullied.

Called it.

UPDATE 3/30/2018: Also earlier this month, Parker allegedly told police he was interested in science and he wanted to see how students, police and society would react to the shooting. I can honestly say, I wasn’t expecting that as a motive. This kid is an unabashed psychopath.

Cache of weapons found in Pa. school shooting plot

Cache of weapons found in Pa. school shooting plot

Just a few days after the fatal shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, a 14-year-old was arrested in Western Pennsylvania for allegedly plotting a school shooting. A student of Uniontown Area High School, in Uniontown, PA, is said to have heard the suspect making a threat against the school. That student told his parents, who informed law enforcement. When police searched the suspect’s home in Henry Clay Township, they reportedly found

…a cache of weapons in his bedroom including a semi-automatic rifle, a shotgun, two machetes, throwing knives, two lever-action rifle, a revolver, a crossbow with arrows, and bulk ammunition for all of the weapons.

At what point does a cache become an arsenal because I think this kid was pretty close. Also, in what tragically has become the norm these days, no one seems to know where he got the weapons from. Now I’m not familiar with Henry Clay Township itself, however, when I lived in Pennsylvania the term ‘township’ usually indicated the community was in a rural area. There’s a joke about Pennsylvania that it’s Pittsburgh on one side, Philadelphia on the other and Alabama in between. Those areas of Pennsylvania are also sometimes referred to as Pennsyltucky. The reason I bring this up is the area could be a hunting community which could partially explain the ease of access in which the weapons were obtained.

That’s not the worst part of the story either. When asked why he was planning a shooting at the school the suspect allegedly said because there were other students he just didn’t like.

When asked about why the suspect allegedly wanted to target the four students, Fayette County District Attorney Richard Bower said, “He didn’t like them. That’s what he said, he didn’t like them. What a reason to do something.”

The suspect’s parents are said to be cooperating with police but one has to wonder what they were doing this entire time their son was building an arsenal.

UPDATE 2/4/2018: Catching up on some backlogs and found an interesting tidbit on this story. The student who first reported the threat is said to have actually recorded the threat on his cell phone as it was being made.

Suspect in Italy High shooting wore a trench coat

Suspect in Italy High shooting wore a trench coat

I was reading an article about how Noelle Jones, the victim in the Italy High school shooting, has been released from the hospital. I wish her a speedy and painless as possible recovery. If you can afford it, her GoFundMe to help pay for her medical bills is still massively below the goal.

However, there was something else in the article from KWTX about the unnamed 16-year-old suspect I hadn’t heard about until now. Originally, it was thought the motive may be romantic in nature as it was alleged Ms. Jones dated the shooter and broke up with him prior to the shooting. Then Noelle’s father refuted that claim and said Noelle was dating someone else. I hypothesized the shooter might be one of those ‘nice guys’ who believes that every woman owes them something just because he’s nice.

Now the article states the gunman wore a trench coat during the shooting. While that doesn’t disqualify the ‘nice guy’ theory, since they defile the good name of trench coats and fedoras, if you add his history of violence to the mix, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could be a columbiner. That’s not to say that one precludes the other as the two communities often overlap. It also doesn’t help the report states the shooter fired at another student as well. So there could have been more injuries or worse if this violent psychopath didn’t run out of bullets.

UPDATE 6/5/2018: The suspect has been identified as 16-year-old Chad Anthony Padilla and has been charged as an adult.

There have NOT been 11 school shootings so far this year

There have NOT been 11 school shootings so far this year

I knew it wouldn’t take long, I just didn’t know what inflated statistic they would claim this time. Of course I’m referring to Everytown for Gun Safety. After the recent rare occurrence of two school shootings happening within a day of each other, the Italy High shooting and the Marshall County High shooting respectively, the gun control advocacy group came out with the claim that there have been 11 school shootings in the U.S. so far in 2018. To make matters worse, once again, the media has taken this number as gospel and has run with it.

Let’s look at Everytown’s past record. In 2014, they claimed 74 school shootings had happened since Sandy Hook. My estimate puts that number around nine. In the Fall of 2015, they claimed there had been 47 school shootings that year, while by my estimates there had only been one. In late 2016, they claimed there had been 200 school shootings since Sandy Hook. I only counted 17. Last year, they claimed a gun was discharged in a U.S. school at least once a week. At that point, I just threw my hands up in frustration at their hyperbole.

So why such a large discrepancy in numbers? It comes down to what their definition of a school shooting is. In my opinion, school shootings are typically when a student or outsider storms a school, armed with guns, with the express purpose of killing as many victims as possible. Everytown defines them in this way…

The list tracks “any time a firearm discharges a live round inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds,” which could include suicides, accidental discharges, and criminal activity, such as gunfire related to an armed robbery.

So basically, any crime committed with a gun that just happens to be somewhat near a school.

So why is Everytown using such inflated statistics? Well, it’s my opinion they’re using exaggerated numbers in order to further their agenda, which of course is the stricter regulation of firearms in the U.S. Now whether you agree with their position or not doesn’t matter. What matters is their loose definition of a school shooting and questionable statistics are making the problem worse. If we believe that 200 school shootings have happened since Sandy Hook then we become further desensitized to the impact of such horrific crimes until they no longer have any impact on us. As the saying goes, “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

It’s almost like they’ve become the PETA of gun control.

8-year-old girl tricked into sending explicit pics on Live.Me

8-year-old girl tricked into sending explicit pics on Live.Me

An 8-year-old girl from Detroit was tricked into sending nude pictures of herself over the livestreaming app Live.Me. The person who requested the pic has not been apprehended, however, he is said to have posed as 13-year-old boy in order to get the pictures.

While it’s reprehensible that any human being would ask for such things, it does show a greater problem when it comes to parenting in a digital age. The girl’s mother was not aware the girl had the app even though she says she regularly checks her daughter’s phone. I’ll leave current parents of young children to debate whether or not 8-years-old is an appropriate age for a child to have their own cell phone. Anyway, the girl’s mother said the girl only had the app on her phone for a day and a half and the mother also thought the app was just a game.

As I posted previously, according to Live.Me’s terms of service a user has to be at least 13 to use the app, but you have to be at least 18 to download it. There’s actually no way for Live.Me to enforce those terms. They’re basically there so Live.Me isn’t held liable in just such a situation.

If you’re a parent of today’s kids whose worlds revolve around their devices, you need to educate yourself on what apps are safe and which ones aren’t. You also need to know how to enable parental controls on your kids’ devices. Here are the instructions for Andorid devices, and here are the instructions for devices using Apple’s iOS. If you’re not technically inclined, it may seem like a daunting task to keep your children safe online, but isn’t it worth it to take the time to learn? Your kids’ safety may just depend on you taking the time.

2 dead and 12 wounded in Kentucky school shooting

2 dead and 12 injured in Kentucky school shooting

Earlier today, there was a school shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. Two students were killed while an additional 12 students sustained gunshot wounds. Five more students were injured in the chaos that ensued from the shooting. The gunman is said to be a 15-year-old male student who stormed the school armed with a handgun. The deceased have been identified as 15-year-old Bailey Nicole Holt, who died at the scene, and 15-year-old Preston Ryan Cope, who died later at the hospital.

The shooter is currently in police custody and has not been identified as of yet and police say there are no other suspects. It has also not yet been made public where the gun was obtained. Police also have yet to discuss any possible motive, but if I had to hazard a guess I would lay odds that the kid is a filthy columbiner, that is kids who are more or less fanboys of the infamous Columbine shootings.

Also, we have the worst case of ‘it can’t happen here’ syndrome as Kentucky’s own Governor, Matt Bevin, said the following…

Bevin said earlier in a statement that “It is unbelievable that this would happen in a small, close-knit community like Marshall County.”

Bevin, of all people, should know that small rural areas is where school shootings tend to happen, especially considering Kentucky has had another infamous school shooting in the past. In 1997, Michael Carneal killed three students at Heath High School in Paducah. That predates Columbine by over a year. So as towns like Littleton, Red Lake, Paducah and Jonesboro show, it can really happen anywhere.

It also hasn’t escaped me that this shooting happened a day after the shooting at Italy High School in Texas which makes me wonder if yesterday’s shooting was any kind of catalyst toward today’s.

In what sadly is becoming a regular occurrence, I’ll post more details as they become available and as time allows.


Suspect in Ga. OfferUp murder apprehended

Suspect in Ga. OfferUp murder apprehended

Quantavious Poole

I originally posted about the murder of Larry Stewart here. He was a 24-year-old man who was shot and killed in East Point, Georgia while trying to sell a Playstation through classifieds app OfferUp.

A suspect named as 21-year-old Quantavious Poole has recently surrendered to police.

The meeting itself took place in the stairwell of an apartment which sounds like it was pretty hidden from public view. If you insist on meeting someone from OfferUp or any other classifieds site or app, please meet them at a local police department. While it’s not a guarantee of your safety, it sure does go a long way in dissuading criminals from trying to harm you.