17-year-old girl shot dead in AL high school earlier this month

17-year-old girl shot dead in AL high school earlier this month

Michael Jerome Barber

UPDATE 4/27/2018: Barber has been charged with reckless manslaughter as evidence is said to indicate the gun went off accidentally when Barber showed it to Courtlin Arrington. Barber then shot himself in the leg when he went into the school hallway and put the gun in his waistband. The gun was said to have accidentally discharged a second time.


Back around the 8th of March, 17-year-old Courtlin Arrington was allegedly shot to death by 17-year-old Michael Jerome Barber at Huffman High School in Birmingham, Alabama. It was originally thought to be an accidental shooting, however, police have said after reviewing security footage that doesn’t appear to be the case. Barber has been charged with manslaughter and has been released after posting $75,300 bail.

Witnesses say Barber had been robbed at school and that’s why he had the gun. Where Barber obtained the gun from has not yet been made public as far as I know. No motive has been released of yet as well. Barber has been charged as an adult.

Accidental or not, this guy took a gun to a school and reportedly ended the life of a promising young student. The fact that he’s not currently in jail is a travesty.

There hasn’t been much news about this story since the killing took place, but I’ll post updates as they occur and as time allows.

Daily Mail

The Daily Threat 3/30/2018

The Daily Threat 3/30/2018

Elementary school student arrested for making school shooting threat

19 Volusia students arrested for threats since Parkland school shooting

South Iredell High student arrested for threats

Snapchat photos show apparent threats against Stoneman Douglas student
(Yes, that Stoneman Douglas. FTA: He then posted a photo showing what appears to be a handgun tucked into his waistband with the caption, “Catch me out here [n-word].” More responsible gun owners allowing guns to fall in the hands of children. More selfish kids who can only solve their inadequacies with violence.)

Parents find out about school shooting plot a year after arrest

Parents find out about school shooting plot a year after arrest

Parents in Titusville, Florida, just recently learned that two students of Astronaut High School were arrested in early 2017 for allegedly plotting a school shooting. That’s more than a year later for those keeping count. Not surprisingly parents are upset, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about what was reportedly found in one of the suspects’ rooms.

Police said they found an arsenal Inside the bedroom of one of the students, including a .22 caliber rifle with two fully loaded magazines, a .380 pistol, Airsoft guns, over 15 homemade axes, knives and machetes, a bulletproof vest, two face masks and more.

So where did the guns come from?

Police said they found an arsenal inside the Titusville teen’s bedroom closet. His father said he has answer for that – all of the weapons belong to him.

“It’s mine! It’s mine! It’s in a locked safe in my bedroom closet,” he said. “Along with the .380 pistol which is my wife’s.”

Apparently, not locked all that well. He also seems to have a case of ‘not my kid’ syndrome as he says his son is a nice boy even though his son appears to be a columbiner.

This shows the one of the real problems behind school shootings, inattentive parents who are just as inattentive with their guns. As soon as one of your guns falls into the hands of your child for an illegal act, your privilege of owning a gun should be revoked.

The Daily Threat 3/29/2018: The Two Week Edition

The Daily Threat 3/29/2018: The Two Week Edition

I’m back bitches. Strap yourselves in as we have two weeks of threats to deal with. Dates listed are the dates the stories were published, not necessarily the dates the threats took place.

Police probe social media post threatening school shooting
Police investigate MVHS threats, say campus is safe
Washington County Sheriff’s aware of school shooting threat

School shooting threat deemed not credible
Two students charged after making up school shooting threat to get out of school, police said

Two Modesto 14-Year-Olds Arrested for School Shooting Threat
Escanaba student threatens school shooting
Text Message To Kennedy High Threatened Shooting, Bombing
Deputies: Riverview teen, 17, sent Snapchat threat to Parkland school
(Yes, that Parkland school)
13-year-old girl arrested in Kenner school shooting hoax
Shooting threat found on wall at Shen high school
Shooting threat at Spring Valley school found not to be credible
Vienna High School increases security
Union County High School increase police presence
Whitmore Lake teens arraigned on terrorism charges for school shooting threat
Two Bay Area schools cancel classes Friday after threats found on campus
Piscataway High School teen charged with shooting threat
Forest Hills High School lockdown ends several hours after shooting threat ‘hoax’; one in custody
El Cajon school cancels assembly in response to shooting threat
Shooting threat posted on Snapchat against Steele Canyon High
Kennewick students make school shooting threats, thinking it was “funny”
Roswell police tackle school threats, charge 4 students
‘A bullet in your brain’: Online threats, an arrest and the fear hanging over 3 schools

Suspects Charged For School Shooting Threat
Macomb County Woman Charged For Threats To Shoot Up School, Burn Down Home
Abbeville man arrested after making comments about committing school shooting
Police: 12-year-old who threatened school shooting had no access to weapons
Lawrence police investigating shooting threat reported by middle school staffer, district says

Flagstaff school placed on lockdown after notes threaten shooting, fire

Arrest made in DuPont Middle School hoax threat
Wolcott PD: Students Talk About Shooting, Bombing During Walkout, Get Arrested
Police investigating shooting threat at Newark High School
Boy, 13, posted photos of himself with weapons on Snapchat; arrested by Madison police
‘No merit’ to student threat at Hurley school
Hagerstown man accused of threatening mass school shooting
(FTA: “White boys do it better,” followed by a post that said, “Nicolas (sic) Cruz you coulda done better. Stand back & watch what a real WHITE man can do! #NextCruz.”)
Detroit Western HS gets Snapchat threat to ‘shoot up school’
(The threat was against UNCC. FTA: Recent search warrants show police seized several items from his apartment including a school emergency response guide with active shooter plans posted on his wall. They also found blueprints of four academic buildings on campus and two notebooks that included writings on why he wanted to commit a school shooting.)
UPDATE: Boy arrested for school-shooting threat to have psychiatric exam

Two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students arrested, another Baker Acted
(Yes, that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School)
Teenager arrested after alleged threatening Snapchat post
UNCC student from King arrested on charge he made false report of mass violence at school
(Same UNCC threat, but FTA: “…he was fascinated by mass shootings, he has studied the Columbine school shooting and that he watches Reddit videos in which people die, according to the arrest warrant.)

Kiel police investigate rumor of school shooting threat
9th-grader arrested at Holyoke High School for posting threat on Snapchat
Some parents keep kids home over school shooting threats
Paso Robles schools locked down over Snapchat gun threat
Rochester charter school student accused of making school shooting threat
Second school shooting threat at Ector Middle School
Social Media Post Threatens Shooting at Weston Ranch High School

Michigan ranks among top states for school threats after Parkland high school shooting
(Back in the old days of this site around 2002-2005, I used to refer to Michigan as Threat Central)
Port Huron teen arrested for fabricating school shooting threat
Another Student Arrested For San Diego-Area School Shooting Threat
Shooting threat posted on Snapchat closes Ashland school, police say
Two minors arrested after gun found, concerning Snapchat posted
(The gun had been taken unbeknownst to a family member. Go figure.)

NEW DETAILS: Ex-student, 13, threatened school shooting on Snapchat
Teen faces felony charge for Snapchat school shooting threat
York student charged with felony after allegedly making threat via Snapchat
Student Posed with Gun in Snapchat Video at Blythewood High, Deputies Say
Holly student charged after Snapchat school shooting threat
Paso High School student, friend arrested after posting Snapchat photo with a gun

Girl, 17, charged after making threat against Elmhurst high school on Snapchat
Police probe Mt. Clemens school shooting threat

FBI aids in investigation of school shooting threat

Gorham police investigate Snapchat threat
San Mateo schools on alert after alleged shooting threat by man buying gun at Big 5
‘Unfounded’ Snapchat threat at Bluffton school prompts parents to pull kids from class
Teens Accused of Making Separate School Threats on Snapchat
Freshman student ‘in trouble’ after Snapchat threat
Andover High School junior arrested for alleged threat on Snapchat

Deputies: Teen threatened school shooting, photos of Parkland shooter found at home
PCSO: Polk teen Baker Acted, charged after threats to kill teen, shoot up school
Oswego Co. school student charged after posting threatening picture on Snapchat
Judge denies reduced bond for teen accused of making online threats against Marathon High School

Shawano sheriff on school shooting threat: It’s a serious offense
After school shooting threat, Tangier teen in custody
3 students charged with making terroristic threats
Student accused of mapping out school shooting in Iredell County, another threat found on bathroom wall Wednesday
Florida teen charged with threatening a school shooting in Alabama

School threats continue in mass shooting aftermath
Kirbyville police respond to Snapchat threat; no one hurt

Sadly, this is nothing new. School shooting threats gave been increasing so much over the years that I couldn’t possibly keep up with all of them. That’s changed now. I’ll continue to hammer this point home to people until something is finally done about these threats.

Death penalty sought for Parkland shooter

Death penalty sought for Parkland shooter

In a move that seems designed just for the death penalty, Florida prosecutors have officially filed their intent to seek the death penalty against 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz. As I’m sure you’re well aware, Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, armed with high-capacity rifle and shot and killed 17 people among students and staff. However, Broward County prosecutors are still open to a plea deal. To my knowledge, which is totally just off the top of my head, no school shooter, who survived long enough to make it to trial, has ever been sentenced to death. Hopefully, Cruz will be the first.

Florida is known for its frequent use of the death penalty although by my estimate it would probably be about 15 years before he would be executed. By then, I doubt even Florida will still have the death penalty. If only this reprobate could be executed 17 times.

Aztec High shooter had nazi tattoos

Aztec High shooter had nazi tattoos

In case you’ve forgotten about the school shooting at Aztec High School in New Mexico, I’ll give you a brief rundown on the details. On December 7th 2017, 21-year-old former student William Atchison snuck into the school disguised as a student. Armed with a handgun and multiple clips, he shot and killed students Casey Jordan-Marquez and Francisco “Paco” Fernandez. Atchison took the coward’s way out by shooting himself before he could be apprehended by police. While no motive has been divulged, investigations have revealed that in his online life, Atchison posted racist and bigoted diatribes in various Steam communities.

Close to a month ago, The Office of the Medical Investigator released the results of Atchison’s autopsy. While the cause of death was obvious, it was a few other details that caught my attention. The first was there were no drugs in his system, prescription or otherwise. I’m sure the pharmaceutical deniers will say he probably should have been on meds since they can’t make up their minds if being on meds or being off meds causes school shootings. Again, neither does.

The other thing that caught my attention, as you can probably tell by the headline, is that Atchison had crudely drawn nazi tattoos among others. Atchison was said to have a swastika, the SS symbol, the phrase ‘Build a Wall’ tattooed on various parts of his body while he had the words ‘your home’ written on his groin. He also had the anagram AMOG tattooed on him which according to Urban Dictionary means ‘Alpha Male Other Guy ‘. If that’s not bad enough, the tattoos were upside down, so not only did he probably do them himself, but he did them so only he could read them.

I have no doubt that this assclown was a trilby wearing, Reddit posting, 4chan trolling member of the alt-right. While the alt-right didn’t invent school shootings, they sure seem to have adopted the school shooter ethos.

The Daily Threat 3/13/2018

The Daily Threat 3/13/2018

Threat at Taft Union High School investigated
(This is a school where a shooting has happened already.)

La. law enforcement has responded to 100+ school threats since Fl. shooting
(This number comes from the FBI so I don’t believe it’s exaggerated. Thanks to Lori H. for the tip.)

Threat against Trigg County High under investigation

Teen charged over text about school shooting

Mother told school she had hidden bombs there after teachers punished son for fighting
(You have to check the mugshot. That’s a hard 29.)

Montrose High School student arrested after Facebook threat

‘I want to make Columbine and Parkland look like nothing,’ UNO student allegedly said before arrest

5 arrested following threat against southern Indiana school

Individual in custody after threat reportedly made against Lee’s Summit West HS on Snapchat

SJSO: Student Snapchats ‘active shooter’ after popcorn sets off alarm

Edison student removed from school over Snapchat message

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets taken into ICE custody

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets taken into ICE custody

Yunsong Zhao

19-year-old Yunsong Zhao was the Virginia Tech student from China who was arrested back in January after allegedly trying to purchase 5,000 bullets for his AR-15. He was also supposedly researching how to obtain body armor and was in possession of a decommissioned police car that still had police markings on it. While in jail he considered himself a celebrity and expected a “victorious return to China.” His return to China may be more imminent than he thinks, but it may not exactly be victorious.

Zhao was originally held on no bail, but after police determined the ammunition clip used for his gun was a legal 20 round magazine, his bond was lowered to $2500. However, after posting bond, he was immediately taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and will more than likely be facing deportation. As I’ve said before, while no evidence of any kind of plot has been discovered by police, I highly doubt he was planning on becoming his own one-man police force.

While I don’t believe guns cause school shootings, you still can’t have the shooting part without the gun. It seems almost backwards that in Virginia you can purchase a high-capacity rifle at the age of 18 but can’t buy a handgun until you’re 21. Even though a 20-round magazine is considered legal, it’s obvious that such a capacity is designed for only one thing and it’s not hunting. If you need 20 rounds to bag a deer you need to work on your marksmanship. Since doing away with all guns in our country is a pipe dream, I would at least raise the age of gun ownership nationally to at least 25 and ban the sale of high-capacity magazines. I would also increase the penalties for people who don’t properly store or handle guns, you know, because of all the responsible gun owners out there.

The Daily Threat 3/12/2018

The Daily Threat 3/12/2018

Increased Police Presence at Windsor High School After Threat

After Florida shooting, more than 600 copycat threats have targeted schools
(Trench’s Note: Even the article states the estimated number is more around 130 which is still petty unnerving.)

Shooting threat at Woodbridge school prompts police presence

Teen charged after Kingsway shooting threat

Alabama middle school student arrested over ‘threatening’ social media post

North Salinas receives shooting threat through a Snapchat post