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All Crime Is Personal

The Daily Threat: 4/11/2018

Summit High student accused of violent threats handed out sticky notes to students he would spare, sheriff says
Locking classrooms becomes latest safety measure in Spokane schools

Franklin teen arrested for terrorizing after alleged threats on Snapchat
(Might be a repeat, but does it matter?)

Teachers Acquire A New Skill: How To Stop The Bleeding Of Shooting Victims
(So we expect teachers to do everything without paying them a decent wage.)

Police: Bay Area school shooting threat a hoax, part of online contest to force evacuations
(FTA: A threat of violence emailed Sunday night and Monday morning to scores of Bay Area school districts and others nationwide was a hoax, part of a twisted contest from an overseas online gaming community to see who could generate the most school evacuations in America and the United Kingdom, authorities said.)

Police: Gun-toting Snapchat leads to arrest of Fairfield student
(FTA: The student, who Landis said was a fellow gun enthusiast, responded with his own message: “Don’t shoot up the school now (laughing with tears emoji),” to which Landis replied, “LMAO no promises.”)

Liberty school locked down for three hours after bomb threat


Police: Friendswood mom helps officers arrest, charge teen son for making school threat
(FTA: Friendswood Police officers on April 5 received the Snapchat threat that said, “Let’s turn Fwood into Florida.”)

Janitor arrested for allegedly threatening school shooting
Norwell charter school placed on lock down after student threats

2 teens charged in Snapchat post that prompted Bomb Squad response in West Brighton
(FTA: A Snapchat post with a photos of a prop suicide vest and the message, “don’t come to school tomorrow,” caught the eye of law enforcement, according to a spokeswoman for the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.)

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