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The Guardian publishes almost same PR piece about child killer Damien Echols and his 'magickal' snake oil shows

Damien Echols (The Trailertrashicus Douchegoggleus is rarely seen without his ‘protective’ eyewear.)

I’ve already posted about triple-convicted child killer Damien Echols and his ‘magick’ show here. Basically, the New York Times published a puff piece about his charlatanism and did not stray from the official West Memphis 3 narrative. You know, the usual, wrongly convicted, DNA evidence blah blah blah.

More recently, The Guardian, another stalwart of journalism, published almost the exact same piece as the New York Times. I had to make sure the two articles were submitted by different authors. It almost feels like the Damien Echols has his own personal press corps that he pushes his latest appearances onto.

Much like the New York Times piece, The Guardian piece was written by a woman. Not that I have anything against female journalists, however, it seems like the WM3 PR team like to seek out female journalists who are sympathetic and/or vulnerable to Echols’ tall tales. A certain correspondent for 48 Hours comes to mind. The reason I think these journalists fall into Echols’ web of deceit is that they identify with the child killer more because of his ‘romance’ with main squeeze sycophant Lorri Davis. I asked my cohort Lady Gray, an actual lady, if this sounded misogynistic. She said no and added that she thinks that these journalists may also have a maternal-like reaction to Echols’ BS since he was young when he, Misskelley, and Baldwin killed Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch.


Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch

If you’re angry at me because of my thoughts on these suggestible journalists maybe you should also be mad at the convicted child killer for exploiting them for his personal gain.

2 thoughts on “The Guardian publishes almost identical puff piece about Damien Echols as the New York Times

  1. msjulez says:

    I’m glad to see somone still talking about this case and sticking up for the true victims. I used to be a supporter but after 7 yrs of reading wbats available, listening to expert opinions and seeing how this narc has made it about himself profiting off of these boys deaths, I absolutely feel in my opinion that he is guilty.
    May these boys get justice one day in thisnoife or the next.
    RIP Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch.


    1. Thanks for the comments MsJulez. As long as Echols continues to make money from murder I’ll be writing about it.


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