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The Daily Threat for the week of 4/14/2019-4/20/2019


Middle school ‘kill list’ leaves parents in Kearney on edge

“[The student who made the list] threatened to kill me and everyone at KMS. He told me that he wanted to be a serial killer and kill me first. He always told me that he didn’t like me and that he was going to kill me one day.”

Town of Tonawanda Police quell rumors of potential school shooting


Police: 16-year-old had 2 guns on Catholic school campus

Conner, who was wearing a black jacket and had a ski mask with him, did not tell detectives why he was here, what he was planning to do or why he had the guns on him.

Rohnert Park teen arrested after allegedly making school shooting threat on Snapchat

Northwestern High dealing with unconfirmed threat

In an email on Friday, Hansen criticized social media users, who he wrote “are spreading unverified and incomplete information.” He also wrote that legal requirements restrict what he can disclose, including “the impact of this investigation on any given students.”


Tuttle police investigating threats made against high school

3 Students Arrested For Threats Against Glendora School


Clawson student in custody for making threat against school


Teenager arrested for alleged Snapchat threat

Teens charged with threatening shooting at Mehlville High School

Charging documents said Scheipeter and Hulsey made a social media post saying “all u [expletive ] gon drop dead when this colt 45 blast u by the lockers.”


Student arrested for bringing handgun to school

(Trench’s note: This week’s number of threats is surprisingly low considering what today is.)

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