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The Daily Threat for the week of 4/21/2019-4/27/2019

(Trench’s note: Last week I said that I’m surprised there weren’t more threats considering what week it was. Then I realized it was Spring Break for a lot of schools.)

Teen charged after social media messages prompt lockdown in Clawson

“He’s a fifth-year senior,”

There’s a shock.

Auburn police arrest 14-year-old student after text messages threaten school shooting

Auburn police “believe the parent’s actions averted a school shooting,” the release said.

Threat put Zion on lockdown

Denver police investigating ammunition brought to school

POLICE NEWS: Student’s social media post probed

School bomb threat deemed a hoax


Volusia County student threatens school in YouTube video on Columbine shooting, deputies say

FBI agents said they received notice about the incident after the student allegedly wrote, “… the shooting was the best thing I ever found out about, I plan to do the same thing my senior year, it’s f***ing coming.”


Victorville teenager questioned over threats to Columbine High School
Yes, that Columbine.

“The suspect reportedly made the calls so he could join an on-line gaming clan and had no intention of carrying out the threats,” the press release said.

FFS, be a leader, not a follower.

A 14-Year-Old High School Student in Costa Rica Threatens Columbine Size Shooting

¨If I do it I will make history in Costa Rica since no one here has ever carried out a shooting, if I start others will follow, all they need is someone to be brave and do it (…) My plan is to reach at least 30 dead to surpass Columbine¨, read part of the post.

Not just an American problem, good to know. Mostly American, but still.

Former Selah student apprehended for school shooting threat

Gilbert police investigating ‘unsubstantiated threat’ directed at Mesquite High School


Student with airsoft gun puts Denver school on lockdown; weapon reported at Boulder high school

Suspect in custody after social media threats made at Akins High School

Broomfield High School students asked to leave campus due to threats
Colorado just can’t catch a break.

Legacy H.S. student accused of threatening students through Snapchat

13-year-old girl arrested for making threats toward Silvestri Junior High School


Randolph County Student Arrested for Fake Threat of School Shooting: Sheriff

Superintendent: Northridge student posts false rumor about threat on Snapchat


Titusville High students suspended after alleged threats

The principals learned of the alleged threats in response to the formation of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance club at the school, Jez said. The club is for LGBTQ students.

Never waste your energy on hate.

Parents alerted to threats at two APS middle schools

20 threats this week. That’s back to business as usual. 

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