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The Daily Threat for the week of 5/19/2019-5/25/2019


Man threatens school shooting on state senator’s voicemail

Person in custody in connection with threats against Argo Community High School

Mosinee Police working with Snapchat to find source of threatening photo

The Mosinee Police Department says a photo on Snapchat showing two weapons with the message ‘Don’t come to school Monday’ prompted a soft lockdown at Mosinee Middle School.


OCPS: Threat made against unnamed Central Florida school, tourist attraction ‘not viable’

Police: Juvenile asked on Snapchat ‘who wants to shoot up’ middle school in Portsmouth, NH

Police investigating threat of shooting at Diablo Vista Middle School in Danville

Attendance down after graffiti threats found at East Bay middle school

Teen accused of making Snapchat threat that caused lockdown of several schools

Snapchat video showing gun prompts school lockdowns at Veterans Memorial, Kaffie

All-clear given at Wentzville Holt High School after social media threat

Pasco School Shooting Threat Made In Letter To Santa: Sheriff

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a 15-year-old Wiregrass Ranch High School student after they said the teen threatened to shoot up his school in a letter to Santa found in the Macy’s Santa letter box.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Cops swarm Hollywood high school as fight and report of gun leads to lockdown

After finding a BB gun in a backpack, police escorted two boys to separate patrol cars at 2:43 p.m.

Bringing a BB gun to school is a good way to get yourself shot by police.


Police: School Shooting Threat Not Credible


Baseless Claims of a “Shoot Up” at Indian Trails Middle School Spread Through Snapchat

False gun threat made at Hand Middle School; parents upset by school’s response


Fossil Ridge High School student cited after school violence threats

17-year-old charged in Clark Co. after reported threat of school shooting


Burlington teen charged with threat against Cummings, principals

(You would think with the end of the school year approaching these threats would die down yet here we are.)

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