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Defense contractor charged with being a craigslist creeper in Guam faces new allegations

I originally posted about Michael Louis McCarron here. In 2017, he was a defense contractor staying in Guam. While there he was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from an NCIS investigator posing as a 13-year-old girl from craigslist. He has not gone to trial yet for those charges.

However, McCarron was back in Guam recently for alleged probation violations. The FBI is accusing McCarron of posting advertisements for his wife on escort websites in the Boise, Idaho area. So, to put it bluntly, the FBI believes that McCarron is pimping out his wife. This violates the probation condition that McCarron is not to use any internet-connected device.

McCarron’s defense attorney is arguing that it was McCarron’s wife that posted the ads. When asked who posted the ads, McCarron’s wife started to respond but was advised of her fifth-amendment rights by the judge.

What kind of man goes from being arrested on online child solicitation charges to allegedly turning out his wife online? Then, thinking that no matter who in his marriage was posting the ads, that he could somehow get around the terms of his probation. Not a smart one, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Defense contractor charged with being a craigslist creeper in Guam faces new allegations

  1. Anthony Smith says:

    The ‘wife’ worked as a prostitute prior to marrying this guy and her last husband is in the Idaho state pen… guilty of lewd conduct and child exploitation.


    1. Thank you for the clarification.


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