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Teen charged with rape of 12-year-old girl he met through social media

Kobe Jace Mahoney

18-year-old Kobe Jace Mahoney of Seminole County, Oklahoma, is accused of having a ‘sexual relationship’ with a 12-year-old girl he met through social media. Mahoney allegedly communicated with his victim through Facebook and Snapchat where he is said to have arranged eight sexual encounters with the girl while her father was at work.

Normally, when a headline uses the ‘sexual relationship’ headline when it comes to minors I usually mention that I call that child rape around here. However, I don’t have to do that this time due to Oklahoma law.

Mahoney has been charged with eight counts of first-degree rape. If Oklahoma criminal defense attorney websites are to be believed, sex with anyone under 13 by anyone aged 18 or over is considered first-degree rape.

Mahoney tried a variation of the ‘I thought she was 18’ defense by claiming he thought the girl was 14 or 15. That may be somewhat kosher under the poorly named Romeo and Juliet law but 12-years-old is way off the board. He’s currently being held on $500K bond and faces a life sentence.

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