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Gun used in Ridgway High School shooting was stolen

The .32 caliber Ruger revolver used in the Ridgway High shooting

The .32 caliber Ruger revolver used in last week’s shooting at Ridgway High School in Santa Rosa, California, was reported stolen back in 2016. While it’s not believed that the 17-year-old suspect stole the gun personally, it is believed that he bought the gun off the street.

People who oppose gun control often bemoan that gun control would do nothing to keep illegal guns off the street. Where do you think illegal street guns come from? At one time a great deal of them were legally owned guns that weren’t stored properly.

Here in Kansas, there has been a problem of people keeping their guns in their unlocked cars then having their guns stolen out of the car.

If you can’t keep your gun properly secured then maybe you should have your ‘right’ to own one taken away.

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