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Craigslist creeper sentenced for using modeling scam to rape teen

Clarence Turnbo

I’ve been talking about the modeling scam for over a decade now. Predators will place ads on marketplaces or social media promising young girls and women careers in modeling. In other cases, they’ll approach their victims directly on social media. In reality, these predators will use the modeling angle to either exploit or assault their victims.

One of these predators is 65-year-old Clarence Eugene “Beau” Turnbo of North Little Rock, Arkansas. He was recently sentenced to 25 years behind bars for raping a 13-year-old girl who he promised a modeling career to. Turnbo had placed an ad on craigslist looking for models. Turnbo ran a used car dealership.

Turnbo’s defense was that the girl came to him asking for money for sex. However, DNA and text messaging evidence proved otherwise.

Just like not everyone can be a pro athlete or rock star, not everyone can be a successful model and sadly, there are too many creeps like this who prey on the vanity of their victims to use for their own predatory purposes.

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