Miss. Breeder charged with dumping newborn…again

Police release more details on abandoned baby:

Cora Lynn Watkins

25-year-old Cora Lynn Watkins has been arrested in Houston, Mississippi, for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby in a storage shed. She allegedly gave birth alone, left the baby wrapped in a blanket then returned to work. Luckily some children heard the baby crying. The article states that the kids got some family members but it’s unclear, to me at least, if they were Watkins’ family members. Either way the baby was taken to the hospital and at last report is doing well.

However this isn’t the first time that Watkins has done something like this. She was arrested back in 2010 for abandoning a baby at a Salvation Army. She received probation for that offense and was just released from probation last month. I doubt this time she’ll be so lucky.

It may have been a while since we discussed this but baby dumping like this is so unnecessary. All 50 states have Safe Haven laws where you can drop a newborn off safely with no questions asked. Specifically in Mississippi you can drop a newborn up to 3 days old at a hospital, adoption center, emergency room or EMS station.

Once again I have to ask are the safe haven laws so unknown that this keeps happening?

Thanks to Amy for the tip.

Amanda Hein left her newborn in a bar toilet tank because she was 'depresssed'

Amanda C. Hein. Any guesses on what the C stands for?

Amanda Hein, accused of killing newborn, ‘suffers’ from major depression, says her attorney:

Defense: Woman accused of killing her newborn at Starters Pub suffers from depression:

Last August 27-year-old Amanda Hein gave birth to a baby boy inside the bathroom stall of a Pennsylvania pub. Instead of, you know, trying to take care of the baby police allege that Hein placed the baby inside a trash bag that was used to line the bathroom’s trash can and then placed the baby in the toilet’s tank, before returning to her friends at the bar. Her attorney is now offering up the defense of Hein suffers from depression, self-mutilation and other mental problems. Shit, he’s not even trying postpartum depression, Just regular old depression.

Let’s stop right there. It’s no secret that I suffer from depression. I have since I was a child. I attempted suicide on multiple occasions. My depression has allowed me to do some pretty embarrassing things even as an adult but murder was never one of those things. I realize everyone’s depression and metal health is different but I refuse to buy that she hid her pregnancy and killed her baby because of depression. If you suffer from major depression you’re not exactly a social butterfly wherein you party with your friends at bars. The prosecution seems to agree with me…

“I think that it’s going to be admitted that she was pregnant, that she gave birth in that stall that she in fact suffocated this baby and killed it. I think that what we’re going to see in this case is some kind of mental health defense perhaps at best,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said during a November interview with WFMZ.

The prosecution is deadly serious too. They are seeking the death penalty against Hein. For Pennsylvania that’s pretty serious since the last person they executed was Philadelphia’s own Gary Heidnik who raped, tortured and killed several women in his house of horrors. Unfortunately that was 15 years ago under Governor Tom Ridge. Don’t hold your breath on seeing Hein strapped to a gurney.

Not only that but lawyers need to stop making it seem like any one with even the slightest mental health issue is a potential danger. This is one of the reasons why too many people are afraid to seek help for themselves.

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Aunt finds 3-year-old nephew in linen closet, beaten and scalded


3-year-old found locked in linen closet 

See that face up there staring back at you, looking like she is mad at the world, that is woman who locked her 3-year-old son in a closed 24 inches wide and 12 inches high, hit him on nearly every part of his body and burned him.  Isn’t that pissed off look something to look at, aren’t you tempted to smack it off her face.  Well get in line behind me, I get first shot at her. 

Ladies and Gentlemen today we have for your reading disgust Fairrin Moss (23), she has been charged one count of felonious assault and two counts of endangering a child.  Back on December 9th she was arrested after a woman described by investigators found her son locked in a second floor linen closet, in Moss’ apartment.  When the aunt removed his clothing to give him a bath, she noticed bruising to his body and took him to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, who them notified police.  Good for the aunt, at least she cared enough about the little guy to seek treatment for him. 

According to police he was kept in a linen closet, no lights, he couldn’t sit or stand up, he had to lie down. Sometimes he’d be left in there for hours at a time while she left the home.  He had been beaten over the head, in the head, in the stomach, on the side, the legs, grabbed around the neck and a severely burned right foot.  The burns were apparently the result of contact with scalding water.  Gawd damn! 

scalded right foot

According to police in an odd way the little guy is “very lucky, had the aunt not intervened…. she probably saved his life.”  The little guy has been placed in foster care, where he is recovering from his injuries. 

Moss pleaded not guilty and is free on bond.  Travesty, she should be locked up, this beast of a woman has forever changed this little boy’s life.  Why should she be free to roam the streets and live her life while he recovers?

Baby born and dumped from 2nd story window


Police: Mom threw newborn out of window:

Doctor: Mom who threw baby out window was in ’emotional pain’:

In Reisertown, Maryland 21-year-old Rebecca Diane Himes is said to have delivered her baby at home and then proceeded to wrap the baby in a plastic bag and toss it from the 2nd story window of her home.

Luckily the baby landed in some bushes and was relatively unharmed.

The Breeder has not been named yet because she hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. Why the fuck not?

Himes mother said that she didn’t know her daughter was pregnant.

Supposedly Himes showed ‘deep concern’ about the baby’s condition after the incident.

I think it sounds more like she was showing deep concern if she was going to get arrested. It’s not like she accidentally shot the baby out of the window on delivery. If she had any real concern she would have gone and gotten pre-natal care.

Maryland does have a safe haven law.

Thanks to Christine for the tip.

More on Ashley Cox

Mom accused of leaving newborn in prison trash remains jailed on $2.5M bond:

I originally posted about Ashley Cox here. She is the 20-year-old Kentucky woman accused of dumping her newborn in a prison trash can. She was there visiting an inmate. She claims that she didn’t know she was pregnant and her family backs her up on this.

However I still don’t see even if by some miracle of stupidity she didn’t know she was pregnant what killing her baby had anything to do with that. Especially now that I have found out that Cox has been accused of not just dumping the baby in the trash can but also shoving toilet paper in the baby’s mouth in order to suffocate her.

I wonder how her family feels about that?

Thanks to calvena for the update.

Woman dumps newborn in prison trash

Police say woman dumped newborn in prison trash while visiting inmate:

20-year-old Ashley Cox was arrested for giving birth in the restroom of the Roederer Correctional Complex in LaGrange, Kentucky and dumping the newborn in the trash. She was there visiting a male inmate.

She told prison employees that she had a miscarriage however when she went to the hospital the staff there notified the prison that she gave birth. The coroner says that the baby was born alive.

To make matters worse after her arraignment her family made a statement

“We were unaware of this pregnancy. And we strongly believe Ashley was unaware of it, too. We are not only in shock, but grieving this unexpected loss.”

Again I am hard pressed to believe that she didn’t know that she was pregnant and that is no excuse for murdering a newborn.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Newborn born at party dumped in trash

Police: Calif. mother dumped newborn in trash:

24-year-old Jessie Canfield of Santa Barbara, California is accused of giving birth to a newborn baby girl at a party in Redondo Beach and dumping the baby in the trash.

She allegedly retired to a bedroom at the family surprise party for a few hours then at the end of the party she went home like nothing was wrong.

Later sanitation workers found the baby’s body in the trash outside of the house where the party took place.

She claims that she didn’t know that she was having a baby. Don’t they always.

It is unknown yet if the baby was born alive or dead.

The ironic part is that baby was dumped just a few blocks from a fire station which is a safe haven in California.

What I want to know is how no one at the party during or afterwords had no inkling that a baby was born there. I’ve never witnessed one live but from what I hear it’s a somewhat messy affair.

Baby left to die in California dumpster

O.C. Teen Accused Of Killing Baby To Be Arraigned:

19-year-old Juana Perez Valencia (pictured) is accused of stuffing her newborn baby in a plastic bag then putting the baby in the dumpster of the restaurant she worked at in Stanton, California.

Police say the baby was born alive. Authorities became suspicious when Valencia went to the hospital to seek treatment but denied giving birth which prompted the staff to call police.

Just like the batterers I have to tell this ti the baby dumpers as well. The hospital knows when you are lying about giving birth. They are trained medical professionals and are much smarter than you. Not to mention the safe haven laws. You can drop the baby off at a safe haven no questions asked and no legal trouble will come to you.

She’s being held on $1M bail.

Thanks to Jake’s Daddy for the tip.

Woman who claimed miscarriage tried to dump baby

agutierezWoman Fakes Miscarriage, Stashes Baby in Cabinet:

19-year-old Alyna Gutierrez went to an ER in Lancaster, California. She claimed that she had just had a miscarriage and that she had flushed the remains down the toilet.

One of the doctors determined that by miscarriage she must have meant given birth. The doctor determined she was far too along to have miscarried.

While she was at the hospital Gutierrez’s mother found the baby in Gutierrez’s room wrapped in towels and stuffed in a cabinet. Luckily the baby has survived.

Gutierrez herself is being held on $1M bond.

This is another case where someone thinks that they’re smarter than a medical professional who went to school for 8 years to learn their craft. Not to mention the years they’ve probably put in practicing medicine. I don’t understand how people think that some lamebrain story they concoct will actually fool a doctor. Then again I would never dream of trying to kill a baby.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Don’t go in there, I just had a baby there

Woman left newborn in portable toilet, police say:

44-year-old Candy Vigneri of Maryland is accused of giving birth to baby in a park port-o-john and leaving the baby in there. Of course she claims she didn’t know she was pregnant. And it gets better…

After exiting the portable toilet in Long Wharf Park in Cambridge, Candy Vigneri got a cigarette from a construction worker and sat at a picnic table, police Lt. Wayne Bromwell said.

As she sat, a male passer-by approached the toilet but Vigneri warned him, “Don’t go in there, I just had a baby there,” police said.

So apparently she was smoking while she was ‘not pregant’ too.

The baby has survived so far and will be placed with social services.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.