LI Breeders leave kids home for 6 days with no heat

Maria and Tulio Ayala

Long Island Couple Accused Of Leaving 4 Kids Home Alone For 6 Days:

Maria and Tulio Ayala of Central Islip, New York, on Long Island are accused of leaving their four kids, ages 15, 13, 8, and 4, at home for six days while they stayed at a hotel. No big deal right? The 15-year-old is old enough to watch the other kids. Oh, did I mention there was no heat or food in the house?

Mr. Ayala is trying to make it look like it was no big deal. He says that his mom was there to watch the kids and he left them with money for food and space heaters. He claims that this mother called the cops on him unwarranted.

So let me get this straight. You had money for a hotel for almost a week, you allegedly had $100 to leave the kids for food. Yet you can’t pay you’re own heating bill? I’m sensing a definite lack of priorities here. I’m going to guess they didn’t stay at The Ritz but I’m pretty sure whatever hotel they stayed at had heat.

The children are currently staying with relatives but the Ayala’s say they’re going to fight to get their kids back. Maybe if you took care of them in the first place you wouldn’t be in this situation. Hopefully the only HOtel you’ll be staying is the Gray Bar Hotel.

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Mom and aunt charged in “toddlers’ death by fire.”

The sisters Meakens

The sisters Meakens

The ass-hats Tatiana Meakens, 23, and aunt Britany Meakens, 22, of Englewood Chicago, have been charged in the death of two toddlers of which they left at home…alone with two other children!! Why were they left alone? Because they both had a party to attend, at 3:30 in the morning! Stupid asses!!

Tatianas son, Javaris age 2, and her daughter, Jariyah, age 3 were found in a bedroom where the fire started. The home was heated with space heaters and a fucking hot plate which incidentally started the fire!! So they had no money for appropriate heat but plenty to go “party” on! Fuck-ups!! The children died from soot inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The two older children were able to escape. Apparently Tatiana had agreed to stay home with the children while Britany went out and partied but Tatiana (what the hell kind of name is that) got a phone call and yo, she had to go!! Hey, Tat told Brittany that she was leaving and Brittany said nooooo, your suppose to watch the kids….but Tat said fuck that and left! Tat came home…..when she found out her house was on fire, stupid c***!

So the explanation is the Aunt thought she was coming right back, mom technically did not leave her kids alone, the aunt did it, in the apartment, with a space heater…anybody got a clue? The heat was cut off and dumb and dumber were doing the best they could said the stupid public defender. Well I call horse shit on that excuse. Also this is completely the landlords fault cause there were no smoke detectors in the apartment. OK, well, as a good parent, you go to your local home improvement store and buy one or better yet go to your local fire station and they will GIVE you one.

As bad as it sounds I hope the carbon monoxide got to the babies first. A fire has to be a horrible way to die! Dumb and Dumber were charged with two counts of felony for endangering a child causing death and two counts of misdemeanor for endangering the life and health of a child. On December 24th a judge set bond…what a great way to spend Christmas! Those poor children!!

A former neighbor of Tats said that the was a single mom of 4 kids and a good parent. Really??? Another neighbor said it was hard to believe cause they were always with their kids. She loved them kids. Again…Really???

The two surviving children, both boys, age 7 and 4 were taken into CPS. Not to mention, the family was under investigation for child neglect….a little too late there CPS!


***Thanks to April for the tip and Leslie for the write up***

Hey, if we go to the casino can u listen for the boys


Parents Arrested After Reportedly Leaving Children Home Alone To Go To Parx Casino:

It’s no secret that I grew up around Atlantic City, New Jersey. When I was 21 the casinos there were a lot of fun. It was a great place to take a date for a show and a dinner if you had the cash. It was also a great place to take friends that were from out-of-town. What they aren’t is a reason to leave your kids home alone while you played the quarter slots.

For example take the case of 24-year-old Nicole Donahue and 29-year-old Ryan Feyh of Levittown, Pennsylvania. This past Friday they allegedly decided to hit Parx Casino in nearby Bensalem, PA. Instead of trying to find a sitter they texted their neighbors.

“Hey, if we go to the casino around 11 or so can u listen for the boys they are sleeping right now.”

Followed by another text that read:

“Guess u are sleeping.”

Apparently that wasn’t discouragement enough to keep them from hitting the keno parlor.

One of their kids must be a light sleeper or needed a scratch off because their 2-year-old son decided to take off to the local supermarket. Luckily he was found by a good Samaritan who called police. The boy motioned towards their apartment where police found his 4-year-old brother still sleeping.

According to reports the Breeders tried saying that they were out running errands. If by errands they mean splitting on two aces then yes they were running errands.

The kids are now in the custody of other family members and ironically the Breeders must not have won enough at the casino because they were unable to post bail.

Not to stereotype an entire city but for most of my life I’ve had family that lived in a very trailer trash section of Philly. Instead of trailers they lived in row homes. I even lived there for a while myself and I used to refer to it as a vertical trailer park. Living there I had never met a more concentrated area of degenerate gamblers in my life. These people would bet on two cockroaches racing which unfortunately was an all too common occurrence. The check cashing place where I used to cash my paycheck also sold lottery tickets and they made money hand over fist that way.

There’s just something about the Philly area that makes people think that gambling is a priority over their kids. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more stories like this.

Thanks to Beth and Cheri for the tips.

30 visits from police, 5 DHS complaints and meth ends in in the death of 3 angels

 Abuse complaints preceded Del City childrens fire deaths,DHC says

Del City couple arrested on charges in fire deaths

Parents arrested and charged in death of 3 children

Where, oh where do I begin with this one?  Three children all under the age of 5-years-old lost their lives in a RV fire on January 4th, after their mother Stephanie Mae Dunham (25) left them alone and locked the door from the outside trapping them inside.  Yes, you read that right this was an RV, not a trailer home, it was inoperable, parked behind her mother-in-laws house and used extension cords for electricity.  A space heater left plugged in and unattended on the front passenger seat is believed to be what caused the fire.  

Yes, if you hadn’t guessed mommy is a meth head, and tested positive for being under the influence at the time she left the children… oh yeah and she is five months pregnant.  Nice!  Ladies and Gentlemen we have before us a real class act.  The children Christopher Jr. (4), Crystal (3) and Kailey (1) died from smoke inhalation and thermal burns.  The father Christopher Dunham  (25) was at work when the fire broke out, but daddy is no angel. I’ll get into that more in a minute.

This family has a history with DHS and the police, with no less than 30 reported visits from the police since 2002 ranging from domestic disturbances to suicide attempts and 5 total calls to DHS since 2008 regarding suspected abuse of the children.  Of course the police are not commenting and DHS is blaming them, so begins the blame game.  In my opinion both of these entities sworn to protect and serve FAILED, had they done their jobs properly those three babies would be alive today.  I won’t even get into my questions as to why these babies’ grandmother allowed them to live, not only with two drug addicts suspected of abuse and in a violent relationship, but in a freakin inoperable RV BEHIND her house.  I mean I can tell you this my mother-in-law, would never stand for that.  I may not always see eye to eye with her but she loves my kids and would never allow them to be in an unsafe environment, regardless of whether I liked it or not, never mind my sisters and family.

How about, for shits and giggles, we take a look at the history these two pieces of trash had with DHS.  Ready for it?  Here we go.

–         Sept. 17, 2010, daddy is accused of sexually abusing their 3-year-old daughter, after the investigation a finding of “unsubstantiated-services recommended” was made and there were NO additional safety concerns.

–         June 25, 2010, a complaint that the children are being exposed to domestic violence.  The complaint screened out due to no specific act of domestic violence, abuse or neglect was sited.

–         Nov. 13, 2009, a complaint that the children are being left with an inappropriate caregiver.  Sex Offender??  Mom denied the allegations, DHS reports the children are healthy and recommends an adult while in the home of the “questionable” caregiver supervises them.

–         Oct. 13, 2009, complaint that mommy is using drugs in the presence of the children, there was physical violence between the parents in front of the children, mom struck Crystal and caused injury.  DHS investigated, mom denied drug use and witnesses attested to that but expressed concern regarding dad’s temper.  The findings “unsubstantiated-services recommended”

–         April 17, 2008, complaint Christopher Jr. has been abused by his father and had a knot on his head as a result of being pushed down.

It seems there is a lot of “there was no proof”, but what there is proof of is a freakin RV as home, with no running water and/or electricity.  It seems to me that would be enough, I dunno, I’m not a trained professional. 

Both of these winners were arrested on February 11th, they both face three felony counts of child neglect and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.  They both have bail set at $30,500. 

These two fuckwads collected about $20,000 from sympathetic donors before the allegations of drug use surfaced.  That makes me sick!

R.I.P. Christopher, Crystal and Kailey

Aunt finds 3-year-old nephew in linen closet, beaten and scalded


3-year-old found locked in linen closet 

See that face up there staring back at you, looking like she is mad at the world, that is woman who locked her 3-year-old son in a closed 24 inches wide and 12 inches high, hit him on nearly every part of his body and burned him.  Isn’t that pissed off look something to look at, aren’t you tempted to smack it off her face.  Well get in line behind me, I get first shot at her. 

Ladies and Gentlemen today we have for your reading disgust Fairrin Moss (23), she has been charged one count of felonious assault and two counts of endangering a child.  Back on December 9th she was arrested after a woman described by investigators found her son locked in a second floor linen closet, in Moss’ apartment.  When the aunt removed his clothing to give him a bath, she noticed bruising to his body and took him to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, who them notified police.  Good for the aunt, at least she cared enough about the little guy to seek treatment for him. 

According to police he was kept in a linen closet, no lights, he couldn’t sit or stand up, he had to lie down. Sometimes he’d be left in there for hours at a time while she left the home.  He had been beaten over the head, in the head, in the stomach, on the side, the legs, grabbed around the neck and a severely burned right foot.  The burns were apparently the result of contact with scalding water.  Gawd damn! 

scalded right foot

According to police in an odd way the little guy is “very lucky, had the aunt not intervened…. she probably saved his life.”  The little guy has been placed in foster care, where he is recovering from his injuries. 

Moss pleaded not guilty and is free on bond.  Travesty, she should be locked up, this beast of a woman has forever changed this little boy’s life.  Why should she be free to roam the streets and live her life while he recovers?

Holly Razo got stabby at party while kid was home alone

Holly M. Razo

Police: Child left alone as woman drinks, wields knife, bites officer:

Police in Sheboygan, Wisconsin arrested 28-year-old Holly M. Razo after she got thrown out of a party and returned wielding two knives demanding ‘respect’. While in the squad car she told police she needed to contact her mother to get her 18-month-old child. Turns out the child was home alone in the unlocked house while Razo got her drink on and showed up for a knife fight where no one else was invited.

While in holding she managed to get her cuffed hands from behind her back to the front. When police tried to re-cuff her she told the cops ‘good luck’ and assaulted a few police officers and also tried to kick out a squad car window. Eventually she was put in a restraint chair.

Thankfully the child was unharmed.

I really have nothing to add to this. I mean what else can I add to this story? I’ve rarely seen so much parenting failure in one story but hey, feel free to go nuts in the comments.

Thanks to Britt for the tip.

Breeder leaves kid home for 5 hours while ‘at the doctor’

Seriously. What's up with the eyebrows?

Florida Mother Arrested After 4-Year-Old Son, Left Home Alone, Calls 911:

Boy, 4, left home alone:

Sharpie McEyebrows over there is 25-year-old Jocelyn Villot of Deltona, Florida. Unlike West Virginia I do have an actual grudge against the state of Florida but that’s neither here no there. Villot was arrested after allegedly leaving her 4-year-old son home alone for 5 hours.

Villot told her son that she was going to the doctor and to pick up beer. After a while the 4-year-old called 911 looking for his mom. Police say that Villot was at a local pharmacy trying to fill a prescription that had no signature on it.

Trench has a theory on this. It sounds like to me that she went shopping from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to see if they would fill the unsigned script. No word on what it was for but Trench’s guess is that it contained the term oxy in it and I don’t mean OxyClean even though it looks like she could use some of that too.

Thanks to Danielle for the tip.

Child found covered in feces: This is not a repeat

Mother arrested after toddler tests positive for drugs:

Sharpie Eyebrows over there is 20-year-old Sara Jerz of Salt Lake City. Back in August police say they found her 19-month-old daughter home alone and covered in feces. Again, no word if they were human or animal. Anyway at the time of finding the girl police said her breath smelled like alcohol.

Well the toxicology report came back and it wasn’t alcohol at all. Instead the girl had cocaine and amphetamines in her system. And by amphetamines I’m going to assume it was meth.

The decline of American civilization continues unabated as I fear that good parents are slowly being outnumbered by garbage like this.

Thanks to Christie for the tip.

Breeders leave kids at home while they get their hair done

Salon trip lands moms in jail:

In Cincinnati, Ohio police arrested Terri Land, 21, and Rashelle Washington, 22, for leaving their kids at home while they spent 5 hours getting their hair done. The children, ages 1, 2 and 3, were found not only to left at home but in unfit living conditions. No word on the extent of the conditions.

Well at least they look good for their mugshots. Oh wait, no they don’t. I’d hate to see what they looked like before.

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Georgia Breeders go clubbing while kids are at home

Couple Arrested After Leaving Children Home Alone:

Couple charged with ‘imprisoning’ kids ages 1 and 3:

That attractive and successful looking couple are 25-year-old Matthew Autrey and 24-year-old Ashley Autrey of Griffin, Georgia. They were arrested after police were called to their home to do a welfare check on their kids ages 1 and 3.

Police found the kids locked in a bedroom with no adults in the house.

When contacted by phone the Breeders in question were allegedly at a club in another town.

Again, if you can’t afford a baby sitter you really can’t afford to be out drinking.

Thanks to Eric for the tip.