Perth parents due to be sentenced

Johnstone and Minett

Johnstone and Minett

Perth duo plead guilty to child neglect:

Amber Minett, 27, and her live in sex toy Cassidy Johnstone, 25, have pleaded guilty to child neglect. At eight moths old Levi Mippi was injured in an unexplained incident at the home his mother and her blow in boyfriend. The charges of neglect pertain to not getting medical treatment for the child, after the unexplained incident.

Let’s hold up here. This is an eight month old baby, if the baby was left alone long enough for the injuries to be self-inflicted, should this not carry and extra charge for failing to supervise your child adequately? If these injuries were deemed by a professional, not plausibly caused by the infant left unsupervised to roll on the floor or what not, why why why are they both not facing extra charges for the harm that’s been caused to this child? Because they’ve kept the true horror of what poor Levi had to endure to themselves? Protecting her boyfriend maybe? Where was her protection for her son, when he needed her, or if she’s the monster that’s responsible, why has he not thrown her under the bus, literally and figuratively? Or are they both neglectful abusive oxygen thieves?

Levi only received medical treatment approximately 24 hours after the initial indecent had occurred. Levi’s paternal grandmother, Doris Mippi, was his saving grace although too late to un-do the irreparable damage done while in the care of his mother and her boyfriend, luckily in time to save his precious life.

Doris Mippi is now Levi’s career, Levi is now 22 months old, and instead of running, playing and exploring the world like he should be, he is now blind, quadriplegic, and several suffers seizures daily. He requires medication for the rest of his life.

The pathetic pair face the courts in may this year, the maximum penalty for the charges carries a ten-year jail sentence, lets hope that the judge also imposes more time for the fact that this child has his disabilities for life.

***Special thanks to Songbird for the write up***


Girl left tied up outside betting agency:

A video has emerged over here in the UK of an unidentified woman (who I hope doesn’t remain unidentified for much longer)
trapping her young daughter’s rein underneath the door of a betting shop, leaving the girl trapped outside, while Miss Priorities went inside the building to, I presume, place a bet. A man who was working in the office building opposite the shop caught the whole thing on camera. You can view the video via the link posted above.

Ya see, the girl wouldn’t have been allowed inside the shop because she’s clearly under 18, so instead of, you know, NOT going in, her breeder decided it would be perfectly rational to trap her daughter’s leash under the door of the shop and then go in and do whatever the Hell her selfish, obviously small mind decided was more important than her daughter’s safety. What a stupid cow. As far as I know, the girl wasn’t hurt, but that’s not the point. She was scared.

In the video you can clearly see the girl trying to free herself. She was left trapped under the door for around 3 minutes before her breeder released her. I sure hope the police are following this thing up. We can get into a huge debate about whether kids should even be on leashes or not, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

I think every normal, loving parent (the kind who puts the safety of their child first), regardless of whether they use leashes or not, would know that trapping their child’s leash UNDER A DOOR while they went inside is NOT the smartest thing you can do. Either this breeder is supremely stupid or doesn’t give two hoots about her kid. Probably both.

Thanks go to Marge for the tip.

***Written by Cobalt Rose***

Which form of abuse ended Janie’s life?

Court documents reveal child abuse

Toddlers Death Investigation Reveals Abuse

Police investigating toddlers death as a homicide

23-month-old Janie Buelna’s life came to an end on Friday March 11th.  Her custodial grandmother Juanita Rodriguez (43) found her unresponsive and not breathing ad called 911….. 45 freakin minutes LATER! Little Janie was pronounced dead at the hospital.  WTF!  There’s more to the story though, you didn’t think that was it did you??

According to the court documents Janie had endured weeks of abuse at the hand of her grandmother, including but not limited to punching, slapping and kicking.  Seriously… as I write this, my blood is boiling, obviously this cow was given custody of Janie for a reason.  I shutter to think what her life was before if granny was an improvement.  I want to put my bare hands around her throat and choke the live out of her. 

When firefighter and paramedics examined Janie they found a split lip, broken teeth, a large bump on her head and severe burns on both legs.  WTF!  Juanita (I’m an abusive tw*t) Rodriguez and her two roommates Christopher Lopez and Humelio Vasquez all admitted to abusing the little girl and have been arrested and charged with abuse, additional charges are pending.

Chris Lopez admitted to burning Janie, when he gave her a bath in scalding water, while high on meth.  He also told police that Abusive Twat  didn’t take Janie to the hospital for fear of CPS getting involved and losing Chris’s rent money.  Are you fucking kidding me you stupid bitch?  Twat and penis Vasquez admitted that Janie was in EXCRUIATING pain, to the point that she would beat her head against the wall and grind her teeth.  I am so disgusted that ANYONE, sit and watch that.  I am in tears just trying to get through this.  That poor baby at two years old she couldn’t even verbalize the amount of pain she was in and my heartbreaks just thinking about that.

Neighbors are now reporting that they heard sounds of abuse coming from the apartment, oh really… and what did they do you ask, not a fucking thing!  Charge those motherfuckers too.

The exact cause of Janie’s death has not been determined.

Her 3-year-old brother has been removed from the home, he was found bruised and with a black eye.

Mother Fuck!

30 visits from police, 5 DHS complaints and meth ends in in the death of 3 angels

 Abuse complaints preceded Del City childrens fire deaths,DHC says

Del City couple arrested on charges in fire deaths

Parents arrested and charged in death of 3 children

Where, oh where do I begin with this one?  Three children all under the age of 5-years-old lost their lives in a RV fire on January 4th, after their mother Stephanie Mae Dunham (25) left them alone and locked the door from the outside trapping them inside.  Yes, you read that right this was an RV, not a trailer home, it was inoperable, parked behind her mother-in-laws house and used extension cords for electricity.  A space heater left plugged in and unattended on the front passenger seat is believed to be what caused the fire.  

Yes, if you hadn’t guessed mommy is a meth head, and tested positive for being under the influence at the time she left the children… oh yeah and she is five months pregnant.  Nice!  Ladies and Gentlemen we have before us a real class act.  The children Christopher Jr. (4), Crystal (3) and Kailey (1) died from smoke inhalation and thermal burns.  The father Christopher Dunham  (25) was at work when the fire broke out, but daddy is no angel. I’ll get into that more in a minute.

This family has a history with DHS and the police, with no less than 30 reported visits from the police since 2002 ranging from domestic disturbances to suicide attempts and 5 total calls to DHS since 2008 regarding suspected abuse of the children.  Of course the police are not commenting and DHS is blaming them, so begins the blame game.  In my opinion both of these entities sworn to protect and serve FAILED, had they done their jobs properly those three babies would be alive today.  I won’t even get into my questions as to why these babies’ grandmother allowed them to live, not only with two drug addicts suspected of abuse and in a violent relationship, but in a freakin inoperable RV BEHIND her house.  I mean I can tell you this my mother-in-law, would never stand for that.  I may not always see eye to eye with her but she loves my kids and would never allow them to be in an unsafe environment, regardless of whether I liked it or not, never mind my sisters and family.

How about, for shits and giggles, we take a look at the history these two pieces of trash had with DHS.  Ready for it?  Here we go.

–         Sept. 17, 2010, daddy is accused of sexually abusing their 3-year-old daughter, after the investigation a finding of “unsubstantiated-services recommended” was made and there were NO additional safety concerns.

–         June 25, 2010, a complaint that the children are being exposed to domestic violence.  The complaint screened out due to no specific act of domestic violence, abuse or neglect was sited.

–         Nov. 13, 2009, a complaint that the children are being left with an inappropriate caregiver.  Sex Offender??  Mom denied the allegations, DHS reports the children are healthy and recommends an adult while in the home of the “questionable” caregiver supervises them.

–         Oct. 13, 2009, complaint that mommy is using drugs in the presence of the children, there was physical violence between the parents in front of the children, mom struck Crystal and caused injury.  DHS investigated, mom denied drug use and witnesses attested to that but expressed concern regarding dad’s temper.  The findings “unsubstantiated-services recommended”

–         April 17, 2008, complaint Christopher Jr. has been abused by his father and had a knot on his head as a result of being pushed down.

It seems there is a lot of “there was no proof”, but what there is proof of is a freakin RV as home, with no running water and/or electricity.  It seems to me that would be enough, I dunno, I’m not a trained professional. 

Both of these winners were arrested on February 11th, they both face three felony counts of child neglect and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.  They both have bail set at $30,500. 

These two fuckwads collected about $20,000 from sympathetic donors before the allegations of drug use surfaced.  That makes me sick!

R.I.P. Christopher, Crystal and Kailey

Aziya was murdered by trained killers

Couple Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse 

Parents Arested for Infant Daugter’s Death

Ya know I’ve heard people say “our soldiers are trained to be killers”; I just didn’t know that included children, especially their own.  These stories never cease to amaze me!  This baby girl, Aziya, was only here a very short time, 3 months.  She died October 13th 2009 of staph and bone infections as well as multiple rib factures.  Unfortunately her birth vessel, Sara Davinger, and the sperm donor, Steven Davinger, were only arrested for the heinous crime yesterday, 18 months later, and have only been charged with Felony Child Abuse. 

At the time of Aziya’s death in 2009 her US Navy enlisted parents were living in a San Diego apartment with another couple and another adult male roommate.  The adult male roommate, who was also Aziya’s daytime babysitter, called 911 to report that the baby was unresponsive and possibly deceased.  The details being released by authorities are sketchy at best and do not speculate why the parents are only being charged with Felony Child Abuse and not with Felony Murder.  Did they abuse their sweet little baby girl?  Did they allow this male roommate/babysitter or some else to abuse Aziya?  The investigators and DA will not comment on the charges of the parents nor if there are charges pending against any of the roommates. 

Sorry I don’t have more details to report; as more information becomes available I will update you.  In the mean time say a prayer for this lost little angel.  May you rest in peace Aziya you are loved by us, if by no one else.      

***Thanks go to Jackie for the excellent write up.

2-year-old beats death twice….

Neglect case built against mother of 18 lb 2-year old

As I begin this post, I think about my two children, both of them are healthy, happy, loving children.  Both of their parents work hard to make sure they are given the best possible life we are able to provide.  I sacrifice time with them to be at work, their daddy goes to work at night and sacrifices time with his entire family to ensure we have a warm home and food on the table everyday.  We may not be rich, we may not have all the bells and whistles some families have, but we love them, they know it and I make sure that even after discipline that they understand that I love them ALWAYS.  I have never let them go to sleep thinking I am angry with them.  They are my everything, the reason I live and breath.. I am thankful for their love every single day. 

After saying all of the above I bring you the following story of an 18 lb. Two-year-old, Evansville, IN police are calling “Toddler Jane or KW.”  You see Jane has been near death not once, but twice in her short life.  Can any of you say you beat death twice?  I certainly can’t, but this little girl can, she is nothing short of amazing in my eyes. 

Jane’s story starts in October of 2010 when she suffered a head injury at the hands of her father that was so severe she required a feeding tube.  It’s awful, I know, she was in the hospital from October to January 13th.  The monster was arrested and released on bond but ordered to have no contact with her.  She survived, thankfully and went home with her mother, Keresa Wilford (21), but her life with mom was not be a happy life either.

Jane was again taken to the hospital on February 14th; her condition at the time was described as “morbid and unresponsive.”  One of the nurses actually believed she was deceased when she arrived at the hospital.  How sad, she is released to mom in January and a month later she’s back in the hospital, I guess mom was trying to finish the job dad started.

The Evansville PD are reporting that Jane weighed 18lbs when she arrived at the hospital and that the doctors said she likely would have died within 6 to 12 hours, had she not been taken in for treatment.  Jane was suffering from “severe dehydration and malnourishment.”   Her birth vessel (I refuse to call her a mother) admitted to NOT feeding her two and half year old angel for two days.  Two Days?  This stupid skank bitch did not feed her baby girl for two days (at least).  I wonder if the stupid cow skipped any fucking meals in those two days.  I hate this bitch!

Police believe as well the Keresa allowed Jane’s father access to her against the court order. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

I’m a stupid bitch has been charged with neglect of a dependant resulting in serious injury and ordered no contact with Jane.  Her bond has been set at $50,000, I say starve the fucking asshole to death myself but hey, I’m angry!

As of February 16th, yes just two days after going to hospital, Jane had gained 5 lbs.  Boy, peeps it sure is amazing what a little nourishment can do for a baby.  Gawd Damn!

Ok so, I have to say that this story is heartbreaking on so many levels, did this little girl ever know love, true real love, you guys know the kind I’m talking about, you know the kind of love we all share with our children.  How can they do this to her, she’s a baby, she didn’t ask to be born or for the parents she was given.  I know that all of us will love her unconditionally.  I hope, hope, hope she makes it through this and grows up strong and healthy, to one day face these two, fuckers and say “ha… I beat both of you!”

Gas or Baby?? Gas!

SC mom charged with dwi afterdaughter found abondoned on side of the freeway 

The beastly beauty you see above is Jessica Perry (29) of Simpsonville, SC and she thinks it’s acceptable to leave her 17-month-old daughter alone in an unlocked car, on the side of the freeway in the middle of the night.  Why would she do something so stupid you ask???  Well, because she ran out of gas and she decided to hitch a ride with another motorist to get some gas, I guess the fact her daughter Ava was in the car slipped her mind because she left without her.  I want to be clear here on the time it is shortly after midnight and she just hopped in the car with someone and left the most precious gifts one could be given ALONE, in the dark and in an unlocked car.  Does she not know about the sick-os in the world or does she just not give a shit?  In my opinion it’s the latter of the two.

Anyhow, apparently the police were notified of Ava’s situation and they were waiting for the asshole of a mother when she got back to her car.  Where she was promptly arrested for DWI (her second DWI in a week), driving on a revoked license and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Ok, so not only is the asshole stupid as the day is long, she was also impaired while driving her baby girl around.  I am becoming rather annoyed with her, how about you guys?

So, when the officer gets her to the station they discover in her possession two Clonzepam pills and two Restoril pills, both are considered schedule IV narcotics. 

She was given a $10,000 secured bond.  She is due back in court March 24th.

Ava is in the custody of the state.

Bed-wetting, leads to water boarding

Mother accused of dunking child in cold water as punishment

Kellee Medina plunged daughter 6 freezing water charged with abuse

Kellee Medina plunged six-year-old daughter into freezing water as punishment for wetting the bed

Kellee Medina (27) of Missouri has been charged with abuse after she forced her 6-year-old daughter to endure a form of water boarding torture.  When Kellee’s daughter had wet the bed, she became so upset she put her daughter into freezing cold water and held her under. 

Medina reportedly brought her daughter to the E.R. after she blacked out from the punishment.  According to doctors her body temperature had dropped to 92.4f.  Medical experts said a body temperature below 95f is life threatening.  Fortunately the doctors were able to get her temperature back up, however they also discovered a head injury.  It appears she fell down the stairs attempting to flee from her belt-wielding mother.

I ask you who does this?  Who thinks that a suitable form of punishment for an accident, and bed-wetting is an accident, is to submerge their child in freezing water?  I mean seriously now, get angry much there mom?  Jeez!

Medina is being held on $20,000 bon and has been charged with child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

Medina’s other two children (aged 3 and 4) have been taken into care of CPS.

“A Very Slow and Painful Death”

Crystal Cardenas


A year and a half ago Elizabeth Holloway, moved in with her mother, her mother’s boyfriend and half sister and brother.  A year and a half ago, Elizabeth began being abused by her mother.  A year and a half ago, Elizabeth was 7 and ½ years old and had no idea that by 9-years-old she’d be telling her younger sister she was dying…. and would.

Imagine you are 7 and ½ years old and you are moving in with your mother and siblings, exciting right?  It’s a new start that includes a sister and a brother, what could be bad about that?  I’ll tell you what could be bad about that… a mother that reportedly begins to beat you as soon as you move in.

According to police reports Elizabeth lived with her father until 17 months ago when she moved in with her mother Crystal Cardenas (25).  At which time it appears she became her mother’s personal punching bag enduring numerous incidents of abuse.  In the 17 months she lived with her mother she was reportedly choked, punched, kicked, burned and thrown to the ground.  Poor thing, I just want to hug her so bad!  A few days before her death on January 17th, Crystal reportedly punched and kicked Elizabeth, causing a bruised pancreas and transection of her intestines. These injuries would have resulted in Elizabeth dying “a very slow and painful death,” according to prosecutors.  Elizabeth experienced vomiting and loss of feeling in her lower extremities.  She told her 7-year-old half sister she felt like she was going to die.  Now that statement right there just does it for me, I can not imagine the fear she must have felt at 9-years-old and literally thinking she was going to die and having NO ONE to go to.  This little girl knew she was dying… it breaks my heart!

On January 17th San Diego Police were called at approximately 10:00 pm with a report of a child not breathing.  Paramedics arrived and took Elizabeth to the trauma center; she died at 11:56 pm.  The SDPD child abuse unit was originally handling her case, but the autopsy showed she died from blunt force trauma and the case was handed over to homicide.

After a thorough investigation, that included interviewing the family, extended family, neighbors, former neighbors and people at the school Elizabeth attended, the DA’s office and SDPD concluded that Elizabeth’s mother Crystal was the one who inflicted the abuse and caused the death of her daughter. 

Cardenas’ other two children are under the care of CPS.

Cardenas faces 25 years to life, if convicted of murder.  The preliminary hearing is set for February 16th.

Elizabeth Holloway

R.I.P. Elizabeth


Thanks to Cristina for the tip.

4-year-old dies with blood alcohol level at .272


Girl died of extreme alochol poisoning  

Father and Aunt held in death of 4-year-old 

 Who doesn’t like a drink or two occasionally?  How many of us remember the first time we drank and actually got drunk and sicker than shit? I remember the drinking part fortunately, I can not remember the getting sicker than shit part, but as I recall… I was a teenager NOT, 4-years-old. That was not the case for little Shakira Decelien. 

Alpharetta, Ga Police responded to a call of an unresponsive child just after midnight on January 28th. Her aunt Mara Decelien, was waiting and told them that Shakira may have gotten into some rum and wouldn’t wake up. She neglected to mention that she had waited 3 hours before she called them regarding the little girls condition. BTW… rum does not taste good, in my opinion, I find it hard to believe a 4-year-old would continue to drink it after the first taste. 

Shakira was transported to a local hospital where she later died of “extreme alcohol toxicity”; she had a blood alcohol level of .272, more than three times the legal limit for an adult driver. 

Court documents accused Shakira’s father Wilguens Decelien and her aunt Mara Decelien of feeding the little girl alcohol in the hours before she died.  Of course they deny all of the charges; as if we thought for one second they would admit to it. 

According to police they found several liquor bottles and trash strewn throughout the home, as well as five other children. The children have since been removed from them home and placed in state custody. 

 Both the father and aunt face charges of murder and felony child cruelty. 

 R.I.P. Shakira 

Thanks to Shanna Y., Jessica and Lucentbella for the tip.