Breeders waterboarded girl because they saw it in a movie

Breeders waterboarded daughter because they saw it in a movie

Dion Stevens, 34, and Malisa Stevens, 41, of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, are on the run from police after allegations they waterboarded a 12-year-old girl. The news doesn’t state what relation the Stevenses had to the girl, but obviously they had some kind of guardian role over the girl.

According to the victim…

The girl told police in an interview that she [was] dragged into a basement by Dion and Malisa Stevens, bound to a chair by packing tape, and had rags shoved into her mouth. Dion and Malisa Stevens then put a wet towel over the child’s face, tilted her backward so that her feet lifted off the ground and poured a bucket of cold water onto her, police said.

Thankfully a neighbor was clued into what was going on by the victim and notified authorities.

The Stevenses are even said to have admitted using waterboarding as a form of punishment and they had learned how to waterboard from a movie.

First off, what in the blue hell could this girl have possibly done to warrant such a tortuous punishment? Did she know the location of ISIS sleeper cell agents or something? Secondly, just because something is done in a movie doesn’t mean you have to do it. One of my favorite movies is Highlander, but you don’t see me going around with a sword cutting off the heads of other people in trench coats. People, and I use that term loosely, are the reason movies and video games get a bad rap.

While I’m trying to be less ‘pitchfork and torchy’ these days, I wouldn’t be too upset if the Stevens’ disappearance was the result of being black-bagged and being sent to Gitmo.

However, if any good can be taken from this story it is that the neighbor was able to reach out to authorities to get help for the victim. Again, if you see something, say something. It’s better to call and be wrong than not call and allow a child to be abused.

In Pennsylvania, you can report child abuse at 1-800-932-0313.

UPDATE 12/18/2017: Through their attorney in court, the Stevenses said they want their daughter back. The daughter is the victim in this story. Good luck with that.

Breeder, Grand-Breeder and Bad Boyfriend accused of Ohio house of horrors where kids were tied up and raped

Bobbi Sue Pack

Child’s email leads to arrests:

Again I have to apologize for sitting on a story that’s over a week old.

In Wheelersburg, Ohio police have arrested 31-year-old Bobbi Sue Pack. her mother 52-year-old Edwina Louis, and Pack’s boyfriend, 44-year-old Juan Carlos Sanchez. The trio have been accused of keeping three of Pack’s four children, ages 11, 9 and 8, chained to their beds and beating them with whips and paddles while also depriving them of food. Sanchez has also been charged with allegedly raping some of the children. None of the charges involve the youngest child, age 2. I guess they must have a sign in their house that says “You must be this tall to be chained, beaten, raped and starved.”

Police were tipped off when one of the kids e-mailed their teacher at their virtual school. Basically the kids were being home schooled and were only released from their bindings to do their lessons on the computer. Once again home schooling is used as a cover for child abuse. Now I’m not saying that all home schoolers are child abusers. I’m not even saying that a majority of them are. However there are too many people who use it as a form of child abuse camouflage. You can see more of my take on that here.

Also I always find it bizarre how groups of people like this, can get together and think that this is an acceptable form of parenting. Seriously, is there some hidden section of where these freaks find each other?

This also reminds me of a story from almost 10 years ago that took place in Ohio where a family, whose name escapes me at this time, kept their foster kids in a series of elaborate wooden cages. I’m really beginning to think that Ohio and Michigan are battling it out to see who can be the Florida of the Midwest.

It’s too bad these scumbags can’t be shackled top their cots while their cell doors are left open. That would be justice.

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

Texas child has hand severely burned by violent stove top

Be careful of these potential child abusers in your house. Given the chance they will burn all of your children.

Sheriff: Mom burned child’s hands on stove:

Weslaco mom accused of putting her son’s hand on a hot stove:

In Hidalgo County, Texas an oven was arrested after it intentionally and unprovoked burned the hand of a 2-year-old boy. Wait, that’s not true at all. The person that was arrested was 26-year-old Claudia Ponce. She’s been charged with allegedly holding her 2-year-old son’s hand on the stove top after he wouldn’t stop crying. Because nothing stops a kid from crying more than second or third degree burns. (Sarcasm by the way.)

Ponce, who is illegally in The States and working as a prostitute, told police that her son accidentally burned his hand on some soup. For that to be true considering the extent of the injury the kid would have had to have kept his hand in the soup for a good 5 minutes while it was still on the stove. Either way doesn’t look good for her.

Claudia Ponce

According to police Ponce has 5 other kids all under the age of 7 who she would routinely discipline them by beating them with a stick. All the children have been placed with social services except for the boy with the burns. He’s been placed with a foster family that deals with burn victims.

Again the reason that we post these stories about people trying to blame inanimate objects to cover up child abuse is to let them know that they are not smarter than police or doctors. They will get to the underlying cause of the injuries and they will still arrest you and you will go to prison so how about not abusing your kids in the first place huh?

If you encounter a child with severe burns here are some tips on what to do until emergency help arrives.

“I shed some innocent blood”

Brent Troy Bartel

Texas man carves son: Brent Troy Bartel carved pentagram on 6-year-old son for 12/12/12:

When I was younger I was incredibly superstitious. One of my biggest superstitions was that I believed that numbers held power. I would avoid the number 13 like the plague and embraced the number 7. At that time I was what you call stupid. Now I’m older and wiser and I abhor such stupidity. So Imagine my disgust of all sorts of this bullshit that took place in 2012. The biggest one that pissed me off was the stupid Mayan Apocalypse. If the Mayans were good at predicting apocalypses they would have been able to predict their own. Then there was the date that we’re going to discuss in this story, December 12, 2012, or as it’s more commonly known 12/12/12.

For most normal people when they woke up on December 12th they looked at their calendar said “neat” and carried on with their lives. Not Brent Troy Bartel, when 12-12-12 rolled around in the Richland Hills, Texas home of Bartel he decided it was something special. So special that he allegedly took a box cutter and carved a pentagram into his 6-year-old son’s back. I’ve been cut with a box cutter before, not maliciously but by accident and it hurt like hell. But I’m an adult male, now imagine having someone take said box cutter, and why do I get the feeling it was probably rusty, holding you face down and then carving a large symbol into your back. Now imagine that your 6 and your own father is doing that to you. While it may not be the most horrific crime we’ve ever posted here just imagine how terrifying it had to be for that 6-year-old boy.

After completing his work Bartel called 911 and told the dispatcher “I shed some innocent blood, I inscribed a pentagram on my son.” When the dispatcher asked him why Bartel said because it was a holy day.

There hasn’t been many updates since this story took place. At first when I read the story it sounded like another bath salts story to me but I have yet to see any updates to that effect. What I think caused Bartel do this was not only some kind of chemical substance but I bet Bartel was one of those guys who in high school fancied themselves as a satanist even they probably knew dick about the subject. He probably looked at 12/12/12 as 666 x 2 even though 666 multiplied by 2 is actually 1332 so his real special day would have to be 1/3/2032.

Luckily the boy’s wounds were not severe and he’s in his mother’s custody.

As for Bartel he was being held on a $500K bond. What they should do is let whatever skell is the prison tattoo artist and let him use a box cutter to inscribe the entire Book of Revelations on this assclown’s body.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip. Sorry it took so long.

Detrimental Breeders of Delaware

Hohn and Watterson (He’s both the eggman and the walrus.)

Escape prompts abuse charges:

In Newark, Delaware a 12-year-old boy went from door to door looking for an ex-schoolmate of his. He hadn’t seen him in several months and didn’t know exactly where he lived. All he knew was that he lived across the street from the school. When he finally found the house he was looking for the parents of the boy found a barefoot and bruised boy suffering from malnutrition. They took the boy in and fed him for what they say was four hours.

The parents of the friend called police and while on the phone a car pulled looking for the boy. A woman from the car said they were looking for a boy with bare feet. The friend’s father smartly and thankfully said…

Nope, hadn’t seen him. Why don’t I take down your number and if I see him, I’ll give you a call.

Which he promptly turned over to police.

Arrested were the boy’s sperm donor, 41-year-old Robert J. Hohn III, and the step-monster, 39-year-old Shannon Watterson. It turns out that the boy had allegedly been kept locked in his room since September, was only provided minimal food and was only allowed out to go to the bathroom. Considering the bruises I’m going to say that he probably got his fair share of beatings too but that’s just me.

His siblings were allowed to go to school while the boy was ‘home-schooled’. Now before you home schoolers get all righteous on me, save it. While there are many great parents who do a great job in home schooling their kids however the reality is that many abusers use it as an excuse to hide child abuse. I wish the state would do more to prevent this but that’s another rant for another day.

It get’s better. Hohn and Watterson’s attorney says it’s not as bad as it seems. The lawyer says that boy had discipline issues with running away and hurting himself. If I had to hang wet clothes in the rain while being sprayed with a hose in the fall I’d probably want to runaway too. On top of that the only furniture in the boy’s room was a bare bulbed lamp and the door knob was put in backwards so it could only be unlocked from the outside. But it’s no big deal right?

Here’s what I don’t get. Being an actual human being with feelings how could they stand to see their son malnourished like that. Back when my stepson was this boy’s age he came down with a nasty virus so bad that we had to take him to the ER. While he was in the treatment room waiting to be admitted his eyes were so sunken that I thought we were going to lose him. I literally ran from the room in the tears so he wouldn’t see me cry. I could never imagine withholding food intentionally from a child where he wastes away to that point.

Now they’ll know what it’s like to be in a room where they can’t get out. They both should be starved and beaten with a sock full of wood screws.

Thanks to Kelly for the tip.

Adoptive Breeder and girlfriend make girl eat in bathroom

Regina Marquez and Deanna Martinez

DA: Parents Forced Adopted Girl To Eat In Bathroom:

When I first glanced at the article I thought this was going to be another story about adoptive Breeders who were in it for the money. In a sick way that makes sense. Greed is a huge motivator for all sorts of criminal acts. Then I read the article and it turns out the Breeders in question are just evil.

In Denver police have arrested 35-year-old Regina Marquez and her 36-year-old girlfriend Deanna Martinez for severely physically abusing a 6-year-old girl who Marquez had adopted.

Marquez is the girl’s biological aunt who adopted the girl when the bio mom could no longer care for her. That is supposed to be an act of love when you adopt a relative’s child when they can’t care for them. Instead this became just another act of torture.

The girl was allegedly made to only eat in the bathroom and was not fed all that often. The girl’s hair was falling out and she had the development of a 2-year-old girl. The girl was also found to have several fractures that were in a state of healing in her arm and fingers. Marquez claimed the girl’s arm broke when she ‘fell’ while carrying a box of Legos.

To make matters worse Marquez also adopted the girl’s 2-year-old brother but I have not seen any claims of abuse on him. Was the girl singled out for some reason? Because the fact that they targeted the girl makes it seem so.

You know, there is an adult version of Legos. They’re called cinder blocks. One of the favorite implements of justice at the (P)BB Department of Poetic Justice. Which brings me to what ‘they’ should do.

Have their arms tied down and extended on a slab of concrete then repeatedly drop cinder blocks painted to look like Legos dropped on their arms. Of course this would be after they were starved for a while.

Nice neck tattoo by the way. Seriously classy.

Thanks to Twila for the tip.

Adoptive Florida Breeders water tortured blind handicapped son

Sad Clown and The Clown of Many Chins (Ronald and Tammy White)

Cops: Ronald & Tammy White locked blind, mentally handicapped adopted son in cage:

Spring Hill mom accused of abusing teenage son:

Ok kids, get out your scratch paper and your #2 pencils. It’s time to do a little trailer math. In this case the term trailer is more of a state of mind than an actual dwelling.

When Ronald and Tammy White lived in Georgia they managed to rack up over $150K in debt and twice declared bankruptcy. They also defaulted on both bankruptcies because they couldn’t make their pre-arranged payments. They adopted 3 teenage children which according to most reports would have netted them close to $18K a year. Now X equals why did they adopt the kids? Give me the answer and don’t forget to show your work.

Now I believe X equals they adopted teens in order to collect the benefits that the state of Georgia would have allowed them because at least one of them they allegedly didn’t take very good care of to say the least.

It seems that the Whites moved to Florida with their three adopted children. Recently they were arrested for basically water torturing their blind and mentally handicapped 16-year-old son. Police say that not only did the boy receive the stereotypical beatings at the hands of Ronald White but he was also forced to drink gallons of water as punishment then not allowed to use the bathroom.

Because of that police say the boy’s body began to shut down and he was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor dying of sepsis. Luckily he is recovering and all 3 children were removed from their Spring Hill home by DCF.

At last report it was still unclear if they were still receiving payments from either Georgia or Florida.

Whenever I see these stories about adoptive or foster Breeders who are just in it for the money I often have to wonder if it would be cheaper just to take care of the children they’ve allowed in their homes instead of going to these long and drawn out ways of abusing their kids. Not to mention for an adoptee being adopted is supposed to be a time of them being saved from a life without a family and not being thrust into an even worse situation because two assclowns can’t manage their finances.

How did two people like this even manage to adopt three children when for most people looking to adopt it costs them thousands of dollars? I understand that an incentive needs to be made for people to adopt older or special needs children but obviously there needs to be a better screening process. If I was a worker at whatever agency they got the children from two defaulted bankruptcies would have been a red flag that they could be adopting the children just for the money.

Anyway, these two assclowns should have their urinary tracts surgically sewn shut then forced to drink as many gallons of water as possible until they friggin’ burst. They deserve no less.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Spousal abuse, child-abuse, one good punch and death….

Boil on the Ass of Society


Antioch infant taken off life support after beating by father

Father beats baby leaves him brain dead 

Baby dies after being taken off life support

Father arrested for death of infant

Antioch baby dies father charged for suspected fatal punch 

Be prepared for your blood pressure to go up, your anger to boil over and your mind to go to all of the cruel and unusual punishments a person can think of for the following piece of shit.  I can assure you, if this one doesn’t get you pissed, you are on the wrong site.

The dude above trying to look intimidating is Sigifredo Lau (23), of Antioch, Ca.  He may be hard and intimidating to his wife and two young sons (2 yrs and 2 mos.) but he is NOT intimidating to us.  In fact, I am sure after you read this you will all agree he is nothing more than a woman and child-abusing boil on the ass of society!

Let’s just get to it and we’ll see what you all think.  Sigifredo’s legacy began on February 15 at approximately 9pm, when a 2-month-old baby boy arrived at Sutter Delta Memorial Hospital, unresponsive and suffering from major injuries.  The doctors suspected child abuse and called the police.  The baby was transferred to Children’s Hospital Oakland, where he was treated for multiple fractures, a lacerated liver and bleeding on the brain.  The doctors were unable to save him and removed him from life support on February 16th; he would die from injuries less than 24 hours later.  Heartbreaking!

The investigation into the baby’s death and suspected abuse revealed that before the baby was taken to the hospital he and his 2-year-old brother were in the care of their father, while their mother was at work.  Lau called his wife at work to say that the baby was hurt, at which time she called 911.  Inconsistencies were found in the Lau’s statement and after further questioning he confessed that he had punched his son, in the face when he would not stop crying.  Let’s keep in mind that this is a grown man punching his infant son in the face for crying, in what fucking universe does a punch in the face to anyone, let alone a BABY, stop him or her from crying?  Anyone, anyone… please enlighten a girl! Anyhow, the boil on the ass of society was arrested on February 17th

Police also found that the 2-year-old was abused in the past as well.  Nice!  It appears that daddy fucking dearest up there has an issue with 2-month-old babies.  He abused his older son as well when he was 2-months-old, in April of 2009, but the D.A. at the time decided not to press charges.  Nice fucking going!

Oh yeah and dad beat up mom earlier in February!  Gawd damn dude, pick on someone your own size you prick! 

Lau has been charged with murder in the death of the infant, willful injury to a child for the abuse in 2009 of his older son and corporal injury on a spouse for the attack on his wife.  Stick it to this motherfucker, it couldn’t happen to a nicer more deserving person.

Police said the children’s mother was at work at the time of the attack, was extremely distraught and cooperating fully.  There was no indication she knowingly left her children in danger.  Umm… what?  Didn’t this man abuse the older son two years ago?  Didn’t this man just assault her two weeks before he abused their baby?  Did I miss something?? Aren’t these clear signs this guy has abusive tendencies and is capable of abuse of any and all the members of his family?  Isn’t that by definition a dangerous situation?

Which form of abuse ended Janie’s life?

Court documents reveal child abuse

Toddlers Death Investigation Reveals Abuse

Police investigating toddlers death as a homicide

23-month-old Janie Buelna’s life came to an end on Friday March 11th.  Her custodial grandmother Juanita Rodriguez (43) found her unresponsive and not breathing ad called 911….. 45 freakin minutes LATER! Little Janie was pronounced dead at the hospital.  WTF!  There’s more to the story though, you didn’t think that was it did you??

According to the court documents Janie had endured weeks of abuse at the hand of her grandmother, including but not limited to punching, slapping and kicking.  Seriously… as I write this, my blood is boiling, obviously this cow was given custody of Janie for a reason.  I shutter to think what her life was before if granny was an improvement.  I want to put my bare hands around her throat and choke the live out of her. 

When firefighter and paramedics examined Janie they found a split lip, broken teeth, a large bump on her head and severe burns on both legs.  WTF!  Juanita (I’m an abusive tw*t) Rodriguez and her two roommates Christopher Lopez and Humelio Vasquez all admitted to abusing the little girl and have been arrested and charged with abuse, additional charges are pending.

Chris Lopez admitted to burning Janie, when he gave her a bath in scalding water, while high on meth.  He also told police that Abusive Twat  didn’t take Janie to the hospital for fear of CPS getting involved and losing Chris’s rent money.  Are you fucking kidding me you stupid bitch?  Twat and penis Vasquez admitted that Janie was in EXCRUIATING pain, to the point that she would beat her head against the wall and grind her teeth.  I am so disgusted that ANYONE, sit and watch that.  I am in tears just trying to get through this.  That poor baby at two years old she couldn’t even verbalize the amount of pain she was in and my heartbreaks just thinking about that.

Neighbors are now reporting that they heard sounds of abuse coming from the apartment, oh really… and what did they do you ask, not a fucking thing!  Charge those motherfuckers too.

The exact cause of Janie’s death has not been determined.

Her 3-year-old brother has been removed from the home, he was found bruised and with a black eye.

Mother Fuck!

Aziya was murdered by trained killers

Couple Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse 

Parents Arested for Infant Daugter’s Death

Ya know I’ve heard people say “our soldiers are trained to be killers”; I just didn’t know that included children, especially their own.  These stories never cease to amaze me!  This baby girl, Aziya, was only here a very short time, 3 months.  She died October 13th 2009 of staph and bone infections as well as multiple rib factures.  Unfortunately her birth vessel, Sara Davinger, and the sperm donor, Steven Davinger, were only arrested for the heinous crime yesterday, 18 months later, and have only been charged with Felony Child Abuse. 

At the time of Aziya’s death in 2009 her US Navy enlisted parents were living in a San Diego apartment with another couple and another adult male roommate.  The adult male roommate, who was also Aziya’s daytime babysitter, called 911 to report that the baby was unresponsive and possibly deceased.  The details being released by authorities are sketchy at best and do not speculate why the parents are only being charged with Felony Child Abuse and not with Felony Murder.  Did they abuse their sweet little baby girl?  Did they allow this male roommate/babysitter or some else to abuse Aziya?  The investigators and DA will not comment on the charges of the parents nor if there are charges pending against any of the roommates. 

Sorry I don’t have more details to report; as more information becomes available I will update you.  In the mean time say a prayer for this lost little angel.  May you rest in peace Aziya you are loved by us, if by no one else.      

***Thanks go to Jackie for the excellent write up.