David Laguna sentenced

Rapist David Laguna Sentenced to 19 Years, 4 months:

I originally posted about David Laguna here. He’s the scumbag who met a 56-year-old disabled woman over Tagworld, drove 8 hours to her house, and then raped her. He was looking at 26 years behind bars but as you can tell by the headline he only got 19 years and 4 months.

Read this and tell me he shouldn’t have gotten at least the max…

From her wheelchair, the trembling 56 year-old victim spoke directly to the defendant at the sentencing hearing: “David, do you know what you took away from me?”

“In my own home, in my life, there is not peace. I can’t sleep in the hospital bed where I was terrorized. I can’t look at that bed.”

“I have already lost so much of my life because of my medical conditions but I always had the will and inner strength to cope. Now I have lost that will.”

The victim suffers from many serious and debilitating illnesses, including Parkinson’s disease, cardiacarrythmia, congestive heart failure, gout, and chronic pain. Her spine is sandwiched between two steel rods that run the entire length of her back.

Plus she isn’t his first victim…

After a lengthy trial, which included testimony from the defendant’s former wife that the defendant raped her three days after the birth of their child, while she was recovering from episiotomy surgery, the jury found the defendant guilty of six felony charges including forcible rape and dependent-adult abuse.

Scumbag should be thrown in a dark hole for the rest of his life.

David Laguna

Man convicted of sexual assault:

40-year-old David Laguna of Chino, California was convicted yesterday for sexual assault. Laguna met a disabled woman from Truckee, California on TagWorld and went to her house and assaulted her. The victim has Parkinson’s and heart disease. According to Google maps from Chino to Truckee is roughly 8 hours. Laguna is looking only at a max of 26 years.