Was the Butler High School shooting caused by bullying?

Was the Butler High School shooting caused by bullying?

Jatwan Cuffie

Yesterday in the Charlotte, North Carolina, suburb of Matthews, a fight broke out between two students of Butler High School. Before it was all over 16-year-old freshman Jatwan Cuffie was said to have shot 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen. McKeithen later died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. Local officials have said that the shooting escalated from a bullying incident. Since there is still a persistent myth that the majority of school shooters were bullied one might assume that it was Cuffie was the one who was bullied since he was the one armed with a gun. I wouldn’t jump to such conclusions.

For one, it’s not unheard of for bullies to commit such shootings. Case in point is the shooting of Lawrence King at E.O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, California. King was an openly gay student who had been thrown out by his own father for being gay. King was also being bullied by Brandon McInerney for being gay. Instead of reacting through violence, King used his intellect to get back at McInerney by pretending to hit on McInerney. McInerney became so enraged he brought a gun to school and shot Lawrence King in the back of the head at point-blank range. I believe that’s called ‘execution style’.

Secondly, so far, there have been no reports on who committed the actual bullying but don’t assume it wasn’t the gunman. According to multiple witnesses, after Cuffie produced the gun, McKeithen turned his back on him but that didn’t stop Cuffie from shooting McKeithen in the back. Many bullies do tend to be cowards. Also, from the reports I’ve read, McKeithen was well liked in the community while I have yet to see any platitudes for Cuffie. Granted, that can be chalked up to the fact that people often talk about the recently deceased, especially those lost to violence like they were saints in life but I’m not getting a vibe of many people willing to stand up for Cuffie.

There’s another part to this story that is almost equally as disturbing as the shooting itself. After the shooting, the school did not cancel classes for the day. Any student whose parents couldn’t come and get them had to spend the remainder of the day at school while it was an active crime scene. As a country, are we that numb to school shootings anymore that it becomes business as usual after one happens or is it a body count issue? “Meh, only one kid died and we can’t afford to lose any snow days so let’s keep going.”

I’ll also be curious to see where the gun came from since even in North Carolina 16-year-old can’t legally purchase handguns. More than likely it came from some ‘responsible’ gun owner.


Mugshot Special: The Cannibal and The Drunken Armory

Mugshot Special: The Cannibal and The Drunken Armory

Alexander Nathan Barter

While you may find his appearance comical, the crimes he’s accused of are definitely not. 21-year-old Alexander Nathan Barter of Texas is accused of allegedly going on the dark web in order to find someone who would sell him a little girl in order to kill and cannibalize her. It’s said that Barter also had an interest in necrophilia but it’s unclear if that’s what he wanted to do with his quarry as well. Thankfully, the person he was talking to on the dark web was an undercover agent with the Texas Department of Public Safety.


David Goldammer

After seeing the mugshot of David Goldammer of Florida, his alleged crime shouldn’t be that surprising. After police allegedly found Goldammer passed out behind the wheel of his truck, Goldammer is said to have almost stumbled out of the truck. What was found in the truck was more interesting as police were said to have found, well, this…

At least one report states that police found two loaded handguns, another handgun in his waistband, two more loaded handguns, a semi-automatic rifle, a pocketknife with a swastika on it, a bullet-resistant vest and a large amount of ammunition. But you know, I guess he just needed all those guns to protect all the empty containers in his truck. It’s not like Florida has a large Jewish population or anything.


If you come across any recent weird and unusual mugshots, please feel free to send them my way.

The Daily Threat 10/26/2018

The Daily Threat 10/26/2018

Kilgore High School beefs up security after social media threat

Students kept home over Snapchat threat to Naples High School

Increased Police Presence at Freedom High School After Snapchat Threat

Teen arrested in Snoqualmie after threatening students in Snapchat videos, police say

Snapchat Threat Put School Security to Test

School shooting threat prompts police response, arrest at Nooksack Valley High School

Wilmot High School student facing terrorist threat charge for school shooting threat

Ballston Spa middle school threat not credible, superintendent says

Satanic murder-suicide planned at Florida middle school

Satanic murder-suicide planned at Florida middle school

Let’s put aside all this depressing school shooting news for a moment so we can talk about something else, and that something else would be knife attack plot at a Florida middle school.

Two female students at Bartow Middle School in Bartow, Florida, were arrested for allegedly having knives at the school. The reason they had the knives was supposedly because they had planned to kill 15 people at the school. They were caught in the school bathroom where they reportedly waiting for a victim they could overpower. Police found messages between the suspects that said they wanted to leave body parts outside of the school. The girls also were said to have told police that not only the pair had planned on committing suicide but they were both Satanists.

Ten years ago, this may have shocked me. Now, I’m not surprised at all. The more kids like this are able to indulge in things like ‘Satanism’ while unattended, the more these things will continue. Again, parents need to monitor what their kids are doing online to try to prevent things like this from happening because I can almost guarantee that’s where these girls got this idea. I would even hazard a guess that it was probably from Tumblr. Anyway, as a parent, you’re supposed to be smarter than your kids, so be smarter and learn their technology or you might have to visit them in detention and I don’t mean the one at school.

The Daily Threat 10/25/2018

The Daily Threat 10/25/2018

Ferndale High School student arrested after alleged school shooting threat

Palmer High School student accused of threatening school shooting released from custody

Glenbard East Student Charged With Threatening School Shooting

Police increase presence after vague shooting threat mentions a ‘Perry’ school

West Allis Central student arrested for making threats to shoot up the school

This was all in one day.

NJ mom stops KY racist from committing school shootings

NJ mom stops KY racist from committing school shootings

Dylan Jarrell

A white woman from New Jersey was harassed on Facebook by some cretin from Kentucky for having three biracial children. The threats the racist assclown made were so harrowing she contacted not only her local police but authorities in Kentucky as well. Before we get to the heart of the story let’s see what this less than enlightened individual had to say to the poor woman.

“There’s no such thing as white privileged . . . I hope your black children gets hung for you being so stupid. They have all the same rights we have now a days so please you and your monkey children go die.”

Truly, the greatest mind of a generation.

Joking aside, with what this hate-filled troglodyte is accused of it’s only by providence that a mass tragedy was avoided.

When Kentucky State police approached 21-year-old Dylan Jarrel he was leaving his home and was allegedly armed with a gun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a kevlar vest, and the plans to shoot up not just one but two separate school districts.

So far, no motive has been divulged but you probably wouldn’t be too far off if you said it was probably racially or politically motivated. Since the last Presidential campaign, it seems that the racists of our country have cast off their hoods and have become emboldened in their hate and violence. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

ABC News
Press of Atlantic City

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets may have some kind of police fetish

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets may have some kind of police fetish

Yunsong Zhao

I’ve posted about Yunsong Zhao before. He’s the former Virginia Tech student from China who was arrested back in January after trying to purchase 5000 bullets. After police arrested him for allegedly having an illegal 30-round magazine for an AR-15, charges against him were dropped for lack of evidence. Previously, I was under the impression that Zhao illegally kept the AR-15 on campus, however, according to the most recent report, Zhao stored the gun at the campus police department. That did not stop the school from expelling him for the unauthorized possession of a knife on campus.

Another disturbing aspect to the case besides the fact that Zhao kept an AR-15 on campus and tried to buy 5000 bullets was that Zhao owned a decommissioned police car that still had police markings on it, and was actively searching on how to purchase body armor. My thought was that he would try to disguise himself as a police officer to commit some type of crime. However, his fascination with police may go a little deeper than that.

According to Roanoke.com

…he had attracted the attention of authorities by owning a Ford Crown Victoria, a vehicle often used by police agencies; shopping for police lights; following and recording police officers; carrying a backpack bearing a police patch; wearing fingerless black gloves and camouflage; and possessing a baton and zip ties that police sometimes used as handcuffs. A Roanoke indoor shooting range had barred Zhao and a pawn shop had asked him to leave after he spent three hours inside “aiming his gun around the aisles,” the papers said.

While possibly not acting in a criminal manner, he sure seems to have acted in a reckless manner with a side order of an unhealthy obsession.

After Zhao had posted bond from his arrest he was taken into ICE custody. He is now willingly leaving the country going to Canada before heading back to China.

Child killer Damien Echols embarks on his Magickal Griftery Tour

Child killer Damien Echols embarks on his Magickal Griftery Tour

Damien Echols (No, I didn’t shave my head because my hairline was receding. I still have my #douchegoggles though.)

I know this story is close to a month old but what can you do?

Anyway, back in February, I wrote about how triple convicted child killer Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3 scribbled onto some pages and produced a book about ‘magick’. Late last month, the New York Times published an article about how Echols is taking his ‘magick’ show on the road and gave Echols’ schtick quite the glowing review. The article was written by a female journalist but the article reads more like a fangirl obsessed love letter to Echols. What is it with Echols’ ability to pull the wool over the eyes of certain female reporters? However, before we get to Echols’ latest venture, let’s get the usual fallacies out of the way.

First, the article claims there was no physical evidence connecting Echols and his band of Merry Men to the murders of 8-year-olds Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch. That is untrue as fibers that match clothes owned by Echols were found at the scene. The article also states that witnesses saw Echols somewhere else at the time of the murders but fails to mention the eyewitnesses were discredited on the stand. The article also forgets to mention that there were witnesses who placed Echols near the scene. The article then goes to claim the so-called DNA evidence supported the West Memphis 3’s innocence, except it doesn’t. If it did there would have been an arrest made instead of the three killers taking an Alford plea. And as always, for the record, an Alford plea is a guilty plea.

But back to the matter at hand. Echols will be performing ‘magick’ rituals at various places in front of paying audiences. He talks about how he witnessed angels while on death row and speaks about how his incantations helped him cope in prison. Now, he’s willing to teach his snake oil lessons to anyone willing to buy a ticket. The irony of this is that anyone who believes Echols’ is guilty of child murder is usually accused of being a fundamentalist Christian whose religion is nothing more than a fairy tale. Yet, Echols’ acolytes, or Echolytes, are willing to believe in high ‘magick’. That’s the real stuff and definitely not made up by 9th-grade dropout with the mentality of a 12-year-old goth girl.

Furthermore, it seems more and more like Echols is trying to use his poor persecuted outsider martyr status to start a very cult-like collective. I wonder how much longer it will be before he has his own compound.

In defense of Titans

In defense of Titans

First, I want to apologize for indulging my geekier side lately. I’ll hopefully be getting back to my crime side shortly, but without superheroes, I would have no crime side. Secondly, I wanted to write this post last week after the first episode came out but the second episode hasn’t really changed my opinion on the matter. Anyway, on to the matter at hand.

When the trailer was first released for Titans, there was a lot of trepidation on the internet because it looked like the fun and lovable Teen Titans were being turned into grim and violent characters and it would ruin the childhood of everyone who watched the early 2000s cartoon. It didn’t help that the trailer contained the infamous “Fuck Batman” line uttered by Robin.

That line has become almost as famous as “I’m the goddamn Batman!”

I get it though, I was a fan of the cartoon too. As a matter of fact, I was a fan of the 1960s Filmation Teen Titan cartoons where everything was “Gee whillikers” and they called Kid Flash ‘Twinkle-Toes’.

When I watched those episodes as a kid it was less than ten years after their original airing and I thought it was the best thing ever.

What I’m getting at is, not everything stays the same way as you remember it. The Titans have been around for 50 years and in that time they have gone through some drastic changes both in the comics and on-screen.

The other argument I keep hearing is that the Teen Titans are supposed to be light-hearted and fun. Yet if you dig deep into their history, you’ll find that many of the Titans come from tragic backgrounds. Robin’s parents were killed in a horrific accident that he witnessed. Starfire’s entire race was enslaved by an invading force. Beast Boy was abused by his parents who experimented on him. Most importantly, Raven is the daughter of a literal demon. That’s not even taking into account Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal who became a heroin junkie in a seminal 1970s comic storyline, although I’m pretty sure Speedy isn’t going to be in the Titans series. Let’s also not forget that the most well-known Teen Titans comic storyline, The Judas Contract, had a number of adult themes that weren’t exactly kid-friendly. As far as the level of violence in the show goes, without getting into spoilers, is an ongoing issue through the first two episodes.

Then there are those who argue that the series is not faithful to the comic. I never understood this argument because a lot of things that work in comics don’t work in movies or TV. Comics and live action are two entirely different mediums and have to be treated as such. Besides, taking characters out of their normal routine have led to some of the greatest graphic novels such as Superman: Red Son and Kingdom Come.

So far, the two episodes of Titans that have aired have been enjoyable for me. The series so far has done the one thing that a lot of TV series fail to do and that’s to keep me coming back for the next episode. Something that Luke Cage and Jessica Jones could not do. While it’s too early to call Titans my show of the year, as of right now that goes to season one of Cloak and Dagger, it has the potential to be a really good show.

Then again, I liked the Green Lantern movie so take that for what it’s worth.