Why the States' bad deals with tobacco are bad for vaping


Recently ProPublica published an extensive article about their investigations into the U.S. states and how they’ve used the money from tobacco settlements. Turns out, not so good. Too many states entered “it’s my money and I want it now” type deals with Wall Street think that the tobacco money would be as steady source of capital.

While I wouldn’t be foolish enough to say that this is the main reason why so many states are eager to regulate vaping and e-cigarettes I would definitely say that it is a major contributing factor. Since they bled the tobacco well dry they’re going to follow its old users and try to collect the money from their new, albeit less addictive, hobby.

Wal-Mart sells vaping products; why this is a good thing

The Haus Personal Vaporizer

The Haus Personal Vaporizer

First let’s get this out of the way. In the interest of transparency I am not adverse to selling out but this is a non-sponsored post.

Since I’m poor I have to shop at Wal-Mart to help get by. It’s not new that they sell e-cigs but imagine my surprise when I see that they’re selling vaporizers and e-juice too. Just one brand though, The Haus Personal Vaporizer by the same company who makes Mistic e-cigs.

I didn’t purchase one due to funds being tight and I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to do a product review on one of these but allow me to present this informative review that I found on YouTube at the Gear Obsession channel.

So it appears to be a decent product.

What really caught my attention is that it says it’s cheaper than a trip to the vape store. After looking at the prices on their website I wouldn’t necessarily say cheaper but Wal-Marts, and some gas stations, are definitely closer to home than my vape store.

While it may cut into the vape store profits a little bit I think this is good for the vaping community as a whole. If a large-scale retailer like Wal-Mart is backing vaping even on a starter kit like this it could mean having a very big dog in the fight against over-regulation by the FDA. I think this is also good for vape stores because the Haus e-juice is only available in one nicotine strength and that’s full flavored. They list it as 2.4% nicotine. If I had to hazard a guess I would say it was at 18mg or above. Anyone looking to decrease their nicotine intake would inevitably end up in their local vape shop.

I realize this is all ‘perfect world’ theorizing on my part but you never know.

Government backed study shows benefits of vaping but does it matter?


In a study that was partially funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health researchers have said that the benefits of vaping outweigh the risks.

“Current evidence suggests that there is a potential for smokers to reduce their health risks if electronic cigarettes are used in place of tobacco cigarettes and are considered a step toward ending all tobacco and nicotine use,” said study researcher Thomas Eissenberg, co-director of the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

But does any of this matter? Does the issue of vaping and e-cigs have more to do with money than the health of our country? As I’ve said before I feel that if more smokers switch to vaping or e-cigs rather than continue to use tobacco a lot of organizations that claim to be for the public good will see decreased funding. Not only that but the government will see decreased revenues since tobacco is taxed so heavily.

I feel that we are fighting a losing battle. FDA regulation is inevitable based on money alone. The only question now is how restrictive will that regulation be?

Another vaping ban based on ignorance


Vaping lounges are basically coffees shops for vapers. You can go there and hang out, talk with other vapers, maybe enjoy a new flavor of e-juice, etc. You would think that people would be happy that so many people are quitting smoking that lounges are being established to encourage that kind of behavior. In Signal Hill, California not so much.

If the mayor and city council get their way all vaping lounges will be banned within their city limits. I don’t know how big Signal Hill is or if there are already any vaping lounges there. What I do care about is the idiocy in which this ban is moving forward. Let’s hear from His Honor…

Signal Hill Mayor Ed Wilson, who declared he doesn’t smoke, said his main concern with e-cigarettes is the potential for use among underage children, particularly since there are currently no federal age restrictions.
“The increase in kids doing it has been astronomical,” he said. “And the problem is we don’t know if nicotine is in [the liquid]… and nicotine is addicting. Every time I see someone who has one, they can never ever put it down. And they hold it. They walk around with it. It’s in their hand all day long.”

With all due respect Mr. Mayor, you sound like a moron. Are kids trying this any more than smoking? Somehow I doubt it since any vape store or lounge I’ve ever been in does not permit minors to be in their establishments. I wonder who told you otherwise. Was it some staffer or some talking head you saw on TV? Yes, there is nicotine in most e-juices. It’s what allows us ex-smokers to transition from smoking to the less dangerous vaping and it also allows us to decrease our nicotine intake to zero if we so desire, something that cigarettes don’t allow us to do. Lastly so what if someone has one in their hand all day? I don’t vape like that but that’s up to the individual but anytime they have a mod or e-cig in their hand is time that they are not smoking.

Politicians may just be the dumbest people of the face of the planet.

In favor of flavors


As I’m sure most of you know one of the big arguments against vaping and e-cigs is some of the sweeter flavors that they come in. A lot of people are convinced that flavors like cotton candy, that they always mention. will draw kids into vaping which will then lead to smoking. I know that sounds ludicrous but you’d be surprised how many people in positions of power believe that.

Anyway I was reading this article from the New York Times about the flavor controversy and it made me realize something. While I still enjoy the occasional tobacco flavored juice I can see why some people would not want that as they are former smokers trying to get away from that habit.

So if vaping and e-cigs were only limited to tobacco or menthol flavors not only would that create a temptation for former smokers to go back to smoking that could also actually lead kids who may be using e-cigs to smoke actual cigarettes.

Politicians are too stupid for their own good sometimes and they’re the ones deciding our fates.

Missouri Governor vetoes bill that would classify e-cigs as non-tobacco


I briefly talked about the Missouri bill on vaping and e-cigs here. At that time I thought it was just another bill that would ban sales to minors. However the bill also contained a clause that would classify e-cigs and vaping as non-tobacco products. Because of that clause Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill.

Again, you would think that public officials that are always saying how concerned they are with the public’s health would welcome an effective alternative to smoking that doesn’t carry the multitude of health risks that smoking does. As I’ve said time and time again this is all about money. It’s about the taxes that state governments place on tobacco that must pay a lot of salaries.

Remember kids, a politician’s only real job is to get re-elected.

TSA cool with vaporizers, except one for obvious reasons

On their Instagram account the TSA recently said that vaporizers and e-cigs are ok to travel with. Unless you’re a moron who thinks it’s ok to go through airport security with a mod that looks like this.


I don’t know if the manufacturers of that mod intended it to look like a grenade, but it looks like a grenade. Don’t believe me?


Lots of similarity there.

So don’t be the idiot that shuts down an entire airport. Don’t think it will happen? I was once flying out of Philadelphia once when the airport was shutdown because some idiot had a grenade belt buckle and then decided he was going to make an issue out of it.

Don’t be that guy.

What does the American Cancer Society have against vaping?


I’m reading this article about how Missouri is getting ready to pass age restrictions on vaping and e-cigarettes. Nothing new really. The same old under 18 ban. As we keep saying most vendors won’t sell to anyone under 18 anyway but a law doesn’t really hurt.

What really caught my eye about this article was the reaction of someone from the Missouri branch of the American Cancer Society.

“We still don’t know that these are safe,” said Stacy Reliford, Missouri government relations director of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. “That’s our greatest concern.”

“Our bottom-line concern is that it defines e-cigarettes as something other than a tobacco product,” Reliford said. “The nicotine in an e-cigarette is derived from tobacco.”

They want vaping and e-cigs to be regarded as tobacco products even though there is no tobacco in them just because the nicotine is derived from tobacco. Now I could understand if vaping and e-cigs were without a doubt proven to be as cancerous as cigarettes but they haven’t yet. I doubt they will be but that’s beside the point. Why are they so quick to ban a device or delivery system that has helped so many people from inhaling the known poisonous cloud of cigarettes?

Maybe it’s self-preservation? If more people quit smoking then maybe fewer people get lung cancer. If cancer rates drop dramatically due to more people quitting then fewer people may donate to the ACS. Am I saying that this is a fact? No, of course not. However it is something to think about until the ACS comments or proves otherwise.

Chuck Schumer wants childproof caps for all e-juice


United States Senator Charles Schumer from the Blommbergist Commonwealth of New York has never been one to shy away from over-regulation. So it should come as no surprise that Chuck wants to require all nicotine e-juices to come with childproof caps.

According to the article calls to New York state poison control went up from 46 calls in 2013 to 70 in 2014, in a state of almost 20 million. I would lay odds that they get more calls about poisonings from things that already come with childproof caps like prescription medication and bleach.

Schumer also has to trot out the candy flavors trope as well…

“With flavors like bubble gum and chocolate, it’s no wonder children are attracted to e-liquid in the hopes that it’s candy,” Schumer.

The thing is Chuck you can get childproof bottles from most reputable vaping outlets and if your local one doesn’t have one they can be ordered online. Not to mention that most kids can open child proof caps anyway.

Once again clueless politicians are too willing to waste taxpayer money over trivial B.S.

One of the principles this country was founded on was freedom of choice. Apparently choice has been replaced by ‘mandates’.

Trench's bad vaping experience


Before we even get started I just want to come out and say I still support vaping and still believe it is the most effective way to quit smoking. However…

Even though I play a calm and cool suave and debonair character on the internet it couldn’t be further from the truth in real life. In reality I’m about as neurotic as they come. One of my many neuroses is that I have a really difficult time saying no to salesmen. It;s why I despise car shopping and why I’ve bought useless magazine and newspaper subscriptions and family photo sessions at a time when I didn’t even have a family.

Recently a new vape store opened in my area a lot closer to my house than my usual vaping place and I decided to check it out. All I really wanted was some e-juice, a new coil for my tank and a cartomizer for Mrs. Trench. As soon as I walked into the new store I could tell it was low rent. Before I could even say what I wanted the sales douche descended upon me like the proverbial pack of vultures. He wanted to know what kind of mod I was using. I was still using the eGo starter kit I bought back in November of last year. I never had a problem with the eGo and it did exactly what I needed it to. Anyway, sales douche tells me that since I’m using an eGo I’m not really vaping. He then tries to sell me these mods that are the size of police flashlights and are overly complicated. Pass.

I notice they have an Itazte MVP adjustable battery. I’ve always wanted one of these but it was more money that I needed to be spending at the time. Sales douche showed it off to me and just to get him to go away I reluctantly said yes. Well that wasn’t enough, he had to get me to buy a new tank too neglecting to tell me that there are two double coil tanks included with the MVP. Two tanks, I may add, that I’m still trying to figure out how to fill.

So then I had to get juice. All their juice tasted like ass. Well not ass specifically but they all tasted very synthetic. Yes, I realize that they are synthetic flavors but I’ve had juices that didn’t taste like I was smoking Liquid Plumr.

So after it was all said and done I had spent way too much money on a bunch of stuff I didn’t really need. I was going to return the MVP at least until I spilled juice on the electronic parts pretty much voiding their already shady return policy. This may not seem like a lot of money to you but I’m unemployed with no unemployment benefits where every dollar counts. Thanks to my own neurotic idiocy and their pressurized sales tactics not only have I taken food out of my family’s mouths but I’ll probably have to shut off my cell phone as well.

If you find a store that you’re comfortable with stick with it. Don’t even entertain the notion of trying a new store. My usual store, MadVapes as I’ve mentioned before, has never pressured me to buy something I didn’t need and has always been helpful with the things I did need.

So if you’re interested in buying a slightly used MVP please let me know. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go beg for change on the off-ramp.