Charges dismissed against Giovanni Gonzalez’s father

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Age progressed photo of Giovanni Gonzalez as of 2011

Age progressed photo of Giovanni Gonzalez as of 2011

Judge dismisses charges against father of Giovanni Gonzalez, who disappeared in Lynn five years ago:

Sad news out of Massachusetts today when an Essex County Superior Court judge dismissed charges of parental kidnapping against Ernesto Gonzalez. Gonzalez is the main person of interest in the 2008 disappearance of his son, 5-year-old Giovanni Gonzalez. Giovanni was visiting his dad for a weekend but when it came time to return Giovanni to his mother Ernesto Gonzalez never returned him. He claims that he murdered Giovanni but investigators say there is no evidence to those claims.

Unfortunately this is not surprising as earlier this year Ernesto Gonzalez was ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Gonzalez is far from a free man though. He’s been committed to a state mental facility who just requested an extension on his current stay. Not to mention he also assaulted an inmate and a guard.

Due to the lack of evidence I’m still hoping against hope that Giovanni is alive and that hopefully some new program or crime show will bring his story to at least a national audience.

Megan Williams recants torture story, torturers don’t

Megan Williams to recant Logan County sex-torture testimony:

Back in 2007 I posted what in my opinion was one of the top 5 worst stories of all time. It was the story of Megan Williams from West Virginia who was tortured and molested by a group of seven people that she was familiar with. One of which she was romantically involved in. The reason this made national headlines at the time was because Williams is black and her captors were white. However I never cared about the race angle just the justice angle.

The story seems straight out of some melodramatic TV legal show (Law & Order, I’m looking at you). It possibly seemed even too bizarre for TV. All seven of her captors pleaded guilty and were sent to jail.

Now two years later Megan Williams is saying that she made the whole thing up and is recanting her story. When I first read this last week I felt like a tool calling for the heads of her tormentors back when the story first broke. However the more I read the less I felt like a tool.

First off the prosecuting attorney, Brian Abraham, says that no one went to jail on Megan Williams testimony and like I mentioned all the suspects pleaded guilty.

Not good enough for you? Ok, how about the fact that one of the captors, Frankie Brewster, says from prison that it did happen

“It did happen,” Brewster said during the interview at the Lakin Correctional Center, where she is serving 10 to 25 years. “All of us participated.”

Why is Williams recanting her story now? I have no clue. As was mentioned back at the time she is partially mentally handicapped. Not to mention that she doesn’t have the best support group whispering in her ear. May she just wants her ‘boyfriend’ Bobby Brewster back since he was also sent to prison for his role in the torture.

Who knows?