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Man who claimed to be Adam Herrman takes his own life

Adam Herrman was 11 when he disappeared from his adoptive parents’ home in 1999 and has yet to be found. Not too long ago I posted about a man from Wichita, Kansas who claimed to be Adam Herrman.  The original investigator of Adam’s disappearance said that the man was a fraud.

Sadly, the man who claimed to be Adam was suffering from a mental health crisis and took his own life. I wrongly assumed that the man was just attention-seeking or had some kind of scheme up his sleeve. It’s not unheard of for con artists to pose as long-missing kids.

I of all people should have taken the man’s mental health into consideration and should not have rushed to judgment. My apologies and condolences to the man’s family and friends.

If you think there’s no way out of your situation and are contemplating the unthinkable there’s no shame in reaching out for help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255 or their website.


Snapchat sleaze tries sending flowers to minor

Aaron Ferrell

42-year-old Aaron Ferrell was recently arrested by the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Ferrell allegedly was grooming a minor over Snapchat. He was caught after he went to a florist and tried sending flowers to the minor. He is said to have requested the flowers be sent anonymously with the message of “To my beauty from your beast.”

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I don’t know why but this seems creepier than the usual creeps we get around here. Anyway, the florist tipped off local school officials who in turn got police involved.

As always, check your kids’ devices to make sure they’re not talking to creeps like this. You may trust your kids but you should also trust that some flower-sending fool will try to prey on them.

Dothan Eagle

Good guy with a gun shoots coworker in the eye

Julian Antonio Suarez

55-year-old  Julian Antonio Suarez is/was a school security guard in Weston, Florida. Reportedly he was at a school where he was not authorized to be armed. However, he also worked at another school where he was authorized. At the unauthorized school, Suarez reportedly showed his gun to a co-worker in the parking lot. Somehow, the gun discharged and the co-worker was struck in the eye. I did not find word on how the co-worker was struck in the eye but considering the reports are saying they’re in stable condition I’m guessing it wasn’t a direct hit.

Suarez is then said to have taken the co-worker to the hospital before driving home. It was the hospital that contacted the local Sheriff’s Office.

This incident comes on the heels of a recently released report that listed various gun ‘mishaps’ that have happened with armed school guards in Florida.

If barely trained and undisciplined bastions of firepower like this are allowed to be armed in our schools, it’s only a matter of time before one of them ‘accidentally’ kills a student. Even if that did happen I’m sure our legislators would be cowards when it would come to regulating firearms, just like the people who carry them.

Sun Sentinel

STEM School shooter will not face death penalty

Earlier today it was announced that Douglas County District Attorney George Brauchler will not be seeking the death penalty against 19-year-old Devon Erickson. Erickson was the gunman who fired the shot that killed 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo in last May’s school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado.

Although Kendrick’s Castillo parents were in favor of having Erickson face a potential death sentence, Bruachler has stated that it would be incredibly difficult to successfully pursue the death penalty. According to Brauchler, due to Erickson’s age and lack of a previous criminal record, a death sentence would be almost impossible.

This decision also comes on the heels of Colorado recently repealing the death penalty as of July 1st of this year. That means any crime charged by prosecutors on or after July 1, 2020, will no longer carry a potential death sentence. I don’t like to see states repeal their death penalty laws because, in my opinion, it takes a very valuable tool out of the hands of prosecutors. Plus, there are criminals out there whose acts are so heinous that only a death sentence would bring true justice.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me as Colorado has only executed one criminal since the death penalty was reinstated in 1977. I mean, a Colorado jury couldn’t even sentence James Holmes to death so it’s doubtful that Erickson would have been.

Previously, Erickson’s cohort Alec McKinney pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and is scheduled to be sentenced in May. Erickson’s trial is set to begin also in May.

The Denver Channel
Denver Post

Ohio man accused of using Wickr to share child porn

Kyle Smith Jr.

38-year-old Kyle Smith Jr. of Parkman, Ohio has been arrested for allegedly obtaining child porn from the encrypted messaging app Wickr. Authorities were first notified when Yahoo notified the NCMEC that one of its users was using Yahoo Mail to upload child porn.

When authorities searched Smith’s home he reportedly told investigators that he’s been using Wickr to view child porn since March of last year. What makes this doubly disturbing is that Smith was convicted in 2002 for raping a 12-year-old girl but was only sentenced to seven years. He also has to be on the sex offender registry for life. Smith was said to have admitted to investigators that he’s ‘attracted’ to 10 to 12-year-old girls. Due to Smith’s record, he’s looking at a possible sentence of 15 to 40 years in federal prison.

Again, Wickr was designed to be used by those who need end to end encryption in their messaging app such as those living under oppressive regimes or whistleblowers who need to remain anonymous. However, no matter how well-intended, those with bad intentions will also use tools like this for their own purposes. Having said that, if one of your kids has Wickr on their phone I’d be very suspicious of why they were using it. As I’ve said before, I can see scenarios in which predators will meet your kid on one app then tell them to download Wickr so they can continue their conversation away from most prying eyes.

Alleged hoaxter claims to be Adam Herrman

11-year-old Adam Herrman disappeared in 1999 from the home of his adoptive parents in Butler County, Kansas in 1999. However, Adam wasn’t reported missing until 2008. The adoptive parents Doug and Valerie Herrman continued to collect government benefits for Adam up until he was reported missing. The Herrmans claimed that they didn’t report adam missing because they were afraid the state would take their other kids away. There were also allegations that Adam had been abused by the Herrmans. Both Herrman’s pleaded guilty to fraud in 2011 and were each sentenced to less than a year in jail. In 2016, Douglas Herrman passed away.

More recently, a man from Wichita has claimed on social media that he is Adam Herrman. As you might expect, this has caused a stir in the investigation, however, the original investigator of Adam’s disappearance says the man is lying.

“The person claiming to be Adam Herrman is not Adam Herrman. I mean, that’s the bottom line,” Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet says. “Social media can take that wherever they want to take that, and they can say whatever they want to say.”

The guy claiming to be Adam Herrman reportedly refuses to take down the Twitter page where he made the claim and is also refusing to cooperate with investigators.

I don’t participate in any other online crime communities but I can imagine some of the more conspiracy-minded members of those communities are falling for this story hook, line, and sinker. Who are you going to believe, the former lead investigator or some rando on Twitter?

Giving this guy any more attention than he already received is doing a disservice to the memory of Adam Herrman.

To this day Adam has yet to be found and in 2014 there was a $100,000 reward being offered for information leading to his recovery.

Anyone with information about Adam Joseph Herrman, a.k.a. Irvin Sylvester Groeninger III, or where he may be is asked to call one of the following numbers:

Butler County Sheriff’s Office – (316) 322-4254
Butler County Investigations – (316) 322-4257
Butler County Crime Tips – (316) 322-8817
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

Former special agent accused of SnapChatting 11-year-old girl

Jeremy Charles Jenkins

44-year-old Jeremy Charles Jenkins is a former police officer and special agent with North Carolina’s Alcohol Law Enforcement. ALE is basically the ATF of North Carolina. Jenkins of Buncombe County was arrested back in October, however, the charges have not been made public until recently.

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Jenkins is accused of allegedly sending an explicit photo of himself to an 11-year-old girl on Snapchat. Get your ‘ick’ goggles ready, folks.

According to a warrant for his arrest cited by Skyline News, Jenkins “sent a photograph of his covered genitals in a discernibly turgid state which is harmful to the minor and knew the materials character or content.”

Jenkins resigned from his post for unknown reasons back in December.

Again, this is why 11-year-olds are not supposed to be on Snapchat. Snapchat’s own terms of service state that their users are supposed to be at least 13-years-of age. Maybe you shouldn’t let your kids on Snapchat even if they’re older because of predators like this. Do you really want your kids getting dick pics from random creeps online? Then start locking that shit down.

WV craigslist creeper: "How much for the female, 13?"

Glenn Vass

Glenn Vass of Oak Hill, West Virginia was recently arrested for allegedly trying to solicit sex for a 13-year-old girl on craigslist. While some of the details are unclear, Vass is said to have communicated with someone on craigslist who Vass believed to be offering children for sex. While none of the articles I found make it clear, I would imagine that the ad was placed by local investigators posing as someone offering to turn out kids on craigslist. At least I hope so.

Anyway, the ad poster said they had access to three juveniles, a 14-year-old male and two females ages 13 and 14. Vass reportedly replied, “How much for the female, 13.” Then a deal was struck where Vass would get access to the girl for $20 and some prescription drugs. Wow, how very West Virginia of him.

Again, this just shows that there are still predators on craigslist. Even though craigslist closed down the adult services, personals, and casual encounters sections, predators are still clinging on to craigslist. And more than likely, they’re doing this through the missed connections section. Even though craigslist has essentially quarantined the creepers to one section of their platform they still refuse to moderate.


Pedophile: Kik well known within our 'industry'

29-year-old Rachel Walker of Memphis, Tennessee has been accused of allegedly sharing child porn on mobile messaging apps Kik and Wickr.  According to federal agents, Walker was in a Kik chat room that was dedicated to ‘violent sex acts’. She then directed an undercover FBI agent to Wickr where she is said to have shared images of children being sexually abused.

According to the article I linked to, she may even be accused of abuse herself as the article states that she’s accused of doing something to a one-year-old and a two-year-old. Federal investigators also say that her ‘targets’ are usually newborns to three-year-olds.

If you’ve been reading my site for any reasonable length of time you’ll know that Kik is a mobile messaging app that’s constantly full of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.  Wickr is a different story. It was designed for messages to be encrypted. Wickr is often used in journalism where anonymous sources can contact journalists without fear of having the messages intercepted. Wickr can also be useful for people who are living under oppressive regimes. Unfortunately, any tool with good intentions will almost always be used by those with evil intentions.

Another thing about this story to me at least is that it seems that female child predators are becoming more and more prevalent. Not just the ones who prey on teenage males but ones who are now preying on small children as well. It may have always been this way but at least anecdotally it seems there has been an uptick in female perpetrated crimes against children.

7-year-old points loaded gun on NC school bus

Huntersville, North Carolina is a suburb of the city of Charlotte. It’s a pretty nice middle-class community if you can tolerate the weather.

It was two weeks ago when a 7-year-old boy took a loaded 9mm handgun on the bus. The boy allegedly pointed the gun at another boy’s head and threatened to kill him if he didn’t get out of his seat.

Yet another ‘responsible’ gun owner who failed to secure their coward’s toy. You can’t just put a loaded gun in a place you think kids won’t be able to get to. Kids that age will not hesitate to go through all of your stuff and take whatever they think is cool.

If you’re not putting a lock on the gun or keeping it in a safe, you’re just asking to have it taken. Better yet, how about not keeping a gun in the house where there are kids. That ever occur to you, Jesse James?