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Columbine infatuated woman deemed credible threat toward Columbine

Sol Pais

I wasn’t going to talk about it this week but leave it to the mutants to go and ruin that.

As most of you know, this weekend will be the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. I hate using the word anniversary but I digress. Every year I get nervous around the 20th of April. So many foiled school shooting plots of the past were set to take place on April 20th. Now, with this being the 20th anniversary I’m especially nervous. Since news on that front was relatively quiet I was starting to feel relieved but today put a stop to all that.

In case you haven’t heard, an 18-year-old woman by the name of Sol Pais has traveled from Florida to Columbine and has been deemed a credible threat against the school by the FBI. She’s still at large as far as I know and is considered armed and dangerous. The FBI has also stated that she’s been attempting to buy a gun in Colorado.

Because of this threat, Columbine and other schools within the district were placed on lockout. A lockout is different from a lockdown as with a lockout the threat is outside of the school and the entrances are barred from the inside.

Sol Pais, 18, is described as white, about 5-foot-five and has brown hair. Originally authorities were reporting she was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, camouflage pants and black boots in the foothills of Jefferson County on Tuesday. Later in the day, the sheriff’s office clarified she was last seen in Colorado Monday night.

If you have any information on the suspect’s location you’re asked to call the FBI tip line at (303) 630-6227.

Of course, people infatuated with Columbine are nothing new to me. I’ve been dealing with columbiners for the past 19 years. For 20 years there has been this fan base of the Columbine shooters that has continued up to today. Most of them weren’t even born when Columbine happened. They’ve migrated over the years from message boards to LiveJournal to MySpace and now Tumblr. Most of them are teens but there is usually the odd ‘adult’ among them as well.  Some of them even travel to Littleton as some kind of bizarre pilgrimage.

Most modern school shooters can be considered columbiners like Adam Lanza, Cho Seung-Hui, Nikolas Cruz just to name a few. Many of them identify with the myths that surrounded Columbine, like the myth that the shooters were bullied or the one that said they were outcasts. Being a columbiner is the sign that parents and schools should be on the lookout for, not video games, heavy metal or horror movies.

The real Columbine community has been through so much over the past 20 years. Any time one of these chuds rears their mutated heads in the media it just makes the survivors and the friends and families of the victims relive it over and over again. The community deserves peace and not to be treated as some kind of murder groupie tourist trap.

Denver Post

UPDATE 4/17/2019: Pais is reported to be dead. The cause of death has not yet been released.


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Basement dweller threatens school shooting while playing Heroes of the Storm

26-year-old Michael Mickowski of Las Vegas was recently arrested for allegedly threatening a school shooting while playing the online game Heroes of the Storm. For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, Heroes of the storm is what’s known as a MOBA and is made by Blizzard the same company that makes World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Not exactly the first video game you think of when it comes to wannabe school shooters then again, any link between violence and video games has been debunked time and time again.

However, in this instance, the video game was the medium in which the threat was delivered. I’m not sure if chat on Heroes is voice or text but Mickowski allegedly made the following threats while playing the game.


Michael Mickowski

“Someday, when I have enough money to buy a gun and some ammunition I will shoot up a school where I live,” Mickowski wrote, according to his arrest report. “Imagine if I decided to go to an elementary school too. Instead of a high school or middle school imagine. I’ll buy a gun and shoot everyone I can. I’ll stream it on twitch.”

Mickowski continued with “other dark statements,” the report alleges, including: “Watch me blow the head off a 5-year-old with a 12-gauge shotgun.”

The threats were supposedly so bad it was Blizzard themselves who contacted the authorities. When Mickowski’s own mother, who he lived with, was notified of his arrest she replied with “did he hurt anyone?” 

This story is eerily similar to that of Adam Lanza. Thank God this guy’s mom didn’t buy him a bunch of guns or she might have had the same fate as Nancy Lanza.

I’m curious to know if Mickowski made his plans more known in his public life if he even had one. While I’m all for not socializing and playing video games, but it does help to get out into the real world every so often for actual social interaction. Otherwise, you just wallow in the pit of your own despair where no one can help you.

The Daily Threat for the week of 4/8/2019-4/13/2019

Short week this week due to the scheduling change


Social media threats scare parents and students of Bonita Vista High School

UPDATE: LaPorte police investigate weeks-old social media comment threatening a school shooting

Student Faces Charges for ‘School Shooter in Training’ Snapchat Video

Red Bluff high school student arrested for terrorist threats, having weapons on campus

Graffiti threatening school shooting found at Bowie HS, officials say


Montesano Police Arrest Student After School Shooting Statements

Teen faces charges after Snapchat threat, police say

FBI arrests local man on claims he threatened school, college


Police: 12-year-old boy sends threatening Snapchat, prompts school lockdown in Shamokin


Missouri mom’s tip about threatening text lands Forest High School senior in jail

“I’m done with everything I’m going on a killing spree (expletive deleted) everyone who ever existed I will kill as many people as I can before I die.”

Deputies respond to school shooting threat

Agencies investigate school shooting rumors


17-year-old arrested after allegedly posting threat about school shooting

Sheriff’s Office: 15-year-old charged after threatening school shooting

(Not too far from where I lived in NC)


Police: Teen who brought gun to CDO High School arrested

(No word on where he responsibly obtained the gun)

School shooting threat: Worcester police foil Snow Hill Middle plot months in making


Armed teen made threats in video, police say

(Another pellet gun tough guy. By the way, a pellet gun in school can get you killed.)

Convicted killer calls a 12-year-old girl a 'tease' on Snapchat

William Edward Ward

The Picture of Dorian Gray up there is 60-year-old William Edward Ward of Fort Smith, Florida. He did a 30-year stint in an Indiana prison for second-degree murder and was released last year. More recently, he was arrested for allegedly trying to lure a 12-year-old girl to his home through Snapchat.

Ward’s alleged behavior makes me wonder if he’s always been a creeper because he seemed to have picked up the ways of the online predator pretty quick.

According to the report, the investigator who was secretly pretending to be the 12-year-old girl got a message from Ward stating he could buy the girl an outfit from the Pornhub website and that she could get away with anything and do anything she wanted.

The undercover investigator said Ward even mentioned that he was surprised at how old she actually was and that she looked like she was 19. The investigator noted in the report that Ward mentioned how he noticed the girl and that she is a “tease.”

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Oh, and this bag of wrinkles is also said to have sent the 12-year-old girl a nude pic of himself. Just what every 12-year-old girl wants.

Speaking of which, while Ward is ultimately to blame for his own actions, what the hell is a 12-year-old girl doing on Snapchat? The girl’s parents knew because they’re the ones who notified the authorities. Not only does Snapchat’s terms of service say that a user is supposed to be 13-years-old, but no minor should be on Snapchat without being monitored.

Wisc. Kik kreeper was only 'roleplaying' as a pedophile

In case you doubt my assessment that the mobile messaging app Kik is rife with sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors, here’s yet another story that further proves my standpoint.

32-year-old Jeremy V. Hoover of Oconto, Wisconsin, has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl who was between 7 and 17 months at the time of the assault. Or as it should be called baby rape. Hoover was not only said to brag about it on Kik but also shared images of the girl.

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Hoover was in the process of being investigated by Homeland Security and DHS claims that Hoover sent an undercover investigator a link to a folder on Kik that contained 484 child porn files.

There’s more to this story but I’m too disgusted to list any more details about it except one. While being questioned by the FBI, Hoover reportedly told investigators that he did not assault the child but instead he was merely roleplaying on Kik as there’s an avid community of people roleplaying as pedophiles on Kik.

Right. And Jeffrey Dahmer was merely roleplaying as a cannibal.

Minn. school employee compared himself to Las Vegas shooter

Travis John Anthony Warner Busch

37-year-old Travis John Anthony Warner Busch was a faculty member at a high school in Duluth, Minnesota. He was arrested after allegedly expressing a desire to start shooting up the school. The man with five names is said to have messaged the following to an acquaintance…

“Don’t do that I will murder every cop at my door.”

“I can get in with a few machine guns, kill the one officer first and go to town.”

“Oh by the way this is hypothetical.”

“If the cops come they will die through the door.”

“Just pretend you didn’t hear, I am going to do what I do.”

“There are no innocent.”

He is also said to have referred to an unknown school shooter as his hero and said his shooting abilities were comparable to the gunman from the Las Vegas concert shooting that left 58 dead.

And it’s not just threats we’re talking about either. At the time of his arrest at the school, police found a cocked and loaded .357 in his car. But wait, there’s more…

A later search of Busch’s home revealed numerous firearms, including a loaded 8mm Mauser bolt-action rifle, a pump-style Remington rifle, a loaded Beretta handgun, a Ruger with a scope and banana-style magazine along with equipment that could’ve allowed him to turn it into a fully automatic weapon.

But you know, let’s protect the rights of the criminally insane to own an arsenal rather than the rights of the students to gain an education in relative safety.

Florida man who took AK-47 to a middle school gets house arrest

Christopher Freeman

I originally posted about Christopher Freeman here.  He’s the man who took an AK-47 Mini Draco ‘pistol’ to his son’s middle school in West Palm Beach, Florida. While at the school he reportedly threatened school faculty in the following manner…

“I want to see the guy who slammed my son. I’ve got something for him,” Freeman reportedly said. “You’re going to need more than what you’ve got because of what I’ve got.”

Freeman did not brandish the gun and claims he forgot he had the ‘pistol’ on him at the time.

I guess that’s a normal defense in Florida because originally was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and disruption of a school function, but prosecutors did not file those charges. Instead, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a weapon on school property.

Apparently, Florida legislators haven’t learned since Parkland because according to the terms of Freeman’s plea he’s been sentenced to a year of house arrest and can’t own a gun…also for a year. Once it’s 2020 he’s free to once again carry a rapid-firing ‘pistol’ equipped with a 30-round magazine in his pants once again.

Parkland shooter's childish prison love letters

The news out of Parkland making the rounds lately is that Nikolas Cruz has been writing love letters to a woman in the UK. As you can see by the image above he’s not exactly Shakespeare. I could go into detail about the letters but I’ll not only provide news links to more detailed information but I’ll also provide a copy of the PDF below.

However, I can see these letters trying to accomplish two things. The first is they’ll be used to try to prove that Cruz should not be executed for killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. His defenders and he does have some, will say that these letters show that Cruz is too mentally handicapped to be executed. While I agree he’s obviously no Steven Hawking, he had the wherewithal to plan his murder spree well in advance. Then there will be the fangirls (and boys and non-gender specific) who will further romanticize this subhuman refuse. If you don’t believe me, they have already started.

And for those of you who are still stuck on the bullying train, Cruz even admits that he was a bully himself, not to mention an antisocial reprobate.

“When I was thirteen, I started acting out more often in school,” he wrote. “I used to pull the fire alarms, bully teachers and break stuff like I kicked in a window because the kids wouldn’t let (me) in and I poured ice cream all over the floors in 7th grade on my teacher’s birthday it was funny.”

This aberration of a human being does not deserve your sympathy or any kind of mercy as he gave neither to any of his 17 victims.

CBS News
Sun Sentinel

View this document on Scribd

Santa Fe High School shooter taken into federal custody

Some of you may not remember the shooting that took place at Santa Fe High school in Santa Fe, Texas. Since it occurred in May of last year it has been overshadowed by the Parkland shooting that happened three months before this one. However, the Santa Fe High shooting was no less tragic as ten people were killed by a coward with a gun who had a Columbine obsession.

The coward in question is one Dimitrios Pagourtzis who has yet to go to trial for the 10 murders he’s accused of committing. This past Monday morning, federal agents came to the Galveston County jail and took Pagourtzis into their custody.  Previously, the feds stated that they were not going to file charges against Pagourtzis. What caused them to change their mind is as of yet unknown.

If convicted on Texas charges, Pagourtzis could be eligible for parole after 40 years since he was a juvenile at the time of the shooting. However, under federal jurisdiction, Pagourtzis could be held for much longer.  Back in 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that automatic life sentences without parole for juveniles was unconstitutional. Going forward, most life sentences for juveniles who commit murder, even mass murder, will be given the opportunity for parole, unfortunately.

The family of the victims should never have to endure any kind of parole hearings for this craven coward. 17-years-old is old enough to know that what he was doing is murder, As such, he should be locked away for the rest of his mistake of a life.