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Indiana school shooter wanted to 'cause maximum damage'

The window that was shot out at Dennis Intermediate School.

Back in December of last year, 14-year-old Brandon Clegg forced his mother’s boyfriend at gunpoint to drive him to Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Indiana. By the time Clegg got to the school, his mother had already warned police that her son was going to shoot up the school. The school went into lockdown and police arrived on the scene quickly. After exchanging gunfire with police, Clegg chose to take his own life. Outside of Clegg, no one was harmed in the shooting, but the story didn’t end there.

Clegg’s mother claimed that her son was bullied at the school when he attended there but he had not attended the school in some time. Former classmates say that Clegg was teased about his hair but wasn’t really bullied. Clegg had obtained the firearms from a gun cabinet in the home that wasn’t very secure. He grabbed the guns after breaking the glass to the cabinet.

Clegg’s mother also claimed that her son went to the school strictly to kill himself but Clegg also took Molotov cocktails with him to the school. Police later announced that they believed that Clegg intended to inflict maximum damage and a handwritten plan of attack against the school had been found.  Clegg’s mother had also appeared on the Dr. Oz TV show but I can’t speak to that since I never watched it.

However, earlier today, an arrest warrant was issued for Clegg’s mother, Mary York. She’s been charged with six felony and one misdemeanor child endangerment charges.

The charges are:

  • Dangerous control of a child for recklessly allowing her son to possess a handgun and rifle while aware there was a substantial risk of him committing a felony — murder or battery — and failing to make a reasonable effort to prevent the use of the firearms in the commission of a felony;
  • Neglect of a dependent by placing the dependent in a situation that endangers the dependent for failing to remove firearms from their South West 16th Street residence after her son threatened to kill students at Dennis and discharged a firearm inside her home;
  • Neglect of a dependent by depriving the dependent of necessary support for failing to remove a .45-caliber handgun from the home after her son threatened to kill students at Dennis;
  • Neglect of a dependent by depriving the dependent of necessary support for failing to provide counseling for her son because of his mental health issues;
  • Neglect of a dependent by depriving dependent of necessary support for failing to reasonably supervise her son;
  • Neglect of a dependent by placing the dependent in a situation that endangers the dependent for failing to ensure her son was taking prescribed medications; and 
  • Criminal recklessness for recklessly or knowingly performing an act that created a substantial risk of bodily injury to Dennis students and staff because she allowed firearms in her residence after learning her son had threatened to kill students at Dennis and had discharged a handgun in her home.

To be more specific, York allegedly allowed firearms to be kept in the home after being made well aware of Clegg’s mental illness. She allegedly told police that she wasn’t aware that her son had any mental health issues even though her son had been admitted to a mental health treatment center for expressing homicidal and suicidal thoughts. She took him out of the center against medical advice. York also reportedly took Clegg off of his medication because it made him feel ‘weird’. Clegg claimed to have heard voices but from what I understand, schizophrenics don’t hear voices in their head until adulthood. If I am wrong about that please feel free to correct me. Clegg was even said to have fired a gun in the home but the incident was never reported.

I’m not saying she put the gun in her son’s hand but she may as well have with the way she disregarded his mental health issues and then hid them from police.

It’s incredibly rare for the parent of a school shooter to be charged in connection with the crimes their children commit but we are starting to see a reversal of that way of thinking. As far as I’m concerned law enforcement should have been doing this with a lot of parents going back to the 90s.


'Ray Crusader' indicted for wanting to 'get naked' with Kik teen

Richard Conte

Whenever I hear about a cop being busted in some form of online sting I always assume that cops should recognize when they’re about to be busted. So, I’m either assuming wrong or even cops let the wrong head do the thinking for them.

For example, 48-year-old Richard Conte was a sergeant with the Howell Township police in New Jersey. He responded to an ad on a personal site that read “Down at my shore house for the week.. looking to meet new friends!:

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Conte allegedly moved the conversation to mobile messaging app Kik where he is said to have gone by the username of ‘Ray Crusader’. That’s a worse fake name than Trench Reynolds, but I digress. The person Conte was communicating with said that they were a 15-year-old girl. Conte told her to say that she was 18 on Kik. Meanwhile, Conte was supposedly pretending to be 19. Conte allegedly used Kik on his work phone where he told the teen he wanted to get naked with her.

Of course, you can already guess that the girl was actually another police officer except they worked for the Toms River Police Department who arrested Conte when he showed up for the predetermined rendezvous.

Conte was recently indicted on charges of luring, attempted endangering the welfare of a child and attempted sexual contact with a victim age 13 to 15. He has been suspended without pay.

Again, I’m not trying to pick on police, but there does seem to be a disturbing trend developing lately.

Let’s also not forget that Kik is the preferred app of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors everywhere.

16-year-old found with loaded gun at Minnesota high school

Last week, in St. Paul, Minnesota, a 16-year-old student of  Jennings Community School was allegedly found to be in possession of a loaded 9MM handgun. The student was said to have taken a picture of himself with the gun in the school bathroom which was posted to Snapchat.

School faculty was able to get the gun off the student without any incident but what the student told investigators is more than disturbing…

He told officers that he got the gun from someone on his way to school that day, but added that “he (couldn’t) say too much … (or) say somebody’s name,” according to the charges.

The teen reportedly smelled “strongly of marijuana” at the time, and told officers that he smoked it earlier that morning.

So, we have a 16-year-old who’s high AF as the kids say and just happened to get a gun from someone on his way to school. Then, while still potentially high took the loaded gun into the school where he posed with it for Snapchat.

No word on where the gun actually came from but he could potentially be telling the truth. However, only by the slimmest odds did this not turn into a deadly situation. If you’ll recall, the school shooting at Campbell County High School in 2005 is said to have started when school faculty tried taking the gun from Kenny Bartley.

At one point, I’m sure the gun belonged to a ‘responsible’ gun owner because black market guns just don’t end up on the street by magic.

The World We Live In: MIddle schoolers taught to 'Stop the Bleed'

Students from around the country are learning how to use gauze and a tourniquet to stop bleeding under a new government initiative called ‘Stop the Bleed’.

While I’m all for school-age children learning first-aid, this program is specifically designed to stop the bleeding from bullet wounds.

So rather than the government doing anything about the easy and widespread access of guns, they’d rather turn every school student into makeshift combat medics.

Mastermind of LetGo robbery turned murder sentenced

Tyshawn Andrews

Back in September of last year, 23-year-old Joshua Grey was shot and killed in Richmond, Virginia after listing his iPhone for sale on the marketplace app LetGo. At the time of my original post police had surveillance video but no suspects. Apparently, during one of my many absences, Richmond police found Joshua’s assailants.

18-year-old Demeco Pressey-Robertson was recently sentenced to 20 years behind bars for charges of attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. Pressey-Robertson reportedly orchestrated the robbery but ordered a then 15-year-old accomplice to commit the armed robbery.

The teenage triggerman, Tyshawn Andrews, has already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and could be sentenced to 40 years in prison when he’s sentenced in November.

If you’re meeting someone through one of these marketplace apps like LetGo or websites like craigslist, I highly recommend meeting them at a local police station. While it’s not a guarantee of safety, it can go a long way in deterring potential thieves.

Like I’ve said in the past, the old rules don’t apply anymore. Just meeting someone in public during the day isn’t enough anymore as the thieves and killers who inhabit sites like craigslist and apps like LetGo have upped their aggression in recent years leaving several bodies in their wake.

12 On Your Side

Is the Kreepy Kik app here to stay?

The last time we discussed mobile messaging app Kik, the preferred tool of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors, we had heard that Kik may be sold off to an interested buyer. At the time I was skeptical of the news since I had only read that information from a random cryptocurrency blog. If you’ll recall, Kik’s parent company was getting rid of Kik so they could avoid any conflict of interest over their cryptocurrency Kin.

Now, TechCrunch is reporting that Kik CEO Ted Livingston has announced that they’ve signed a letter intent to sell Kik to an unidentified entity.

As I’ve stated before, my main concern with Kik is that it did little to discourage the predators from using their platform. With another company buying it, a second-hand Kik seems even more dangerous to me.

Maybe if a well-known and trustworthy company is buying Kik I might change my mind. I just really don’t foresee that happening.

Columbine obsessed woman has weapons taken away

Michelle Kolts

I originally posted about Michelle Kolts here. She’s the 27-year-old woman who is reportedly obsessed with Columbine and Oklahoma City who was found to be making pipe bombs in her home. At the time of the initial reporting, it was stated that he was also in possession of smokeless pistol powder, 23 knives, and nunchucks.

More recently, police have requested a Risk Protection Order that would allow police to temporarily confiscate any firearms. The question I have is was she ever in any possession of firearms?

One report states that police discovered a bow-and-arrow, multiple handguns and long guns, knives and an axe. That report also included this picture.


You can see a series of guns in the picture.

However, FOX 13 in Florida provides us with this picture which may tell a different story.


All these guns appear to be AirSoft guns which only fire rubber pellets. Granted, someone could take the time to make the tips of real guns orange to try and fool police but as far as I know, that’s a very rare occurrence.

Details are sparse, but I’d like to know, and I’m sure the public would as well if there were any actual firearms in the home.

Teen who brought loaded shotgun to Oregon school gets probation

Back in May, Angel Granados-Diaz brought a shotgun loaded with only one shell to Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon. Before he could do any damage in the school, Granados-Diaz was stopped by the school’s football coach and security guard Keanon Lowe. Lowe is a former player for the Oregon Ducks football team so one can assume he stopped the problem with authority.

Granados-Diaz was clad in a trench coat, of course, when he entered the school and reportedly he was upset over a recent breakup and wanted others to ‘feel his pain.’ The prevailing theory at the time is that Granados-Diaz wanted to either commit suicide or suicide by cop. At the time I said that even with just one shotgun shell he could have unleashed a situation that could have resulted in a lot of bloodshed.

Yesterday, 19-year-old Granados-Diaz pleaded guilty to felony possession of a firearm in a public building and misdemeanor possession of a loaded firearm in public. As part of a plea deal, he was sentenced to only three years of probation with the provision that he receives mental health treatment.

While I’m relieved to see anyone get mental health treatment who needs it, I still think the sentence is a little bit more than light. After all, Granados-Diaz did dress like a stereotypical school shooter and wanted others to feel his pain. He also wrote on his gun: “The last red pill 5-17-19 just for me.” In some circles, a ‘red pill’ is iconography of incel culture. However, he could have just been referring to the color of the shotgun shell.

Speaking of the shotgun, Granados-Diaz bought the shotgun legally as in Oregon, you can legally purchase a shotgun at the age of 18.

Getting back to Granados-Diaz’s sentence, while he did spend five months in jail awaiting trial, maybe some more time in a mental healthcare facility could have been a better alternative to probation.

Personally, I hope he gets adequate treatment and goes on to live a normal life and not end up back in these pages.

The Oregonian

Oklahoma cop charged with Snapchat rape of minor

Wendell Birt

I’m not trying to pick on police officers today. Normally, I think that they have a thankless job in their duty to try and keep the peace. Having grown up Irish-Catholic in the Northeast you know that I have police in my family. However, as I said in my previous post, police do need to be held to a higher standard due to their positions of authority. Plus, I do the stories in the order I get them and I happened to get two police predator stories in a row.

Anyway, 33-year-old Wendell Birt was a police officer in Wewoka, Oklahoma, when he allegedly began chatting with a 14-year-old girl over Snapchat. He reportedly asked the girl for explicit photos from his victim and received them. He’s also accused of having sex with the 14-year-old girl which we call child rape on this website. Granted, it may be statutory rape but it’s still rape. It’s even in the name. He was arrested by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.

Missouri cop accused of being Kik kreeper

Clint Baer

Not to beat a dead horse, but as I said recently, I can’t write about every social media predator anymore. In that vein, I’ve always found it disturbing when teachers and coaches would get caught grooming one of their students on Snapchats. This story has made me widen the social predator circle a little bit because, like teachers and coaches, it deals with someone in a position of authority.

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41-year-old Clint Baer was a police officer in Centralia, Missouri. That was until this past Tuesday when he was charged by the FBI for allegedly trying to solicit sex from a 14-year-old girl over the mobile messaging app Kik. To be more specific, Baer was said to have been in communication with the mother of the 14-year-old girl in which he expressed interest in having sex with both the mother and the underage daughter.

The mother turned out to be an FBI agent and Baer was arrested on October 1st at a pre-planned rendezvous in Wentzville, Missouri.

Is it fair for me to focus only on predators who hold positions of authority? Absolutely. People in these positions should be held to a higher standard since many of them are in charge of the welfare of the public.

Let us also not forget that Kik is the preferred tool of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.