Racist Dogs

Now from the “This is so stupid I couldn’t even make this up Dept.”.
Check out this article from Fox News. A city councilwoman in Pennsylvania is calling for the destruction of a police dog for, get this, racial profiling. Maybe he belongs to the Ku Klux Kennel. I know. I couldn’t stop laughing either. What happened was the dog’s handler, who is a police officer, was involved in a skirmish with a drug suspect. A release button on his belt was accidentally activated opening the car door releasing the dog. The dog then bit a 9-year-old boy who happened to be black. First of all what was a 9-year-old boy doing that close to police arrest? The councilwoman says that the city has had several complaints from black people saying the dog only attacks black people. You know this is the most ridiculous load of crap I have ever heard. Dogs are color blind. They don’t have human emotions like hate or prejudice. They’re just dogs. If so many people who are minorities would stop acting like victims and started acting like role models maybe there would be less instances of racism in this country.

More on Daniel Pearl

Over the weekend I read a commentary from Chicago Tribune columnist Julia Keller. It was kind of a wishy-washy piece about that Boston rag publishing the Daniel Pearl pictures and linking to the video on their website. I can’t link the article since the Tribune asks you to register but I’ll post snippets from the article and then my comments.

The three-minute-or-so video of the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl was posted this week on the Web site of a popular and respected newspaper

Respected? If it was it’s not anymore.

And then, so swiftly that it takes the viewer by surprise, comes what seems to be Pearl’s decapitation. The qualification is necessary because there is no way to independently verify the video. Pearl’s executioner, who is not seen, then brandishes the severed head for several seconds

Let that sink in for a minute.

Given the video’s grotesque content, why would the Phoenix, for which Pearl once worked, post a link to it?

I didn’t know he once worked for that rag. That makes it even a bigger slap in the face.

why would the Phoenix, for which Pearl once worked, post a link to it? The Phoenix, after all, is a responsible news organization, an alternative weekly with a circulation of approximately 118,000 that was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1994, one of only two alternative weeklies ever to receive journalism’s top honor (the other was The Village Voice).

To gain national media attention and sell a few more issues. Then again the Pulitzer isn’t what it used to be.

In an interview, Mindich (the publisher) expressed dismay that the U.S. government had apparently taken pains to suppress the video. In fact, he added, the government should have aided widespread dissemination of the video, so that Americans could fully comprehend the murderous virulence of the anti-Semitism among Islamic extremists.

I don’t understand why our government hasn’t expressed their outrage. I don’t understand why President Bush didn’t get on the air and say, `This is completely intolerable.'”

No one has to say that this is intolerable. Most people with any amount of sanity know that this is a despicable act.

“If Daniel Pearl had his choice, he’d want it seen.”

I highly doubt that since you didn’t try to get his widow’s permission.

Mindich said he was aware of the brave new journalism world that he has helped initiate by instructing his Webmaster to link to the video.

“It was literally an instant from decision to execution. I just thought, `Wow. I can do this immediately.’ I felt empowered.”

Like a six-year-old with a new toy. This one just happened to garner national media attention.

Mindich said. It will remain indefinitely on the Phoenix site, he added. “I don’t see any reason to take it down.”

How about respect for Daniel Pearl’s family? No? I didn’t think so.

This is nothing more than an ego trip for Mindich so he can see his own name in national print. Stephen M. Mindich, you are nothing more than a sensationalist scumbag. Spitting on the memory of Daniel Pearl. Edward R. Murrow is spinning in his grave. I hope you rot in hell.

Boston Paper Shows Pearl Pictures

I know I said I wasn’t going to post in the afternoon anymore but something has pissed me off so bad I couldn’t wait until tonight.

I am so disgusted once again. According to this article from Fox News an “alternative” (read: left-wing extremist rag) newspaper in Boston has printed pictures from the Daniel Pearl video. Including one of Pearl’s severed head. This “newspaper” has also linked to the Pearl video from their website. The publisher is using the CBS defense stating that America needs to see this video to he how much these terrorists hate Jews and Americans. And something occurred to me while thinking about this that didn’t occur to me the time I wrote about CBS showing the video. We don’t need to see how much they hate Americans and Jews. We all saw how much they hate us on September 11, 2001 when we saw the World Trade Center towers collapse live on TV. We got the point. There is no need to keep torturing this poor man’s family. Of course the publisher of this rag hides behind the first amendment. But we all know the real reason for the publishing of the pictures and of the linking to the video. They want to sell more papers by appealing the lowest common denominator. They want people talking about them. And look here we are, talking about them. Notice I haven’t mentioned the paper or publisher by name. This is definitely a case of making the news instead of reporting it. This is right out of the National Enquirer handbook.

The publisher also says…

“The general public goes to films that are far more gory, and for no purpose other than to affect emotions.. “This is the real world, an enormously important event, the picture speaks a thousand words.”

True , but the general public realizes that these are not real people being killed in movies. We’re not talking about something that has a story, and a plot, and character interaction, and a happy ending. We’re talking about someone who was kidnapped, held hostage, and then brutally murdered. Someone who had a wife and a baby on the way. So now this rag is celebrating the baby’s birth by publishing pictures of its father’s severed head. Happy Birthday.

My question to you Mr. Publisher guy is if someone in your family had been brutally killed and it was videotaped would you be showing it in your newspaper and on your website? I seriously doubt it. There’s a special place in hell for people like you.

FBI Seeks to remove Pearl Video from the web

Finally my tax dollars are being used for something I want them to be used for. According to this article the FBI is intently trying to get the Daniel Pearl video off the Internet. According to the article the FBI has asked sites to voluntarily remove the video. One website that was asked to remove the video, stated on their site…

The FBI contacted our host to inform them that they were going to sue us for putting on the Pearl video on 5-18-2002. We had no other choice than deleting the video. Our host left us the choice to decide what to do and didn’t delete anything like it’s described in the wired article. This just shows once again how the “big people” decide what we can or can’t see. Don’t we have to right to decide that ourself? We live in a censored world.

So I went to this website and let me tell you what kind of crap they’re offering?

Horror scene from world war II, bodies floating in the sea
Indian extremist killings
Columbine shooting images of shooters (of course)
Rotting corpse covered with flies
Snowboarded makes a very bad landing
Body modification: having your tongue split

And they also offer links to rape sites and other gore sites.

Now according to this article from Wired the ACLU is getting their nose all bent over this. From the article…

Barry Steinhardt, the associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said he “can’t imagine what argument the government is making that they can prohibit a website from publishing” the videotape.

“It’s clearly not obscene,” Steinhardt said. “I’m sure it’s macabre and horrible, but it’s not obscene. The publication on a website of this videotape is protected under the First Amendment.

Not obscene? Excuse me??? Nothing is more obscene than watching a member of your family die. This isn’t free speech. This is an abomination of free speech. Why isn?t the ACLU trying to protect the Pearl family. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Videos and pictures showing the actual deaths of actual people for mere entertainment value should be put in the same class as child porn. And should also have the same penalties. You may be saying to yourself “Isn’t that a little severe?” My answer to that is if you’re not checking out these pics then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise if you are one of these twisted freaks that are into these pics, well I hope you make it on to your favorite site some day…the hard way.

Columbine Death Photos

What’s the word for more pissed than pissed? You know I don’t like to post twice in one day so I must really be pissed. And you know what? You’re damn right I’m pissed.

Check out this article from Fox News. The lowest of the low in national media, The National Enquirer, has gotten their filthy paws on crime scene photos of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine gunmen. The pictures are of the two of them lying side by side after they killed themselves. What is the point in this? Do we really need to see their corpses? Do the families of the victims need to have this dragged back into the limelight? I guess I’ll be getting more hits again from mutants looking for more death photos. The Enquirer has reached a new low even for them. There is no reason why these pictures need to be published. Except to sell issues and make money by appealing to the lowest of all audiences.

On the Enquirer website they say that the pictures show that they did not kill themselves but Harris shot Klebold. Now according to the Fox News article other media outlets have the photos but refuse to print them. Now if the photos actually suggested that Harris shot Klebold I think a more legitimate media outlet (if there is such a thing) would have already reported that. The site also goes on to say…

Our issue that goes on sale Friday reveals a top legal authority’s penetrating analysis of the never-before-seen photos, tells why legal, religious and medical experts and even parents of some of the Columbine victims are applauding the publication of the photos… and more!

Please. No respectable religious, medical, or legal leaders would see any reason for the publication of these photos. And I seriously doubt any of the parents want these pictures published. I’m sure they’re more concerned trying to get on with their lives. I’m sure they relive that day enough without having more reminders.

No one should profit off the death of others. And the Enquirer is not only profiting off the deaths of Harris and Klebold but off the other victims as well. Like I’ve said before the Son of Sam law prevents murderers from profiting off their crimes. There also should be a law that prohibits making money off of other people’s deaths. This is not free speech. This is just abuse of the Constitution. I will not buy this issue. I will not look at these photos. And if you do? Well you just made yourself a little bit more stupid.

The Late Lisa Lopes

A year ago I did an entry about keeping the Dale Earnhardt autopsy photos out of the Orlando papers. Then on 2/25/02 I wrote an entry about how I hope that the Daniel Pearl video never sees the light of day and how videos like the “Faces of Death” series have no place in society. Well some sick twisted freak is at it again. Now according to this article some jackass took pictures of the late TLC singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes while she laid in the morgue and then posted them on the internet. According to the article one of the web sites employees defended their readers rights to view the photos. Rights??? What fucking rights. No one has the right to view someone’s death photos. The people who get off on this shit don’t deserve any rights. What about the rights of the families not to have these photos splashed across the internet. My dad just died recently and because of the cancer his face was horribly disfigured. I know I wouldn’t want his morgue photos shown in public. Luckily someone is bringing this travesty to the public’s attention. According to this article Dale Earnhardt Inc. is going to have their drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr., Steve Park, and Michael Waltrip will all have a black stripe under their left headlight in tonight’s race. Pit crews will also wear a stripe under their left eye in honor of Lisa Lopes.

There is no place in society for ghouls and grave robbers and death merchants who take these pictures and film these videos in our society. There is a limit to freedom of speech and these pictures and videos should be looked on with the same disdain as child pornography. I urge anyone who is reading this to please drop an e-mail to your local congressional representative to have something done about this. I know I am.

More Vegans

Now from the “You need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a kid” file.

Remember the vegan parents from New York who had their daughter taken away for malnutrition? Guess what? According to this article from Fox News the wife is pregnant. Let me just quote from the article and give my commentary.

“We are about to drop another seed, and no one can tell us how to raise this child or any of our children,” Joseph Swinton, 31, said in an interview at the Queens House of Detention, where he’s being held on $20,000 bail.

Um…buddy, someone already did. They’re called the State of New York.

Swinton also revealed he would not let his wife breast-feed his child because she was not “pure enough.” “She had smoked marijuana some months before the baby was born, so she wasn’t clean enough to breast-feed,” he said

The kid might have a few brain cells missing and bad lungs but I don’t think pot taints breast milk.

Swinton said that he plans to rear the new baby on the same vegetarian diet that he fed to his 20-month-old baby, Ice.

Now social services will be waiting right there at the delivery room in Rikers.

“I will fight to get my daughter back,” said Swinton, a lanky man with a missing tooth and an intense gaze. “Our family will be together again.”

Lanky. Go figure. This guy sounds like the David Koresh of vegans.

“I wanted to save my daughter from suffering what I suffered,” he said, referring to years of what he called the “excess mucus buildup” he endured while consuming meat and dairy.

I have a cure for that. It’s called hocking a loogie.

“She has these layers of fat around her muscle from the poison they are feeding her,” he said. “My daughter doesn’t want the food they’re feeding her. She wants her parents back.”

Those layers of fat are what’s keeping your daughter alive right now pal. And who would you have blamed if she died from the vegan diet you put her on?

Like I said the other day if you want to be a vegan, fine. But don’t be blinded by the zealotry of the movement. If your kid is starving get some help. And to prevent the future starvation of children slaughter a cow today.


Yesterday I briefly mentioned about the NY couple who had their baby taken away for malnutrition because they’re vegetarians. Well I found a better article about it on Fox News. And guess what. They weren’t just vegetarians they were vegans. The most heinous form of all vegetarians. Vegans are to vegetarianism as abortion clinic bombers are to Christianity. They are the most militant of vegetarians and they’re not beyond shoving their ideas down you’re throat. They don’t even let their dogs have meat.

According to the article the parents of the 16 month old girl would not even give her breast milk. Read that again, not even breast milk from the baby’s own mother. They fed her nuts fruits and vegetables. You’re not raising a squirrel here people. This is a human being. The couple has even been quoted as saying they approach their veganism like a religion. So being the zealots that they are, when doctors told them the baby was seriously ill last fall the parents dismissed it and refused treatment for her. After the baby was taken away the parents were allowed supervised visits until the father commented that he thought the child was becoming chubby.

I am a carnivore. I eat meat and I don’t like many vegetables. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We are on top of the food chain for a reason. We eat meat. We’re supposed to eat meat. The human race would have never survived its early stages without meat. And young babies need milk. Look I love animals as much as the next guy but there’s a limit. I could never hunt but I don’t mind those who hunt for food. I don’t eat veal but if you want to go stuff yourself silly. And if you don’t want to eat meat fine, but don’t try converting me like some cult. It will never happen. And let your kids make their own choice.

Dirt Day

Today is everyone’s favorite tree hugging holiday. That’s right boys and girls. It’s Dirt Day. And here are a few of my ways to help celebrate.

Things to do for Dirt Day.

1. Use nothing but Styrofoam cups. And don’t reuse them just keep using new ones.

2. Buy a newspaper just to throw it out.

3. Instead of putting on your brakes at stop lights just rev your car in neutral.

4. Change your kids’ disposable diapers like every 30 minutes. If you don’t have kids buy some diapers and put them on your dog.

5. Go to the store and buy the industrial size aerosol can of Aqua-Net Super Hold go into the parking lot and just keep your finger on the nozzle until the can is empty.

6. Throw plastic shopping bags and six-pack holders directly into the ocean.

7. Start a trash fire.

8. Hammer copper nails into trees.

9. Pour used motor oil directly into the storm drain.

10. Smoke non-filtered cigarettes.

11. Eat Mexican food.

12. Start a tire fire.

13. Tell anyone that wears Patchouli that it smells like fertilizer.

14. Litter like you’ve never littered before.

15. Charcoal grill some steaks. That will piss of two different hippy groups.

16. Buy a tree just to cut it down then toss it in a gas-powered chipper shredder.

17. Throw red paint on one of those dorky hybrid cars. Unless its red then use purple paint.

18. You and a friend have a quick draw competition at the gas pumps.

19. Tell Ed Begley “You suck”.

20. When you see a tree hugger smoking pot tell them that their smoke is harmful to the ozone.

Beat Your Kids

I work in a medical office. And sometimes patient’s have to bring their kids with them. That’s fine. I understand that. But most of the parents that were in here today were just letting their kids run roughshod all over the office. I’m trying to talk on the phone to patients and other businesses while kids are running into my office screaming with no parent in site. They tear apart the magazines. Spill all sorts of stuff all over the place. They bother the other patients. And the parents do nothing about it. They just sit there smiling. These are the kids that will probably grow up to be criminals. But I have the solution to this problem….

BEAT YOUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now when I say beat your kids I don’t mean like a police beating I mean corporal punishment…spankings. They’re not just for dirty old men anymore.

In this day and age of wussifeid “time outs” your kids are running all over you. They own you. If my kids tried pulling something like that there would be a time out all right. Time out for an ass beating. It’s basic psychology. If you smack them on the butt when they do something bad they’ll associate doing bad with pain and tend not to do it. If a “time out” is all they’re getting then they’ll keep doing bad because there is no real punishment. And I don’t mean about the WT we have all seen beating there kids right in the middle of Wal-Mart. It;s a family thing. Keep it at home.

But you really don’t even have to spank them. You can just use the threat of spanking them. My dad never laid a finger on me when I was a kid. He didn’t have to. He was a menacing figure as it was but when we were bad my dad would say “I’m getting the belt” and then he would take off his belt fold it in half and pull it together making that cracking noise. As soon as we heard that crack we knew he meant business. My mom got me good one time. She caught me saying the word shit when I was 7. She took out a yard stick. It was made of oak. It had quarter size holes in it every couple of inches. I guess to lessen wind resistance. The last thing I heard was whistling as air rushed through the holes. Then the oak hit my backside. Just once. I never used that word around the house again until I was 21.

I may start an ass beating service for those parents too chicken shit to spank their kids.

As the saying goes “spare the rod spoil the child”. If kids received more discipline we may not have had as many teen tragedies as we have had. And that would have made my life a lot easier.