Anteater or Firehat

A medical study was released recently that stated that woman who have relations with uncircumcised men are more likely to contract cervical cancer. Now there is a growing movement in the United States that are vehemently opposed to circumcision. And here are some of the reasons they give. They say that the foreskin is a natural part of the male body. So is the appendix but they haven’t found a use for that either. They say it protects the male genitalia. It wont protect it from a swift kick. They say its painful and traumatic to the baby. Well, I had it done and I don’t remember squat about losing it. To me it seems life for the child and the adult male would be easier and less traumatic if the baby is circumcised. They opponents say that we should teach our children how to take proper care of the foreskin. I say get rid of it and you won’t have to take care of anything. Plus no matter what anybody may say I believe its a breeding ground for infection. Dead skin builds up in the foreskin therefore it requires constant maintaining. And I’ve talked to more than a few women who have said that they prefer cut men to uncut. I used to have a friend who was uncut and he wasn’t the cleanest fellow in the world either and his girlfriend used to complain about it all the time. They also say that in most parts of the world circumcision is never done. Well this isn’t any part of the world. This is the United States where we do things our own way.

In conclusion I think a male child is better off physically and emotionally if he is circumcised. Take that “tip” from me.

Speedy Gonzales: Offensive Stereotype or Ethnic Icon?

A great miscarriage of justice has been going on right under our very noses and we have not even noticed it. In this article from Fox News it turns out that the Communist Thought Police (Ted Turner) at Cartoon Network have pulled Speedy Gonzalez cartoons from the airwaves stating that the character is an offensive stereotype.

I think I speak for America when I say… What the fuck are you talking about???

Cartoon Network have pulled the cartoons stating that their audience is an impressionable one. You know I grew up watching Speedy Gonzalez cartoons and I never once really even thought of him as being Mexican. Not to mention the fact that he was always the good guy dispatching the gringos of Sylvester and Daffy Duck. Not once did I ever think differently of Hispanics because of Speedy Gonzalez. Kids are much smarter today then we were. I think they can figure out things on their own. Racism does not come from TV or cartoons. It comes from within homes unfortunately. Kids who are racist usually have parents that are racist and so on. Not one of them decided to join the KKK over a cartoon.

And the most heinous of all crimes against this beloved rodent? They pulled my most favorite Speedy cartoon. The one with his cousin, the legendary Slowpoke Rodriguez. That is one of the funniest cartoons I have ever seen. But since Comrade Turner keeps an iron fist over the Cartoon Network it is highly unlikely we will see any of those cartoons again. We are becoming a country of pussies with no sense of humor thanks to people like Comrade Ted.

There is one place that Speedy Gonzalez cartoons are still shown, Cartoon Network Latin America. Where by Cartoon Network’s own admission Speedy is “hugely popular”. So its ok for Latin America to watch Speedy Gonzalez but we here in the United States must pay for our sins for being culturally insensitive. Whatever. Go fuck yourself Ted Turner.


Ok, I’m back and ready to talk about it.

We’ll start the day of the funeral. It turns out it was a year to the day he lost his eye from cancer surgery. The viewing was the same day as the funeral. I got to the church and got ready to greet friends and family. My family had a few minutes alone to be with him. Against my wishes my mom had an open casket. The guys at the funeral home did an outstanding job considering what they had to work with. The way he was facing his missing eye was away from everyone so it wasn’t noticeable. It really didn’t look like him but it looked better than what he looked like the last time I saw him. I stayed strong as long as I could but eventually it got to me and I broke down. You know I’ve said and written some pretty harsh words about my father and I still stand by them. But the year he spent battling cancer I believe is enough of a penance and I let all those things go. There were a lot of good memories so I’ll just remember them from now on. Anyway I digress.

During the mass the priest spoke of my father even though he admittedly didn’t know him all that well. My dad was a lumber salesman all his life and the priest tied it nicely comparing the lumber my dad sold to the wood of the cross and how strong my dad’s faith in the Catholic Church was. I had regained my composure at this point but quickly lost it again when they closed the casket. I couldn’t help thinking that this was the last time I would ever see him again. My uncle, his brother, gave the eulogy. He said that when my dad was born my uncle said that my dad looked like a monkey. I almost laughed my ass off. I remember hearing that story hundreds of times but had forgotten about it until then. I would have liked to have said a few words myself but I guess I should have made my intentions known before hand.

When we get to the cemetery my heart was basically broken in two. There was a bagpipe player in traditional Irish garb. And when he started to play my heart just ripped in two. I mouthed out the words as he played..”Oh Danny Boy the pipes, the pipes are calling…”. I never knew why that song made so many Irish people cry. Now I know why. So I was pretty much a wreck when it came time to say the last goodbye. And then the pipes struck up again this time to “Amazing Grace”. The second part to the two-part traditional Irish heart crushers. Then we all got in our cars and left the cemetery. It was all over. The stone hasn’t been placed yet for reasons I’d rather not discuss here. But when it is I’ll go there alone with two cold Keystones and give my dad the tribute he would have wanted.

Things I’m grateful for about my dad’s passing: He went out on top of his game. He was mentally still sharp as a tack until the very end. I’m happy he got to meet my wife and step-kids. They were the only grand children he had. He loved them a lot.

Things that suck about it: He missed this years NCAA Basketball Tournament. That was his favorite time of the year. Everything else was just time waiting for the tournament. He never got to take my kids on the tour of Philly that he wanted. I’ll never hear stories again about places he traveled to and how things were at those places throughout the years that he traveled.

I’ll miss you old man. I hope God has shown you what you did wrong and I know you’re sorry for it now and rest easy knowing that I have forgiven you.

Back to business tomorrow.


It happened last night. My dad passed away. I’ll be offline for a few days. I want to thank everyone who sent their wishes and prayers. I’m ok right now but I’ll probably be worse once I get back home. I have an 11 hour drive in front of me so I’ll see you all when I get back.


12:33 PM: Talked to my wife a few minutes ago. She talked to my mom who is going to sign the papers. My mom just doesn’t know when. It turns out that the cancer has gotten into his spine and my wife said that the doctor pretty much told my mom that he won’t come out of it. I tried getting a hold of her at the hospital but she was talking to a doctor. I want to tell her that I think she’s doing the right thing and that I’m behind her. I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate me talking about this on the internet but it helps me deal with it. I don’t want to be at work right now but no matter where I was right now I’d be pretty much useless anyway.

11:09 PM: Talked to my mom a couple of hours ago. She told me that all these neurologists want to try these procedures on my dad giving her false hope. An 80-year-old oncologist from the old school was honest with her and told her that he’ll never come back. When I get back home I’d like to meet this doctor and shake his hand and thank him for being honest with my mom. I think these other “doctors” are merely trying to cover their own ass. My mom is handling this a lot better than I thought. She says she’ll be in the room with my dad when its time. She’s stronger than me. I couldn’t do it.

Medical Update

Got a call from Mom this morning. Its getting really creepy because every time she calls I’m expecting her to deliver the final news. Anyway she told me that my dad is now on a respirator. She asked if I wanted to go back home and see my dad possibly one last time and she would pay for it. I turned her down. I told her I’m sure my dad would not want me to see him that way and I don’t want to see him that way. Not to mention the hospital panic attacks. I felt bad saying it. She said she understood and assured me she was ok with it. My wife also assured me that it was ok what I’m doing. And I know what I’m doing is ok. But I just can’t shake the guilt.

Dad Update

Dad’s running a fever of 101 today. And when my mom got to the hospital today his IV was infiltrated. It came out of the vein and was injecting fluid under the skin. Luckily it wasn’t like that too long. My mom finally put the NCAA tourney on for him. They still don’t know what’s wrong.

Yates' Husband

Check out this article from CNN where Andrea Yates’ husband blames the government, the insurance companies, the judicial system, and everyone else for what his wife did. Maybe he should try looking in the mirror. After each child she had she suffered from postpartum depression. And after each child he wanted another one. Even after the doctor strongly advised her not to have any more children because her depression was so bad. But he kept insisting on more children. He’s as much responsible for the deaths of his children as she is. But in today’s society no one is to blame. It’s always someone else’s fault. If it were up to me they’d both be strapped to the table with a needle in their arms.

Andrea Yates

So I’m reading this article about the Andrea Yates sentencing. Nothing that I haven’t read already. Until I get down towards the bottom where I see this….

A human rights group has filed a complaint with state regulators over Yates’ psychiatric treatment, contending that she received “shoddy” mental health care before drowning her children.

Yates was in a psychotic state caused by premature release from care, use of inappropriate drugs and overmedication, according to CCHR Texas’ complaint filed with the state Board of Medical Examiners.

Shoddy mental health care? Excuse me? She was told time and time again not to have any more children. But she kept on having them, no thanks to her husband, who should also be convicted as far as I’m concerned. This is nobody’s responsibility except her and her husband. If they’d let me I’d push the plunger myself if they sentence her to death.

UPDATE: The jury has given her life in prison. Way to puss out. You suck Texas.