2007 SAFE Act

Senator to propose surveillance of illegal images:

Senators McCain and Schumer are at it again. Not being happy with trying to legislate MySpace they’re now trying to force ISP’s and websites that have any kind of user base to notify the authorities of any illegal images of real or “cartoon” minors. It’s called the Securing Adolescents from Exploitation-Online Act otherwise known as the 2007 SAFE Act. Because as I’ve mentioned before no legislation works unless it has a catchy acronym. Now don’t get me wrong. I am in no way defending child pornographers. However I think this proposed law would do more harm than good and will be almost impossible to enforce. Not only that but the bill only offers suggestions and doesn’t offer any solutions about how the ISP’s should handle these issues…

Details on how the system would work are missing from McCain’s legislation and are left to the center and ISPs. But one method would include ISPs automatically scanning e-mail and instant messaging attachments and flagging any matches.

Wow, that doesn’t sound like government intrusion doesn’t it? Not only that but the cost passed on to ISP’s would be astronomical and would more than likely be passed on the consumer. Existing laws regarding child pornography are sufficient. Extra legislation is not going to make them go away overnight and will only get innocent people in trouble. We’ve already heard stories of people being arrested for taking innocent pictures of their own children. If this law is passed there will be more of that.

Thanks to Aaron for the link.