6.6.6: Tuesday is June 6, 2006:

I normally don’t inflict my religious views on people but since “666” has been in the news lately I’d thought I’d share this article with you. This is especially for people who think that the Book of Revelation was written by the Apostle John and that it foretells the Apocalypse…

Most modern scholars attribute the writing of the book of Revelation to John of Patmos. He is said to have received visions on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, most likely around 90 A.D., that make up the book’s contents.

The Roman emperor Nero, who ruled from 54 to his suicide in 68 A.D., persecuted Christians in horrific ways that were likely to be remembered only a couple of generations later when John may have been writing Revelation. It was under Nero that both St. Peter and St. Paul are traditionally thought to have been martyred in Rome.

Domitian, the emperor from 81-96 A.D., during John’s time in Patmos, “was the first one to take emperor worship seriously,” said the Rev. Dan Doriani, pastor at Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton and former chair of the New Testament department at Covenant Seminary. “Since Christians were not worshipping him, they were liable for persecution.”

“Said Frank Flinn, an adjunct professor of religious studies at Washington University, “Nero conducted the first systematic persecution of both Jews and Christians and is clearly identified with the real beast of Revelation.”

“Back then there were no separate symbols for numerical values,” said the Rev. Louis A. Brighton, a professor of New Testament interpretation at Concordia Seminary. So letters did double-duty as numbers. The Hebrew consonants that spelled out “Nero Caesar,” in the Greek form of the name, add up to 666. (Transliterated into the Latin form of Nero Caesar, the numbers add up to 616.)

John was a Christian prophet of Jewish origin who was possibly living in self-imposed exile in a cave in Patmos. He wrote his vision in letters to a group of seven Christian churches in western Asia Minor, now Turkey – communities he clearly knew well.

In the first verse, John introduces his book as an apokalypsis, or revelation, a term that has come to define the literary genre – a narrative, told in the first person, that includes visions of the future. The book of Revelation is sometimes called “The Revelation to John” or “The Apocalypse of John.”

Brown said apocalypses are most often addressed to people living in times of suffering and persecution – times so desperate they are seen as the embodiment of supreme evil.

He said the modern misuse of Revelation “is based on the misunderstanding that the message is primarily addressed to Christians of our time if they can decode the author’s symbols. Rather, the meaning of the symbolism must be judged from the viewpoint of the 1st-century (churches)” which received John’s letters.

Revelation is so full of symbolism that nearly anything can be read from it. At one time or another, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Rasputin, Torquemada and Osama bin Laden have all been considered the antichrist.

But here, Tuesday is likely to be just another day – especially since the Gregorian calendar was not adopted by most of Christendom until 1500 years after Revelation was written.

So lighten up folks. It’s history, not Armageddon.


The night was black was no use holding back
‘Cos I just had to see was someone watching me
In the mist dark figures move and twist
Was this all for real or some kind of hell

-“Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

Violence Rumors Rumble Over Dreaded Date 6-6-06:

More 666 rumors…

A Carroll County High School is trying to ease parents’ fears about sending their kids to school next Tuesday.

The date translates into 6-6-6, a day associated with Satanic references. And there had been rumors of extreme violence to mark it. The rumors have been circulating for months and got parents at Liberty High School in Carroll County worried. So the school system called in Maryland State Police to investigate. Their investigation zeroed in on two students and led to searches of homes and computers.

The superintendent met with several dozen Liberty high parents last week to address their safety concerns. They’ve decided to ban trench coats that some of the Goth crowd has been wearing. They say it’s too much like Columbine suspects who killed 13 people and committed suicide in 1999.

On 6-6-6, police will be everywhere. Still, we’re told that students who miss class next Tuesday will be able to make up the work, if they have a parent’s note.

All over the DC area, school officials and police are asking parents to monitor their child’s computer use and report any troubling information they uncover.

A trench coat ban? For real? First off no one should be wearing a trench coat in June. Even I don’t wear mine in June. It’s hot out people. Secondly, a trench coat ban isn’t going to solve anything. It’s just going to make the masses more riled. 9 times out of 10 goths are not prone to violence. It’s only the mutants that give the rest of them a bad name. But like I said I’d be surprised if someone didn’t try to plan something on June 6th. I just hope police, schools, and other students are vigilant enough to keep anything from happening.


This Can’t go on
I must inform the law
Can this still be real
Or just some crazy dream

-“Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

Satanic references on myspace lead to precautions at Pisgah:

Here we go again…

Students at Pisgah High School are being kept inside all day after a rumor sparked by a threat made it on to the Web site, myspace.com.

“We had word that circulated about somebody that was going to come here and commit a crime,” Principal Danny Miller said Tuesday afternoon.

Miller said the school was not on lockdown, but was following a pre-determined safety plan.

School officials located the source of the rumor. Miller said it involved an adult from out-of-town who made no reference to Haywood County or Pisgah High School.

The rumor began after a Pisgah student talked to someone on myspace.com who mentioned that June 6, 2006, might be a good day to miss school. The date, 06-06-06, was presented as a time when satanic groups could become active. School officials couldn’t discern how that date sparked rumors about potential events taking place at the school today.

I’m glad that the school was prepared and I’d rather have a school over-react than under-react but come on. We can’t lock down every school at the mere mention of 666. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some idiot did try something on that date. I’ll be glad when it’s 6/7/06.


“Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the
beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short…
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the
beast for it is a human number, its number is Six hundred and
sixty six.”
—Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast”


It was bound to happen. A Rhode Island high school is on alert because of rumors that something will happen on 6/6/06…

WOOD RIVER JCT. – Rumors of a “dangerous threat” at Chariho High School have district officials on high alert.

Though no specific threats have been made, Superintendent Barry J. Ricci said Tuesday that several rumors surfaced during the last week that are based on an event slated to take place on June 6 – a date that resembles the number “666” when abbreviated as 6/6/06.

Known as the “number of the beast,” the numeral is associated with the devil under Christian eschatology.

“The rumors have been checked out by administrators and the (Richmond) Police Department,” Ricci said. “They’ve taken on a life of their own.”

Early Tuesday morning, teachers at the Switch Road school read a letter to students during first-period classes that was intended to acknowledge the rumors, assure their safety and to field any possible tips, according to Ricci.

I’m sure we’ll have more of these stories, as it gets closer to June 6th. It’s just another day.