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Former deputy sentenced in craigslist sex case

Ex-Canyon County jail deputy gets a year in jail in sexual battery, prostitution case:

I could have sworn I’ve posted about this story before because you don’t forget a name like Hundersmarck but I can’t seem to find it.

Anyway 40-year-old Aaron Hundersmarck of Idaho was sentenced to 15 years behind bars with the judge saying he’ll have to serve one year before being eligible for parole.

Hundersmarck seems to have gotten himself a craigslist ‘masseuse’ who just happened to bring her underage daughter with her. Hundersmarck fondled the girl who was 16 at the time. He claimed that he thought the girl was 17 nearing her 18th birthday. I love how sex offenders try to justify their actions with idiotic explanations like that. It wouldn’t have mattered how close to 18th birthday she was. If she’s under 18 she’s under Idaho’s age of consent. Afterwords he contacted the girl’s mother asking if he could have sex with the girl. Even craigslist ‘masseuses’ must have their limits.

A year in jail for child molesters I would imagine are 365 days of hell. He’ll be lucky to make it to parole. But since he’s a former prison deputy he’ll probably be separated from general population.