Obama to use Lincoln Bible

Obama to Be Sworn in With Lincoln Bible:

So Obama is going to be sworn in using Abraham Lincoln’s Bible. Not a copy of it but the actual Bible Lincoln used when he was sworn in as President in 1861.

I realize that President-elect Obama has an admiration for Lincoln and they were both Illinois Senators but again Obama hasn’t done anything yet that warrants this beatification.

He may turn out to be the greatest U.S. president ever but walk the walk don’t talk the talk.

Didn’t this war end?

Lincoln statue ignites Confederate passion:

Thanks to Tongue Tied for the link. I’ve talked about this before the crash happened. Anyway, it made the news again for some reason. The National Park Service wants to put a statue of Abraham Lincoln on a historic Civil War site in Richmond, Virginia. The problem is Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, and some people still think it still is.

According to the article “confederate heritage” groups have their white hoods in a twist over the Lincoln statue being placed in Richmond. They compare it to an Osama Bin Laden statue being put in New York. Say what? First of all Lincoln didn’t crash a plane into a building full of thousands of people. Secondly, he won the war and freed the slaves. They should be able to put his statue anywhere they want.

A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had this to say…

“The Confederate states never forgave Lincoln for the harshness of the Union Army’s bloody march through the South, which left Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley devastated and Atlanta and Columbia, S.C., in cinders. The statue, he said, “is a not-so-subtle reminder of who won the war, and who our heroes should be.”

First of all the war ended roughly 140 years ago. Secondly, there is no Confederacy anymore. It ceased to exist the minute that Robert E. Lee surrendered. Basically, if you oppose a statue of Lincoln you might as well just come right out and say that you’re in favor of slavery. And don’t give me crap about the Civil War being about states’ rights. It was about SLAVERY. That states’ rights argument is just so people don’t think you’re actually in the Klan.

And speaking of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, if you’re forming a group like that why don’t you just from Sons of Nazi Veterans while you’re at it. They lost a war too. Get over it you dumb, ignorant, racist white trash, hicks.

Sons of Nazis…Confederates…same thing.

Lincoln statue stirs controversy in Virginia:

Nothing says 5th generation racist bigot like people who still hold on to the ideas of the Confederacy. And when you protest a statue of Abraham Lincoln being put in the former Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia it just shows how far your bigotry goes. In my opinion, calling yourselves the Sons of Confederate Veterans is like calling yourselves the sons of Hitler. The only difference is the Confederacy wanted to enslave an entire race not exterminate them. But to me, there’s very little difference between the two.