Adoptive Breeder and girlfriend make girl eat in bathroom

Regina Marquez and Deanna Martinez

DA: Parents Forced Adopted Girl To Eat In Bathroom:

When I first glanced at the article I thought this was going to be another story about adoptive Breeders who were in it for the money. In a sick way that makes sense. Greed is a huge motivator for all sorts of criminal acts. Then I read the article and it turns out the Breeders in question are just evil.

In Denver police have arrested 35-year-old Regina Marquez and her 36-year-old girlfriend Deanna Martinez for severely physically abusing a 6-year-old girl who Marquez had adopted.

Marquez is the girl’s biological aunt who adopted the girl when the bio mom could no longer care for her. That is supposed to be an act of love when you adopt a relative’s child when they can’t care for them. Instead this became just another act of torture.

The girl was allegedly made to only eat in the bathroom and was not fed all that often. The girl’s hair was falling out and she had the development of a 2-year-old girl. The girl was also found to have several fractures that were in a state of healing in her arm and fingers. Marquez claimed the girl’s arm broke when she ‘fell’ while carrying a box of Legos.

To make matters worse Marquez also adopted the girl’s 2-year-old brother but I have not seen any claims of abuse on him. Was the girl singled out for some reason? Because the fact that they targeted the girl makes it seem so.

You know, there is an adult version of Legos. They’re called cinder blocks. One of the favorite implements of justice at the (P)BB Department of Poetic Justice. Which brings me to what ‘they’ should do.

Have their arms tied down and extended on a slab of concrete then repeatedly drop cinder blocks painted to look like Legos dropped on their arms. Of course this would be after they were starved for a while.

Nice neck tattoo by the way. Seriously classy.

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Aziya was murdered by trained killers

Couple Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse 

Parents Arested for Infant Daugter’s Death

Ya know I’ve heard people say “our soldiers are trained to be killers”; I just didn’t know that included children, especially their own.  These stories never cease to amaze me!  This baby girl, Aziya, was only here a very short time, 3 months.  She died October 13th 2009 of staph and bone infections as well as multiple rib factures.  Unfortunately her birth vessel, Sara Davinger, and the sperm donor, Steven Davinger, were only arrested for the heinous crime yesterday, 18 months later, and have only been charged with Felony Child Abuse. 

At the time of Aziya’s death in 2009 her US Navy enlisted parents were living in a San Diego apartment with another couple and another adult male roommate.  The adult male roommate, who was also Aziya’s daytime babysitter, called 911 to report that the baby was unresponsive and possibly deceased.  The details being released by authorities are sketchy at best and do not speculate why the parents are only being charged with Felony Child Abuse and not with Felony Murder.  Did they abuse their sweet little baby girl?  Did they allow this male roommate/babysitter or some else to abuse Aziya?  The investigators and DA will not comment on the charges of the parents nor if there are charges pending against any of the roommates. 

Sorry I don’t have more details to report; as more information becomes available I will update you.  In the mean time say a prayer for this lost little angel.  May you rest in peace Aziya you are loved by us, if by no one else.      

***Thanks go to Jackie for the excellent write up.

Louisiana child tacks

Woman accused of poking her children with thumb tacks:

34-year-old Delinda Green of Alexandria, Louisiana was arrested for allegedly poking her kids with thumbtacks. The reason she allegedly did it was because she felt she could no longer take care of her kids and wanted to go to jail.

She used the tacks because she didn’t want to hurt them too bad but still wanted to be arrested.

The fact that the kids, four of them ages 1 through 14, were hungry, dirty and sleeping on the floor, according to Green, may I have gotten her arrested without the tacks.

If you don’t want to have kids then stop doing the horizontal hokey pokey.

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More broken bones than weeks on earth

OKC Parents Arrested on Suspicion of Abusing Infant, Toddler:

20-year-old Breeders Kord Rawls and Izabeau Basaldua were living in a motel in Oklahoma City with their two kids ages 3-years-old and 7-weeks-old.

DHS was called and in turn they called police. The 3-year-old only had superficial bruising and swelling however the 7-week-old allegedly had 16 fractured bones including the skull.

Rawls admitted to slamming the baby’s head against the car seat, bed and door jam. At a home on S.W. 18th Street he admitted he “punched” and “slapped” the infant.

And of course ‘mom’ was arrested for doing nothing to prevent the abuse.

The kids are now in DHS custody.

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Bad Boyfriend abuses twins, kills one

4-month-old twins hospitalized, one on life support after mother’s boyfriend allegedly assaulted them:

Teen arraigned on murder charges after 4-month-old baby dies:

Bullitt County man admits to drug use before alleged assault on 4-month-old:

Bad Boyfriend 18-year-old Samuel Harris, Jr. of Bullitt County, Kentucky has been arrested for abusing his girlfriend’s 4-month-old twins killing one of them.

Harris allegedly abused them while his mother went out to get something to eat. Allegedly in that short time Harris took one of the twins and started shaking him because why? That’s right because he wouldn’t stop crying. So Harris thought it would be a good idea to throw the baby across the room onto a broken couch that had wood sticking out of it. The child was pronounced brain dead and eventually died.

On top of all that Harris admits to using marijuana all that day. And here I thought weed makes you mellow and non-violent. So if Harris was using drugs all day was the mother of the twins aware of this when she asked him to watch the kids? Food for thought so to speak.

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Bland, Sheets arrested for abuse

Parents arrested in three-month-old boy’s injuries:

Look at these two. They don’t even look old enough to drive let alone have two children. Alas, they are. They are Justin Sheets, 22, and Brittany Bland, 20, of Anderson, Indiana. They have two children together the oldest is 16-months. The youngest is the unfortunate focus of this story.

3-month-old Jayden Sheets was taken to the hospital with a skull fracture among other injuries. Bland told polcie that Sheets constantly abused the baby…

including swinging the infant violently by the feet, by one arm, hitting the child’s head and testicles, and dropping Jayden while in his car seat.

Bland was arrested for allowing the abuse to happen.

There’s just so much wrong with this story.

In a day and age when birth control is so readily available why do Breeders like this keep popping out kids at too young of an age? I mean besides the fact that they’re stupid?

How can any woman no matter how young or old think that it’s ok for their penis to hurt their baby just because they have a man?

All this information and options available yet no one uses them.

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Couple beat kids when they were mad at each other

Couple accused of shocking child abuse:

The couple pictured above, who were probably not voted cutest couple, are Jesse Pacheco and Jessica Arrowood of Greenwood, Indiana. They’re accused of one of the more bizarre cases of child abuse I’ve heard.

The pair would abuse two of Greenwood’s children when they were mad at each other. They would each attack the other’s favorite child. Arrowood is accused of strangling her own five-year-old daughter while Pacheco is accused of beating Arrowood’s 4-year-old son so badly that he’s in a coma. To make matters worse police say the abuse has been going on for almost a year and a half.

You know, I thought the tear drop tattoo represented that you’ve killed someone. Since this assclown picks on kids I somehow doubt that he has. If he is a wannabe gangsta they’re going to love him in jail. Oh, and she’s a bloated sea cow.

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California man charged with slashing infant’s scrotum

Father arrested in torture of 5-month-old son:

27-year-old Chaunecy Taylor of Hesperia, California was arrested for child abuse after doctors discovered that his 5-month-old son had a broken leg, bruises, head trauma and a cut scrotum. As usual doctors are smarter than ‘alleged’ child abusers.

They believe that the cut was not an accident as the wound appeared to be smooth. That would mean that this sick S.O.B. took some kind of cutting utensil, that at the very least he would have to dig out of his pocket, and cut the scrotum of his own flesh and blood.

Police also believe that the abuse took the entire span of the baby’s short life so far. Luckily the baby survived the torture. Too many that end up on this site do not.

Police believe that the mother inflicted none of the injuries. One would have to wonder how much knowledge of the abuse she had.

There was an episode of Mythbusters recently where they crashed a car into a razor sharp V-shaped snow plow.

In a prefect world this stunt would be recreated with this scumbag spread naked on the hood.

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Father disappears after daughter dies from abuse

Family Wants Body Of Killed Stockton Girl:

This story is a reversal in what we normally see around here.

38-year-old Maria Bettancourt of Stockton, Calif. has been arrested in the abuse and torture death of 3-year-old Guadalupe Correa. The autopsy showed that Guadalupe died from trauma but police aren’t going into much detail.

Bettancourt is the girlfriend of Guadalupe’s father, Alberto Correa. Correra has disappeared in the wake of his main squeeze’s arrest. Which makes one wonder if he was involved or complicit in the abuse.

Guadalupe was raised by a foster family who had her other two sisters but were forced to give up Guadalupe to the sperm donor. Biological parental rights should never outweigh the welfare of the child.

BTW, Ms. Bettancourt looks a lot like Captain Lou Albano.

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