Trench on CNN about craigslist

The past couple of days have been pretty surreal for me. I’ve done all sorts of interviews before. I’ve been on radio, in major magazines and even local TV, but yesterday I was asked to be on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN to talk about craigslist. Here’s a video from the show that was recorded and posted by Pat from Belchspeak.

Granted I’m only on there for 5 seconds it’s still pretty weird. I mean I still consider myself just some stupid guy from the Jersey shore yet here I am on national TV without the word WANTED underneath my picture.

But enough about me. I do want to talk about the segment some.

First off I wonder why they blurred out the face of John Katehis. It’s not like he hasn’t already been named and shown by the New York media even though he is technically a juvenile.

Wow, I look like crap. I’m not rocking the Abe Lincoln beard I actually do have a mustache to go along with that.

Here’s the part I really wanted to talk about at the 2:10 mark craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster says he looking into incremental changes that would make the site safer. Incremental? How far do you have your head in the sand Jim? craigslist is on need of vast sweeping changes to make it safer, starting with the removal of the erotic services section. If you can’t see this you have no business being a CEO. This must be a PR nightmare for you and yet you seem to still be denying what’s going on around you.