Six Degrees of DIo: Accept

Accept - Restless And Wild

Prior to Balls to the Wall, Accept was one of my favorite bands growing up. They had a great sound and were one of the few bands that the poseurs hadn’t latched on to yet. That was until Balls to the Wall was played like every 5 minutes on MTV. Plus the lead singer’s name was Udo Dirkschneider. Not only is that an awesome name but it pretty much described the way he looked.

So far Accept takes the longest route to get to Dio.


Udo has recorded a couple of duets with Doro Pesch. Doro has recorded a couple of duets with Lemmy from Motorhead. Lemmy was in Motorhead with Fast Eddie Clarke. Fast Eddie was in Fastway with Pete Way. Pete Way played for Ozzy. Ozzy was in Sabbath with Geezer Butler. Geezer was in Sabbath/Heaven and Hell with Ronnie James Dio. Whew.

Now here’s Accept with the classic ‘Fast As A Shark’