Did an acne drug cause a murder?

Defense May Blame Girl’s Death On Acne Drug:

18-year-old John Mullarkey is accused of stabbing 16-year-old Demi Cuccia to death. His defense is attempting to blame the murder on the acne drug Accutane. I don’t know if it’s capable of causing someone to murder but I wouldn’t be surprised. I was on this ‘drug’ when it first came out back in the early 80’s. It’s more of a poison than it is a drug in my opinion. The side effects were worse than the disease. Like being a small kid with acne in high school wasn’t depressing enough I believe this drug made me suicidal as well. This drug is a menace and should have never been released to the public. Do I think it made John Mullarkey kill Demi Cuccia? That I can’t tell you. That’s for the court to decide.


Accutane restrictions creating problems:

Dermatologists are complaining because restrictions have been put on the drug Accutane because of possible birth defects to babies if the drug is taken by pregnant women. They should be lucky that the drug is on the market at all. I was on this drug for years and let me tell you I’d rather have the worst acne in recorded history than the side effects of this drug. And it really didn’t do anything for my acne either.