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ACLU sues FBI over Muslim interviews:

So the ACLU has their usual panties in a wad over the fact that the FBI has been interviewing Muslims in relation to terror attacks. Nevermind the fact that the interviews are voluntary. But what kind of extremists are carrying out the majority of terror attacks in the world? Hate to say it but it’s Muslim extremists. It wouldn’t make sense to question Jews or Catholics about alleged terror attacks against the United States. But in the world of political correctness (insert your deity name here) forbid that we ask questions from a group whose members are responsible for one of the most cowardly and deadly attacks of all time. Like I said before somewhere on this site, could you imagine in the months leading up to 9/11 that if the FBI stared pulling all those Muslims from their flight schools? The ACLU would have had a field day. So remember kids, political correctness kills.

The ACLU hates children

ACLU, Children Services Deadlock Over Concert:

So the ACLU in their infinite wisdom would rather see foster kids not placed in homes than see a state-run agency sponsor a proven gospel program to help foster kids be placed in homes because they claim it would be a government sponsoring of a religion. It’s really sad to see an organization that hates God so much that they’d rather see children homeless. Just pathetic.

Link via Tongue Tied

L.A. police chases

L.A. Police Chief proposes ban on most police car chases:

Which is actually not a bad idea but what got me was this quote from an ACLU spokesperson…

“Some of these high-speed pursuits have resulted in harm and even death to innocent bystanders,” said Ramona Ripston, executive director of the ACLU of Southern California. “It’s an ongoing problem and it’s about time the Police Commission changed its policy.”

Is it me or is she blaming the police for these pursuits? If it wasn’t for the people breaking the law and fleeing from the police there wouldn’t be police chases.

FBI Seeks to remove Pearl Video from the web

Finally my tax dollars are being used for something I want them to be used for. According to this article the FBI is intently trying to get the Daniel Pearl video off the Internet. According to the article the FBI has asked sites to voluntarily remove the video. One website that was asked to remove the video, stated on their site…

The FBI contacted our host to inform them that they were going to sue us for putting on the Pearl video on 5-18-2002. We had no other choice than deleting the video. Our host left us the choice to decide what to do and didn’t delete anything like it’s described in the wired article. This just shows once again how the “big people” decide what we can or can’t see. Don’t we have to right to decide that ourself? We live in a censored world.

So I went to this website and let me tell you what kind of crap they’re offering?

Horror scene from world war II, bodies floating in the sea
Indian extremist killings
Columbine shooting images of shooters (of course)
Rotting corpse covered with flies
Snowboarded makes a very bad landing
Body modification: having your tongue split

And they also offer links to rape sites and other gore sites.

Now according to this article from Wired the ACLU is getting their nose all bent over this. From the article…

Barry Steinhardt, the associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said he “can’t imagine what argument the government is making that they can prohibit a website from publishing” the videotape.

“It’s clearly not obscene,” Steinhardt said. “I’m sure it’s macabre and horrible, but it’s not obscene. The publication on a website of this videotape is protected under the First Amendment.

Not obscene? Excuse me??? Nothing is more obscene than watching a member of your family die. This isn’t free speech. This is an abomination of free speech. Why isn?t the ACLU trying to protect the Pearl family. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Videos and pictures showing the actual deaths of actual people for mere entertainment value should be put in the same class as child porn. And should also have the same penalties. You may be saying to yourself “Isn’t that a little severe?” My answer to that is if you’re not checking out these pics then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise if you are one of these twisted freaks that are into these pics, well I hope you make it on to your favorite site some day…the hard way.