Change of venue sought in Elisa Baker trial

Elisa Baker

Elisa Baker

Change of venue motion filed in Zahra Baker case:

Speaking of the Sheen-Cow her lawyer has filed for a change of venue for her trial in the murder of Zahra Baker.

Her lawyer says that the cow “cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial” in Catawba County and that coverage in area newspapers and comments on the web that “reveal a deep prejudice against” Elisa Baker.

Normally I would say that since this case has garnered international attention that moving the trial would not be a winning strategy. Jose Baez and the Casey Anthony trial proved that it might and I really hope this doesn’t go this way.

Then again the Sheen-Cow isn’t even remotely attractive so I doubt she would get the sympathy that some gave Casey Anthony.

Adam Baker wants 'justice' for Zahra

Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Zahra’s Father Says He Wants Justice For Her:

Adam Baker, the father of murdered and dismembered 10-year-old Zahra Baker, says he wants justice for his daughter’s death. He also wants his former main squeeze, Elisa Baker (aka the Sheen-Cow) to get what she deserves.

While I’m all for the Sheen-Cow being sent to the farm upstate so to speak if Adam Bake wants real justice he needs to only do one thing. Confess.

I have no doubt that Adam Baker has some knowledge of what happened to his daughter and probably some involvement. Cut your losses for your daughter. Go to police and tell them everything. Yes, you will probably go to jail but if you’re not the actual killer you need to do whatever it takes to see that Elisa Baker gets all that she deserves.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip.

Elisa Baker indicted on drug charges

Elisa Baker. Hillbilly heroin. Who would have guessed?

Elisa Baker. Hillbilly heroin. Who would have guessed?

Elisa Baker Indicted On Drug Trafficking Charges:

Oh, poor Sheen-Cow. Things just keep getting worse for her. I for one say good.

Last week Elisa Baker was indicted on charges of drug trafficking. As I’m sure you know Baker was the step-mother of Zahra Baker who was brutally murdered and dismembered and her body strewn about the county. Baker has been charged with Zahra’s murder.

Baker is being federally charged with distributing oxycodone and hydrocodone for the past 4 years. For those of you not medically inclined those are the generic names for Oxycontin and Vicodin. Oxycontin has gotten the slang name of Hillbilly Heroin for its prevalent abuse among those in pre-manufactured dwellings, trailer trash if you will.

On the drug charges alone Baker is looking at a max of 140 years.

Whatever keeps her behind bars is ok with me.

Adam Baker out of jail

Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Adam Baker out of jail, wearing ankle monitor”

I don’t have to tell you who Adam Baker is by now but I will. He’s the guy for some inexplicable reason married the Sheen-Cow known as Elisa Baker and is also the father of murdered 10-year-old Zahra Baker.

The last we heard he had been arrested on identity theft charges for using someone else’s personal information in order to get service from the power company. He was arrested after he expressed that he wanted to return to his native Australia. Anyway his bond has been posted and he’s out of jail. Don’t expect him to make a run for it yet as he has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and he is being watched by immigration.

I am unsure what his role in Zahra’s death may have been however I do believe he at least had involvement in the cover up following her murder. So far I think that the Hickory, NC police have been handling this case better than a lot of ‘big city’ departments.

Adam Baker: I want to leave the US, NC Cops: How about we arrest you instead

Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Adam Baker, the father of Zahra Baker and also the man who dare married the Sheen-Cow, had been making rumblings lately that he would like his passport back from authorities so he could return to his native Australia.

Instead of returning his passport the Hickory, North Carolina Police Department did the smart thing and arrested him instead.

He has not been arrested for anything related to his daughter’s disappearance and death however he ‘s been arrested on identity theft charges. Police say that he used someone else’s name and social security number to obtain service illegally from the local power company. Elisa Baker has also been charged with that as well.

Police are also saying that Baker is in the country illegally due to papers that haven’t been filled out.

I’ll have to hand it to the Hickory police. Sometimes I give small town cops a lot of shit for being “Barney Fifes” as my dad used to say but this time small town police came up aces. They had to have been holding this charges in their shirt pockets, the same place Barney kept his one bullet, in case Baker was going to try something like this.

This was something worthy of a good cop show on TV. Bravo to the Hickory police. Hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of what Baker’s actual role was in his daughter’s death. I do not believe for a second that he was not complicit.

Sheen-Cow, Elisa Baker, tips over in court

Elisa Baker. I done tipped over.

Elisa Baker. I done tipped over.

We have some minor updates in the case of Elisa Baker who as I’m sure you know has been charged in the murder of her 10-year-old stepdaughter Zahra Baker.

The first is that her attorney wants to move the trial out of Catwaba County in North Carolina. The attorney says “There’s no way she can get a fair trial in Catawba County.”

I guess the attorney forgot that since Zahra Baker is from Australia that this case has received worldwide attention. The trial would be the same in Catwaba County as it would be anywhere else.

The more interesting detail is that the Sheen-Cow herself allegedly passed out in court today.

Elisa Baker nearly fainted in court today, as prosecutors tried to schedule her for trial on charges that she obstructed justice by writing a phony ransom note to throw off investigators looking into the disappearance of Baker’s stepdaughter, Zahra.

Baker’s attorney poured her a cup of water and court bailiffs helped her to a seat. It was unclear what the problem was.

How about she had a big case of fakeritis? Again I am adamant in my opinion that Baker is nothing more than a lowly grifter. She either did it to disrupt court proceedings or to try and gain sympathy. Grifters are used to preying on people that are not as intelligent than them. As far as I can gather Baker’s previous victims haven’t been the sharpest tools in the shed. Hopefully the court isn’t as stupid as her other victims.

New indictments for Elisa Baker

21 indcitments! Ah-ah-ah-ah.

21 indcitments! Ah-ah-ah-ah.

Elisa Baker hit with new indictments, bringing total charges to 21:

Elisa Baker, wicked stepmother and accused killer of Zahra Baker, has been indicted yet again bringing the number of charges to her to 21.

The most recent indictments were for two counts each of financial identity fraud and obtaining property by false pretenses. She’s accused of obtaining power through the local power company and phone service under false pretenses.

As someone who has had problems getting phone and power using my real information because of a blemished past I can’t imagine how she was able to pull the wool over both the power and phone companies.

Again this lends credence to my theory about Sheen-Cow being a grifter. Anyone who is that skilled at falsifying information like that is a grade-A con artist. I still think that Zahra’s death and dismemberment had something to do with some kind of rip off scheme. Who the intended rip off victim was I’m not sure just yet.

Elisa Baker spared the death penalty

They shoot Sheen-Cows don't they?

They shoot Sheen-Cows don’t they?

Elisa Baker’s former attorney defends taking death penalty off the table:

It seems that the Sheen-Cow, Elisa Baker, will not be ‘put out to pasture’ for the brutal death and dismemberment of her step-daughter, Zahra Baker.

According to Baker’s former attorney it seems a deal was struck to take the death penalty off the table in order for Baker to let investigator’s know where Zahra’s remains were.

As much as I would like to see Baker get the needle I can’t say I disagree with this deal since it allowed Zahra’s remains to be found. I’d rather see partial justice than no justice at all.

Elisa Baker was greatest mistake and other disturbing details

Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Murdered Girl’s Father: Wife Elisa “Biggest Mistake of My Life”:

In talking to a Charlotte, NC TV station Adam Baker says that marrying Elisa Baker, aka Sheen-Cow, was the biggest mistake of his life.

I think I speak for everyone when I say…Gee, ya think????

Adam Baker still proclaims his innocence in the death and dismemberment of his daughter Zahra Baker. Again, I seriously doubt that claim that he was completely unaware of everything that was going on with his own daughter.

One more detail from the article that I was not aware of and you may want to stop reading if you’re easily upset. To this day Zahra Baker’s head had not been found. Coroners also say that two different tools were used to dismember her body and that her body had been gnawed on by animals, all post mortem.

Elisa Baker is looking at 40 years.

Adam Baker has also ‘temporarily’ left the state of North Carolina in order to avoid harassment.

Adam Baker talks to Australian media

Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Zahra’s dad talks on TV:

This past Sunday, prior to the announcement of Elisa Baker’s indictment, Adam Baker appeared on the Australian version of 60 Minutes.

He denies dismembering Zahra Baker’s body as claimed by the Sheen-Cow and says that he was afraid of his ‘wife’.

Mr Baker revealed he feared his wife, whom he calls Lisa, was hurting Zahra after he noticed she had a black eye. “I asked both Lisa and Zahra how that happened. Lisa started out saying Zahra slipped in the bathroom, hitting her head on the cabinet. Zahra backed that up. I think she was told to; she was scared.”

He may not have dismembered her body but I have a hard time believing that he didn’t know what was going on.

Not to mention that if he thought Gothapotamus was abusing his daughter why didn’t he get the hell out?