Five caught in Va. pedo sting


That picture makes me want to break into song…

Here’s a story/These guys are shady/They were looking to pick up some minor girls…

If you don’t what song that is you need to get off my lawn. But I digress…

Men Nabbed in Online Sex Sting:

Police in Louisa County, Virginia arrested five men in conjunction with a sex sting on both backpage and craigslist. Allegedly the five men either posted ads looking for sex with minors or responded to ads placed by law enforcement.

Those arrested were…

23-year-old Shakir Moore of Richmond
55-year-old Thomas Jefferson Dudley of Charlottesville
22-year-old Christopher Anderson of Charlottesville
32-year-old Adam Toghill of Richmond

In addition to those arrests, investigators also arrested 26-year-old Joseph McDaniel of Goochland. He is charged with using a communication system to solicit a child, 15 to 18 years old, for sex.

The first four, who are pictured above, were charged with trying to solicit sex online from someone younger than 15.

Once again I would imagine that the highly touted community policing on both backpage and craigslist failed to flag any of these ads. Plus I can hazard a guess that neither site worked in conjunction with law enforcement on this because if they did they would be using it as PR to show how they’re helping.

Let’s also not forget that these ads can be prevented by either moderating the personals and casual encounters sections.

Lastly this also show what class of criminal is trolling these sites for their victims.

If you, the consumer, wanted to help protect children from becoming the victims of sexual predators like this I would recommend boycotting both sites.

UPDATE 6/4/2011: Moore (bottom-right) has been found guilty.

UPDATE 10/17/2011: Christopher Anderson (top, right) has also been convicted. He’s looking at 30 years.