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Middle aged NJ douchebag Adonis Giron sentenced for MySpace child rape

Union City child molester who posed as MTV talent scout sentenced 10 years:

I originally posted about middle-aged New Jersey child molesting douchebag Adonis Giron here.

He admitted to posing as an MTV talent scout on MySpace by the name of Javier in order to groom and rape a 12-year-old girl.

He was sentenced to 10-years behind bars and ‘rehabilitation treatment’.

By treatment I hope they mean shocking him in the balls repeatedly with a TASER but I’m guessing that’s not what they have in mind.

When will the courts realize that you can’t rehabilitate child molesting scum like this?

Middle aged NJ douchebag admits to MySpace rape of 12-year-old girl

Union City man admits raping girl, 12, at North Bergen motel:

Man Posing as MTV Talent Scout Admits Raping Girl:

Is posing as an MTV employee the new fad among child molesters? Recently there was Matthew Calek of Chicago who pretended to be an MTV producer now we have 43-year-old Adonis (not even close) Giron of Union City, New Jersey.

He has admitted to convincing a 12-year-old girl that he worked for MTV over MySpace before taking her to a hotel and raping her. On his MySpace page he used the alias of Javier Mtv Music and claimed to be 26.

Let’s go over this again. First of all a 12-year-old girl has no business being on MySpace. How in the hell was she able to get out to meet this douchebag. And I can call him a New Jersey douchebag because I’m from New Jersey. Anyway, the parents of the girl didn’t find about it until months later.

Secondly Legitimate talent agents or whatever don’t circumvent parents to make kids into starts and the chances of any kid actually becoming a star are greater than that of winning the lottery.

Giron is believed to have two other victims and in reality was unemployed.

Since he entered into a plea deal he is only going to serve a paltry 10 years. Way to go New Jersey. You’re still coddling child molesters I see.