Rescued from Ethiopia only to die

Hana Williams

Hana Williams

Skagit County couple charged with death of adopted child:

When someone adopts a child they are rescuing that child. Whether it be from an abusive situation or a future without parents or anything in between adoptive parents are rescuing that child, in most cases. In the case of Hana Williams she was rescued from one hell only to die in another.

13-year-old Hana was adopted by Larry and Carri Williams of Mt. Vernon, Washington. She was adopted back in 2008 from Ethiopia. In case you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for the past 30 years it’s no picnic in Ethiopia. Between poverty, drought, famine and disease Ethiopia is a child’s living nightmare. When she first stepped on to American soil she must have felt like the most blessed person on Earth. That was until she actually started living with the Williamses.

Hana was allegedly beaten with a plastic stick, had food withheld from her, forced to take cold showers, made to sleep outside and couldn’t use the indoor bathroom among other ‘punishments’. The Williamses gave the usual excuses of that Hana was ‘rebellious’ and ‘stole food’. Whatever excuses they gave couldn’t stop them for being arrested last week after Hana was found dead in their backyard back in May. That’s not even scratching the surface with this story. There was so much abuse that this would be the longest post in history of this website. I urge you to read the entire arrest warrant (PDF file) if you can stomach it. I read the whole thing.

More than one witness said that Carri Williams was disappointed that Hana was so ‘old’ when she arrived and that she thought she was getting a baby or a much younger child.

This is even worse than the people who adopt or foster just for the money. To allow a child to die, a child who should have thrived in this country, to be treated worse than probably she would have been treated in her own country is unforgivable.

‘They’ should take Larry and Carri Williams and dump them in a prison of whatever 3rd world shithole is the worst country in the world and see how well they’d be treated by the locals.

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Renee Bowman sentenced

Renee Bowman

Renee Bowman

Renee Bowman Sentenced for Child Abuse:

You all should remember Frogclown over there. That’s Renee Bowman. She was arrested for killing two of her adopted daughters, sticking their bodies in a freezer, abusing a third adopted daughter and collecting the benefits for all three.

Last week she was sentenced to 25 years behind bars. She’s also facing additional charges for child abuse.

Teacher beats 1-year-old adopted son for not bonding

polingH.S. Teacher Charged With Beating 1-Year-Old Son:

You would think that teachers, much like lawyers, would know better than committing child abuse. 38-year-old Damien Gabriel Poling of Minneapolis allegedly didn’t know better.

The high school teacher is accused of beating his 1-year-old adopted son because he claims the boy didn’t ‘bond’ with him.

This one I take personally because I was adopted and my dad and myself never bonded. He was a jock and obviously I’m a geek. But you know what he never did? He never beat me so bad that I had two fractured ribs and fractures in my ankles that suggest I had been slammed down on my feet.

These days adopting a child is almost like winning the lottery after spending several thousands of dollars. Adoptive parents may even work harder to get children than biological parents. Therefore in my eyes it’s even worse when adoptive parents commit this type of abuse.

Luckily he was turned in by his own wife and this wasn’t a pair of breeders doing the damage.

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Couple arrested in death of adopted teen

Adopted father of deceased Cass County teen arrested:

I could have sworn I posted this story before but I guessed it slipped my mind.
Anyway, the story is about a Cass County, TX adopted teen who was alleged to have been killed by his adopted mother Cynthia Hudson. She was arrested for his death. Now the adopted father of 13-year-old Samuel Hudson has also been arrested.

Police in Queen City, Texas have arrested William Hudson for tampering with evidence.

The police originally thought that William’s death was a suicide but their investigation led them to believe that William was killed by his adopted mother. Could the tampering charge have come from the Hudsons trying to stage the crime scene?

It also turns out that the Hudsons may have been just another couple that were in it for the money.

The other adopted children in the house have allegedly told police that they were deprived food and abused as well.

Thanks again to Lori for keeping me abreast of the situation.

UPDATE: Just seconds after I finished writing this post Lori sent me yet another article on the situation. Now not only are police saying that Samuel Hudson was restrained and beaten to death but they are seeking the death penalty against Cynthia Hudson. I can’t say she doesn’t deserve it.