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Adoption scam on backpage


Scam Website Ads Offer Kids For Adoption:

In Pittsburgh a local news station turned up adoption ads on their local backpage.com site. Of course these ads are a scam designed to get prospective parents to wire money when no child actually exists.

Surprisingly backpage was quick to respond to these ads…

In an email to Team 4, a spokesman for backpage.com said, “Thanks for reaching out to us. Both postings violate our site’s terms of use. We will remove them shortly. They are both examples of an overseas wire money scam.”

Yet the sexual trafficking of children still continues unabated on backpage. Just sayin’.

Woman finds son’s picture used in craigslist adoption scam

Mother Finds Own Child For Sale Online:

A woman from Abington, Mass. received a tip that her 7-month-old son’s picture was being used by scammers on craigslist. The ad said that a baby boy was available for adoption. When she contacted the scammers they sent her a picture of her own son and said that the boy was Canadian but living in a Cameroon orphanage.

The scammers also said that the adoption could start with a scant $300.

The picture of the boy was taken from the family’s blog.

The FBI had Yahoo shut down the account of the scammers but as we all know that won’t stop them.

And do people really use craigslist to adopt?