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Dallas woman accused of selling newborn online

Britany Hill. I guess I can see why she needed the money. She must have been a little short.

Britany Hill. I guess I can see why she needed the money. She must have been a little short.

Police: Mother put child for sale on Craigslist:

Mom accused of trying to sell infant online claims it was an adoption:

Dallas police documents outline child abandonment case:

Texas mom denies trying to sell baby through Internet classified ad :

26-year-old Brittany Hill of Dallas, Texas was arrested recently for allegedly trying to sell her 4-month-old son online. I’ve seen reports that say it was either on craigslist or PennySaverUSA, both online classifieds sites. Luckily Hill was not selling the baby for sex which we have seen on this site too often lately.

Hill claims that she placed the ad for money needed for a lawyer in order to put the baby up for adoption. However a person who saw the ad and was interested in adopting the baby reported to police that they got cold feet when they found out that no lawyer would be involved. I’ve seen reports stating that the baby was being sold anywhere from $4000 to $6500.

But wait, there’s more. Hill is also facing child endangerment charges for allegedly leaving her son alone in their apartment. The apartment manager was doing welfare checks on tenants who were behind on his rent and found the baby on the floor unattended. Luckily the baby was unharmed. Hill allegedly said that she was having an anxiety attack and ‘needed a breather’ while she left her son alone for an hour while she walked to a nearby school. That’s peculiar to say the least.

In an interview with local media Hill denies trying to sell her son and says she was just trying to find a good home for him.

“I know that’s illegal,” she said Monday, speaking from jail. “I’m not stupid – that’s called, like, black-market something. I’ve read about it, I know.”

“Look deeper into it instead of just being like, ‘OK, that’s what it is. She’s trying to sell her child,'” Hill added. “Screw that, you know. It’s not like that.”


Hill also has other children that are no longer in her custody. One was adopted by another family in 2009 and other have been adopted by her parents.

Apparently Hill just can’t stop from getting pregnant….

“I will never have any more children,” she said. “If I could have had a hysterectomy, I would have done it a long time ago.”

Where’s the federal program for that idea if someone is willing to have it done?

Anyway I’m not really here to bash Hill too much. I don’t think she acted maliciously here. Irresponsible yes but not malicious. She was able to have her other children successfully and legally adopted previously so as of right now I can’t see why her intentions would be otherwise in this case.

The main reason I really wanted to post this story is to highlight the idea that there should be better laws and programs in place to make adoption easier not only for adoptive parents but also those who are giving up children for adoption. In this day and age when a baby’s life has become so disposable how about a little more education and encouragement for adoptions?

Mariska Hargitay Adopts a Baby


Normally I don’t dabble in the affairs of entertainment gossip on my site and I stopped watching SVU years ago after it became too preachy but I just have to post about Mariska Hargitay adopting a new baby.

As an adoptee myself I have to commend Ms. Hargitay for not only adopting a baby that was from the US but also for the fact that she adopted a baby that was non-white.

With so many people having alternative birth procedures, invitro, surrogate mothers, etc., I hope more people follow in Ms. Hargitay’s footsteps and choose to adopt instead.

Woman returns adopted son to Russia

Mom sends adopted boy back to Russia with note: I no longer wish to parent this child:

One more reason why I think people should adopt from this country before going overseas. Apologies to my overseas readers. I am not trying to be jingoistic however we have plenty of children in the US that need good homes.

Torry-Ann Hansen of Tennessee adopted a 7-year-old boy from Russia. Apparently she felt that he wasn’t worthy enough to be in her presence as she set him on a plane back to Russia with a note that said…

“He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues/behaviors,” she wrote. “After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child.”

A child, especially an adopted one, is not something you can return like a cell phone you don’t like because it’s the wrong color.

The Russian government says that after this adoptions from the US may be reduced. Can you blame them. As a society have we become so selfish that we return adopted children just because they cramp your life?

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Florida gay adoption ban struck down

Court: Florida Gay Adoption Ban Unconstitutional:

Here’s something that may come as a surprise to some of my more conservative readers. I actually support gay marriage and this article about the Florida gay adoption ban being struck down is a good reason why.

I make no bones about my stance of being pro-life because I was adopted. I would rather see a loving gay couple adopt children then have them end up in either an abortionists dumpster or end up on the street or end up being adopted by a straight couple who are just in it for the cash.

I don’t see what the big deal about gay marriage is anyway. It’s not like straight people have done a whole lot for the alleged ‘institution’ of marriage. If marriage is such an institution straight people have burned the institution down and left a smoldering husk.

Renee Bowman was collecting checks

Renee Bowman

Renee Bowman

Police: Remains May Have Been Moved Several Times:

More details about Frog Clown over there (Renee Bowman) and her adopted foster children whose bodies were found in Bowman’s freezer.

Police are saying that they believed the girls died while the ‘family’ was living in Rockland, Md. and that the bodies had been moved multiple times.

The one girl who was still alive had extensive injuries.

Charging documents described the third girl’s injuries as “extensive open, infected sores and lesions” and “eyes scarred in the corners.”

And this is how police were tipped off…

Neighbor Phillip Garrett found the girl walking barefoot on a gravel road in a blood-soaked T-shirt. He said she was covered in bruises. Garrett, 21, who lives two houses down from Bowman, said he brought the girl to a neighbor’s house, called 911 and ordered her a pizza. She indicated she had last eaten on Tuesday when her father was at the home, said Garrett, who realized he had met her mother once and described her as “frazzled.”

And as I predicted Bowman was still receiving a $2,400 stipend for the girls even after two had died.

The D.C. Child and Family Services Agency is really feeling the heat now especially since this is not the first tragedy they’ve been linked to.

Dead kids in a freezer

Renee Bowman

Renee Bowman

Authorities Find Children’s Frozen Corpses:

I couldn’t decide on whether to call her Homey the Clown because of her hair or The Frog because of her neck. So Frog Clown over there is 43-year-old Renee Bowman of Lusby, Maryland.

Police were investigating her home over the weekend because of child abuse complaints.

While police were searching the house they discovered the frozen corpses of two children in her freezer. They’re believed to be the bodies of her adopted daughters. Bowman allegedly admitted that the bodies have been in there since at least February. The girls are believed to be 11 and 9.

There was also a 7-year-old girl in the house who Bowman allegedly beat with a shoe. The girl escaped by jumping out of a window.

The three girls were adopted out of foster care in Washington D.C. I would lay odds that Bowman was collecting checks for the girls after they were gone.

Thanks to Marley, Tony and Daniel for the tip.

Do whites need training before parenting black children?


NEW YORK (AP) — Several leading child welfare groups Tuesday urged an overhaul of federal laws dealing with transracial adoption, arguing that black children in foster care are ill-served by a “colorblind” approach meant to encourage their adoption by white families.

Yet another proposed roadblock to make adoption more difficult in this country. It’s legislation like this that makes US citizens adopt from other countries rather than kids from this one.

A 15-year-old kid gets it absolutely right…

His youngest son, Eric Jones, 15, said the family’s makeup sometimes complicates his life, but he’s convinced that transracial adoption can succeed.

“White or black doesn’t matter,” he said. “What counts is whether the parents are ready to take responsibility.”

Let parents be parents.

Catholics not welcome to adopt

Adoption Agency Rejects Catholic Parents:

You have no idea how pissed off I am about this. As an adoptee and a semi-Catholic this infuriates me to no end.

So this “Christian” adoption agency in Mississippi called Bethany Christian Services does not allow Roman Catholics to adopt through their agency because Roman Catholicism conflicts with their “Statement of Faith.” Now I checked their “Statement of Faith” and I see nothing in there that specifically excludes true believers of the Catholic Church. Even so this is ridiculous. In this day of abortions on demand they should be happy that any couple regardless of faith is willing to adopt. They’re willing to deny a child a family and deny a family a child solely based on religion. Even Catholic Social Services isn’t that bad. According to CSS of North Carolina the only religious requirement is you must have religious faith and be an active church participant regardless of denomination.

This is why I’m not so hung up about gay marriage. I’d rather see a child be adopted by a gay couple then end up in an abortionist’s dumpster. Agencies like Bethany Christian Services should make it easier for parents to adopt, not more difficult. And discriminating based on religion is about as anti-Christian as you can get.

TOF to Deb.