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Adoptive Florida Breeders water tortured blind handicapped son

Sad Clown and The Clown of Many Chins (Ronald and Tammy White)

Cops: Ronald & Tammy White locked blind, mentally handicapped adopted son in cage:

Spring Hill mom accused of abusing teenage son:

Ok kids, get out your scratch paper and your #2 pencils. It’s time to do a little trailer math. In this case the term trailer is more of a state of mind than an actual dwelling.

When Ronald and Tammy White lived in Georgia they managed to rack up over $150K in debt and twice declared bankruptcy. They also defaulted on both bankruptcies because they couldn’t make their pre-arranged payments. They adopted 3 teenage children which according to most reports would have netted them close to $18K a year. Now X equals why did they adopt the kids? Give me the answer and don’t forget to show your work.

Now I believe X equals they adopted teens in order to collect the benefits that the state of Georgia would have allowed them because at least one of them they allegedly didn’t take very good care of to say the least.

It seems that the Whites moved to Florida with their three adopted children. Recently they were arrested for basically water torturing their blind and mentally handicapped 16-year-old son. Police say that not only did the boy receive the stereotypical beatings at the hands of Ronald White but he was also forced to drink gallons of water as punishment then not allowed to use the bathroom.

Because of that police say the boy’s body began to shut down and he was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor dying of sepsis. Luckily he is recovering and all 3 children were removed from their Spring Hill home by DCF.

At last report it was still unclear if they were still receiving payments from either Georgia or Florida.

Whenever I see these stories about adoptive or foster Breeders who are just in it for the money I often have to wonder if it would be cheaper just to take care of the children they’ve allowed in their homes instead of going to these long and drawn out ways of abusing their kids. Not to mention for an adoptee being adopted is supposed to be a time of them being saved from a life without a family and not being thrust into an even worse situation because two assclowns can’t manage their finances.

How did two people like this even manage to adopt three children when for most people looking to adopt it costs them thousands of dollars? I understand that an incentive needs to be made for people to adopt older or special needs children but obviously there needs to be a better screening process. If I was a worker at whatever agency they got the children from two defaulted bankruptcies would have been a red flag that they could be adopting the children just for the money.

Anyway, these two assclowns should have their urinary tracts surgically sewn shut then forced to drink as many gallons of water as possible until they friggin’ burst. They deserve no less.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Mariska Hargitay Adopts a Baby


Normally I don’t dabble in the affairs of entertainment gossip on my site and I stopped watching SVU years ago after it became too preachy but I just have to post about Mariska Hargitay adopting a new baby.

As an adoptee myself I have to commend Ms. Hargitay for not only adopting a baby that was from the US but also for the fact that she adopted a baby that was non-white.

With so many people having alternative birth procedures, invitro, surrogate mothers, etc., I hope more people follow in Ms. Hargitay’s footsteps and choose to adopt instead.

Aimee Sword gets 9 years for incest


Aimee Sword

Michigan mom, Aimee L. Sword, sent to prison after having sex with teen son she gave up for adoption:

I originally posted about Aimee Sword here. She’s the woman from Michigan who tracked down the son she gave up for adoption and had sex with him.

She’s been sentenced to 9-30 years behind bars for her crime, however, more details have been made public since my last post.

It turns out that her son was 14 at the time of her basically raping her own child. She was married at the time and had five other children.

So basically she’s ruined the lives of six children and only has to spend 9 years in jail for it. Will she have sex with any of her other children when she gets out of jail?

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Woman returns adopted son to Russia

Mom sends adopted boy back to Russia with note: I no longer wish to parent this child:

One more reason why I think people should adopt from this country before going overseas. Apologies to my overseas readers. I am not trying to be jingoistic however we have plenty of children in the US that need good homes.

Torry-Ann Hansen of Tennessee adopted a 7-year-old boy from Russia. Apparently she felt that he wasn’t worthy enough to be in her presence as she set him on a plane back to Russia with a note that said…

“He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues/behaviors,” she wrote. “After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child.”

A child, especially an adopted one, is not something you can return like a cell phone you don’t like because it’s the wrong color.

The Russian government says that after this adoptions from the US may be reduced. Can you blame them. As a society have we become so selfish that we return adopted children just because they cramp your life?

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Man has sex with girl he’s trying to adopt

Man Accused Of Sex With Teen He Was Adopting:

44-year-old Raymond Chapman of Coweta County, Georgia got caught allegedly boffing a 17-year-old girl in his SUV. The same 17-year-old girl that he and his wife were trying to adopt. Chapman was allegedly having an affair with the girl even before the adoption process.

Not many people adopt older children so being an adoptee myself I always love hearing stories of people who adopt older children. However, I would hope that people who are adopting older children are not doing it to have SEX WITH THEM!

Both Chapman and his wife were fired by the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home. I guess that’s where Chapman was also cruising for dates. He’s been charged with child rape.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Woman accused of having sex with son she gave up for adoption


Aimee Sword

Woman Faces Sex Charges after Finding Son:

Waterford Township woman accused of having sex with teen son she gave up for adoption:

Woman accused of having sex with long-lost son:

Ew. Ick. Puke.

35-year-old Aimee Louise Sword of Waterford Township, Michigan is accused of having sex with the son that she gave up for adoption. She allegedly searched for the boy on the internet that she gave up 10 years ago. No word on his actual age but I’m guessing it’s not 18.

Does she want to have flipper kids or something?

It’s usually a fight between Ohio and Michigan about who is the Florida of the Midwest. Michigan just took a huge lead in that department.

Thanks to Soobs for the tip.

Serial adopter and abuser at heart of federal lawsuit

Lawsuit says NY failed to protect disabled kids:

The U.S. federal government has launched a lawsuit against Ne wYork City claiming that failed to prevent a woman who used fake identities to adopt 10 disabled children so she could collect $1.68M in subsidies.

Of course the woman, Judith Leekin, 64, had no real interest in caring for the children as she was sentenced to 20 years in prison and the home was described as the usual ‘house of horrors’.

Leekin lived in Florida but had no problems adopting the kids from NYC and collecting the checks. She’s also been sentenced to 11 years in the federal pen for fraud.

The lawsuit seeks to collect $15M for each child.

Thanks to Angel for the tip.

Florida gay adoption ban struck down

Court: Florida Gay Adoption Ban Unconstitutional:

Here’s something that may come as a surprise to some of my more conservative readers. I actually support gay marriage and this article about the Florida gay adoption ban being struck down is a good reason why.

I make no bones about my stance of being pro-life because I was adopted. I would rather see a loving gay couple adopt children then have them end up in either an abortionists dumpster or end up on the street or end up being adopted by a straight couple who are just in it for the cash.

I don’t see what the big deal about gay marriage is anyway. It’s not like straight people have done a whole lot for the alleged ‘institution’ of marriage. If marriage is such an institution straight people have burned the institution down and left a smoldering husk.

Milwaukee foster breeder kills nephew

Foster mother charged with killing boy, abusing girl:

Infant Christopher L. Thomas Jr. and his 2-year-old sister were removed from their parents care. Their mother had mental problems and their father was sent to jail on drug charges. They were both placed with caring foster parents. For some reason when the foster parents who were taking care of Christopher tried to adopt him Christopher and his sister were moved into the care of their aunt Crystal P. Keith. Keith began abusing them almost immediately…

Keith told police, whom she called to her home Monday, that she repeatedly slapped Christopher in the face for not eating, according to the criminal complaint. She said she choked him, hung him upside down and pressed his head on the floor. At some point, the infant’s eyes rolled back into his head and he began to vomit. He stopped breathing. She then stuck the handle of a hairbrush down Christopher’s throat, she said, in order to revive him.

Christopher died the next day.

Christopher’s sister would endure scaldings from Keith. Keith would bandage over the blisters but then the blisters would burst adhering the bandages to her flesh.

Maybe someone with a little more knowledge can enlighten me. Why would the state take Christopher out of the original foster parents home because he was going to be adopted?

Thanks to Nurse Sarah for the tip.