Chad Johnson convicted of killing craigslist prostitute

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

Man Convicted in Murder of Craigslist Prostitute:

I originally posted about Chad Johnson (not Ochocinco) here. He was arrested last year for strangling, Jennifer Papain, a prostitute that he met on craigslist to death after she refused to give his money back. Johnson buried her in a shallow grave somewhere near the Long Island Expressway.

This week Johnson was found guilty of second degree murder in Ms. Papain’s death. He’s looking at 25-to life when he’s sentenced in January.

I find a couple of things curious about this case. The first is why did this not make the national media when it happened so close to the Five Burroughs? The second is I’d like to hear the legalization folks explain how legalizing prostitution would have prevented Jennifer Papain’s murder.

Georgia man arrested for craigslist rapes

Calvin Gene

Calvin Gene

Authorities Search for Victims of Possible Serial Rapist:

Authorities in Douglas County, Georgia believe that 26-year-old Calvin Gene of Dallas, Georgia is a serial rapist that uses craigslist to find his victims.

Police say that Gene is responsible for three rapes in Dekalb and Douglas Counties of women that were allegedly craigslist escorts. The rapes are said to have taken place back in September. That’s the same time that craigslist pulled adult services from their US websites.

Gene allegedly would go up to where ever the women were staying then would force his way in at gunpoint, rape the women then rob them of their money and belongings. Gene is also a trucker so police believe he may have had more victims up and down the east coast.

Let me give a warning to potential rapists out there. If you think you’re going to get away with raping a prostitute you’re dead wrong. Rape is probably the worst thing you can do to any woman no matter if her line of work is legal or not. They will go to the police and you will be caught.

If craigslist had shut down adult services sooner these rapes probably would not have happened.

Add another craigslist killer (serving life) to the list

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Man found guilty in Craigslist slaying:

Man convicted of Craigslist murder gets life:

This past week Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe was convicted in the Austin, Texas murder of craigslist prostitute Amy Elizabeth Dickey and sentenced to life in prison. It’s a shame he didn’t get the death penalty.

Briscoe strangled Dickey using his bare hands and choking her for five minutes after ordering her services off of craigslist.

With the closing of adult/erotic services worldwide just think how many murders will be prevented. Then think how many could have been prevented if craigslist closed it down sooner or never opened one in the first place.

Add another craigslist killer to the list

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Trial opens in Craigslist killing:

Murder defendant was very talkative in interview with police:

Defendant’s father puts son near scene of prostitute’s body:

I originally posted about this murder in May of 2009. At the time I suspected that there was a craigslist connection however there was no definitive information about the craigslist connection at the time but it was such a disturbing crime to me I posted about it at one of my other blogs. Here’s my post from at that time.

Crazy Joe up there is 29-year-old Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe of Austin, TX. He’s been charged in the murder of Austin call girl Amy Elizabeth Dickey, 28. Allegedly Briscoe contacted her online for her services. He paid her $150 for sex. Then it’s believed that Briscoe strangled her to death. Can’t really call him another ‘craigslist killer’ yet because it has not been released what online venue he used. He then dumped her body in a wooded area. Her body was found on Thursday and police were able to track down Briscoe through her cell phone.

As it turns out there was a craigslist connection. Briscoe allegedly knew Dickey from his job at a head shop but ordered Dickey’s services through craigslist. More than likely from the adult services section while it was still open.

But again since this happened in Texas and not in Boston or New York it’s not national news along with the other craigslist murders except two.

Again this was a murder that craigslist could have prevented if they closed the adult services section sooner.

Adult services gone for good?


Craigslist says no plans to resume sex ads in the United States:

A craigslist representative by the name of William “Clint” Powell testified before a congressional committee yesterday that craigslist has no plans to resume the adult services section of its site in the U.S. Powell is the director of customer service and law enforcement relations at craigslist so he must have had a pretty cushy job considering there really is no customer service and it relations with law enforcement is tenuous at best. Anyway Powell had this to say…

“There are no plans to reinstate the category,” he said. “Those who formerly placed ads in the adult services category will now have to advertise elsewhere.”

He didn’t give a reason behind the move except for…

People who post such ads “have decided that there is no value in using Craigslist anymore, so they are using other sites,” Powell said.

This could have been a huge PR coup by craigslist. They could have actually admitted that they were wrong by not pulling the adult services section sooner or something along those lines but no, they pretty much gave a non-answer.

So does this mean I’m closing up shop? Hell no. There is still a lot of crime going on craigslist, especially the casual encounters section and hopefully the politicians will now turn their attention to the Village Voice Media owned backpage and their trafficking and prostitution ads.

This is only the beginning.

Craigslist UNcensored?


Craigslist Pulls ‘Censored’ Label From Sex Ads Area:

Craigslist removed the censored bar from where the adult services link was and lo and behold there was no adult services link underneath. As of right now there is no adult services section on U.S. versions of craigslist.

I’m not ready to celebrate yet because craigslist has yet to make any kind of official comment and you’ll excuse me if I don’t believe that craigslist has altruistic intentions with this move. I don’t care how socially conscious you think you are, no one walks away from a possible $45 Million windfall just like that.

And let us not forget even if adult services is gone for good casual encounters still exists. You know that section right? That’s the one where rapes are orchestrated, children are peddled for sex and people look for sex with dogs.

The internet opposes craigslist’s ‘censorship’


Polls Show Netizens Oppose Craigslist Censorship:

PCWorld is reporting that most participants of online polls oppose the removal of the adult services section on craigslist.

That’s all well and good but as large as the internet is these polls only reflect a very small part of our entire society.

Look at it this way. If the real word behaved in the same way as the internet Firefly would still be on the air, Ron Paul would be president and every man would be equipped with a sign that said “TITS or GTFO”.

The internet is not the real world.

AIM says craigslist on track to make $45M from sex ads


Craigslist adult-services revenue soared: New figures for 2010 — $44.4 million:

You know how I’m always talking about how craigslist has $30 Million in reasons as to why they won’t remove the sex ads from their site. I get that figure from the AIM Group who says that craigslist was on their way to earning that much in money off the sex ads in 2010. Now craigslist has $44.4 Million in reasons as to why they won’t take the sex ads now.

After doing some new research the AIM Group is claiming that craigslist is on target to make close to $45 Million in sex ads for 2010. I’m a sure a three-day weekend of ‘censorship’ is not going to change that number much.

And just think, that kind of money can go on for a long time if nothing is done. As I learned which watching Call + Response human trafficking is one of the most profitable crimes for those involved because the ‘resources’ can be used over and over again.

I still can’t get over that this is the reputation that craigslist wants to have. I’m all for freedom of speech but where is the freedom for the women and children being trafficked on craigslist in our own country?

Other traffickers celebrating craigslist ‘censorship’


Hub escort service cheers Craigslist ad shutdown:

I am extremely repulsed by this article. A woman who runs an ‘escort service’ in the Boston area is celebrating craigslist’s alleged shutdown of the adult services section. She basically refers to the women who ‘work’ for her as inventory…

“My business will definitely pick up,” said Julie, who advertises a “premiere” Boston-based escort service on Google and withheld her last name for legal reasons.

“With Craigslist, there’s no middleman,” she said. “It’s like going to a furniture outlet instead of Jordan’s or Cardi’s. So guys figure, ‘Why pay $200 to have a girl come here, when I can pay $120 to go see her.’ ”

Whomever this Julie character is she should be investigated for human trafficking as well.

However as I mentioned in my previous post the prostitution and trafficking ads from craigslist is leaking into the other sections. The article mentions that ‘erotic masseuses’ were now posting ads in the ‘beauty’ section. Also a member of our Facebook page also said that ads are appearing in the talent section. As I’ve said before this may be part of Jimmy and Craig’s plan to show how that craigslist needs an adult services section.

But isn’t this where craigslist’s much vaunted community policing is supposed to take effect?

craigslist censored: Day 2


So far craigslist has still not issued a comment about the censored bar except for Susan MacTavish Best saying “Sorry, no statement.”

However there are some new aspects to the story.

Some outlets are reporting that the prostitution and human trafficking ads are migrating to the casual encounters section. I don’t doubt they are but they’ve been there ever since the change from erotic services to adult services. I can see Jimmy and Craig now saying “See, this is what we meant by the ads going into other sections.” Then again that’s the same section where people look for animal sex so as far as I’m concerned that section of the site should be shut down too.

I still think that Craig and Jim are trying to make a statement about free speech. I still think it’s a publicity stunt and adult services will be back. However I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a stunt. CEO Greg Collier also thinks it’s a stunt. The New York Time seems to be a little suspicious too.

Some legal experts are saying that if this is some kind of protest that it could severely backfire on craigslist. But as clueless as Jim and Craig are I can just see them aghast at how not everyone got behind their protest. What they don’t realize is that the right to freedom of the women and children being trafficked on craiglslist is more important than craigslist’s so-called freedom of speech.

And if craigslist has by some miracle actually removed the adult services section we still have the Village Voice Media owned to deal with.