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Not the most affirmative action

U. of Texas to put race factor back into admissions:

I knew this would happen after the Affirmative Action non-ruling by the Supreme Court. I’m not surprised it was the U. of Texas either. If you remember U of TX is the school system that employs that Anti-American hate spewing bitch Dana Cloud. And it makes me ill that they say they’re adding race based admissions in the name of diversity. It’s not diversity that they’re worried about. It’s the liberal concept of “white guilt”. I am not a racist by any means but I just believe that college admissions and job hirings should only be based on qualifications not color. If you think about it Affirmative Action in this day and age is racist in itself. It’s telling minorities that the government thinks you’re not smart enough to get in on your own so we’re going to let you in just because you’re a minority. It’s an insult if you ask me. Speaking of diversity I challenge you to find a high school that isn’t ethnically diverse in this country. I went to a Catholic high school that cost my parents a nice chunk of change but we were far from rich. And there was a healthy mix of ethnic backgrounds in my school. Affirmative Action was needed 30,40, and 50 years ago but today it’s an archaic notion that should be offensive to everyone.


High Court Has Split Decision on Affirmative Action:

So let me get this straight. At the University of Michigan it’s not ok to use race as an admission standard for the undergraduates but it’s ok for the law school to do it? That makes absolutely no freakin’ sense. From the article…

In the law school decision, the court upheld a 1978 ruling involving the University of California that said many factors contribute to a diverse and healthy student body — including race, GPA, test scores and life experiences.

So white people don’t have life experience. I guess we were all pampered rich kids because we were white. A hard life knows no color, and neither should college admissions.

Well what do you know.

Survey: Most against race-based admissions:

Check it out. According to a survey done by The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion most of the people they polled were against race based admission factors in college. Look at these results.

Sixty percent of African-Americans surveyed opposed race-based admissions, along with 76 percent of Latinos and 83 percent of respondents who were white.

So it appears that even minorities are opposed to affirmative action college admissions. So I guess that the people still calling for affirmative action are a minority themselves.