FBI says U of MD freshman is a craigslist child porn creeper

Akshay Rajshekar

Akshay Rajshekar

University freshman faces child pornography charges after Craigslist sting:

18-year-old Akshay Rajshekar was already facing child porn charges when he was arrested in Washington, DC for allegedly transporting child porn across state lines. He allegedly responded to an ad on craigslist posted by the FBI and the Metropolitan Police’s Child Exploitation Task Force. The FBI posed as a father that was turning out his 12-year-old daughter. Rajshekar is said to have responded to the ad and sent the ‘father’ several images of child porn. In one of the chats Rajshekar said…

“I really want to experience what it is like,” Rajshekar allegedly wrote in a chat obtained by investigators. “I have been trying to meet other pedos online with similar interest … [it’s] hard as hell.”

When Rajshekar went to the pre-arranged meeting in our nation’s capital Rajshekar was arrested and was said to be in possession of condoms and a laptop. He’s been charged with transporting child porn across state lines and travelling for the sexual exploitation of a minor and is looking at 40 years.

As I’ve said many times before if the police are posing as scum like fathers willing to turn out their kids than that means that there is scum who actually do that on craigslist. Still craigslist refuses to monitor their own site for creeps like this. Why anybody uses craigslist for any legitimate means is beyond me because the more people who continue to use craigslist the more craigslist turns a blind eye to the still high level of criminal activity on their site.