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Meet the new boss…

Gore out! Lieberman in?:

The Good news is Gore isn’t going to run in 2004. The bad news is Lieberman might. To me there really is no difference between the two. They’re both about censorship. Think about it. Al’s wife Tipper was all about censoring music with the PMRC back in the 80’s. Al was 100% behind her. When Gore was running in 2000 he constantly spoke about how the entertainment industry needs to tone things down or face government reprisal. Yet, he took most of his campaign money from Hollywood big wigs. Lieberman is a member of the PTC. A group with similar goals to that of the PMRC but more interested in television and video games than music. His group basically thinks they know what’s best for everybody and what programs everyone should be watching. They were most recently in the news protesting the Victoria’s Secret special that was on. If Lieberman runs I’ll do everything within my power to see that Bush gets re-elected. I don’t want the government telling me what I can and can’t watch.

Comrade Al

Gore favors ‘single-payer’ health plan:

Al Gore just doesn’t get it does he. Why doesn’t he just come out wearing a fuzzy hat and carry a hammer and a sickle. This “single payer” plan, as he calls it, is just doublespeak for socialized medicine. Now in theory socialized medicine is a great idea. The reality though is much different.

If we were to have socialized medicine in the U.S. the quality of health care would decrease dramatically. Trust me. I worked in the health insurance industry for 10 years and the last 3 working for medical offices. The amount of reimbursement that hospitals and doctors’ offices receive from Medicaid is horrendous. If facilities were to see nothing but Medicaid patients then the practice would lose money and would have to close. And where would the money come for this health insurance for all? It would come out of the pockets of hard-working people who pay their taxes. Look at countries like Canada and the UK. No offense to them but they have socialized medicine and their inflation is outrageous because of it. Plus I’ve also been told by Canadians and Brits that have spent time in the U.S. that their quality of health care is lacking when compared to the U.S.

It’s bad enough that every day I see these Medicaid patients come into my office rolling up in SUV’s that cost more than my yearly salary, or have the most advanced cell phone ever created when I can’t even afford to get minutes put on my Trac-Fone.

Don’t get me wrong though. There should be some kind of assistance for the elderly and those who are having true financial hardships, but there are too many people out there who are just sponging off the system. A national health insurance would only produce more like that.

Al, you lost get over it.

So I’m at work the other day listening to the radio. I was tired of the 3 so-called rock stations here in cHarlotte so I looked for something more informative. So I went down to the low-end of the FM dial and stumbled across NPR, which is the radio equivalent of PBS.

Well, apparently the other day NPR stood for Namby Pamby Radio. I was listening to some talk show and the guests were two “journalists” from the New York Times. They had just published an article that stated that they found evidence that proves that Al Gore won the 2000 election. I tried to find a link to that article at the New York Times website but they ask you to register. What’s that all about?

Anyway this is just typical of the, I hate to bust out this cliché but, the obviously biased media. Think about it. If Al Gore had won the election do you think the NY Slimes would be digging up evidence that George W. won? Of course not. They just can’t let it go. And of course all the callers to the show were applauding these fine gentleman. And all the stereotypical liberal buzzwords were thrown out like “right-wing conspiracy” and “racist politics”. And yet when speaking of Gore they never throw out words like “censorship” or “Hollywood money”.

Here’s the facts. If it wasn’t for the completely fucked up election laws of the state of Florida this would never have been an issue. The rest of the 49 states didn’t have this problem and I’m sure some of them used the same kind of voting equipment that Florida did.

Look, it’s over. Your boy lost. Stop being sore losers.

More Al Gore Hypocrisy

Recently the Federal Trade Commission released a report saying that the film, music, television, and video game industries have been marketing adult oriented material towards children. Let me add to this by saying “Duh!”. This has been going on for years. When I was 11 a movie came out called “Friday the 13th”. It was rated R and I was much too young at the time. Did that stop me from wanting to go see it? Um…..NO!!!!! What did stop me was a responsible mother who realized I was too young to witness such violence. Not to mention the fact looking back I really didn’t miss much outside of seeing Kevin Bacon get slaughtered but I digress. I found an article (dead link) on MSNBC.com that had Al Gore’s reaction to the FTC findings….

Gore said Monday if the entertainment industry did not halt such practices, he would support unspecified measures to hold it accountable. “A lot of it has to be done privately,” Gore said in an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey television talk show. “It’s not about censorship; it’s about citizenship, including corporate citizenship.” Referring to his wife’s involvement in the 1980s in a campaign to urge the recording industry to voluntarily label obscene and violent lyrics, Gore said, “Tipper started 20 years ago educating me about why parents need more help, and she was successful in convincing the recording industry to give warnings to parents when material is inappropriate,” Gore said. “Now Joe Lieberman and I are following up on that to try to persuade all the companies in that industry to abide by what they said they would do.”

Ok lets break this down shall we….
1. He’s on Oprah. We know how great a fair and even-handed political forum the Oprah Show is.
2. This is coming from the man who has accepted more campaign funds from the Hollywood industry than any presidential candidate ever.
3. He dug up the ghosts of the PMRC. The ill-fated pet project of Tipper Gore. She cried for ratings, she got a sticker.
4. So either this man is dead serious about censorship or he’s a hypocrite. Either way that makes him dangerous.

Bottom line: All corporations are soulless money-making machines out for a fast buck. Of course they are marketing towards your children. Children want most what they can’t have. It’s yours and my job as parents and step-parents to protect our children, not the government’s. And if you feel it is the government’s job to help raise your children than you shouldn’t have had kids in the first place.

Al and Joe = Censorship

So I know I haven’t written lately, (not like anyone is really reading this), because things have been sailing pretty smoothly for yours truly.

I got married on July 30th, but my wife is still 642 miles away. So I’m busy searching for a new job to be with her.

I was going to write about the dumbass, tree hugging, no job having, no real point protesters that were here in Philthy for the RNC but everyone and their grandmother has written about that so I’ll write today about something that seriously pissed me off today. One personal, one not so personal. The not so personal first.

Vice President Al Gore chose his running mate recently. One Senator Joseph Lieberman from Connecticut. Not much is known about him but I do know a little bit about him. Sen. Lieberman is on the board of an organization known as the PTC. What the PTC does is it recommends what TV shows are suitable for family viewing and pressures the advertisers of shows that it finds offensive. For those of us in our 30’s does this sound familiar? One specific show they targeted is WWF Smackdown on the UPN Network. This happens to be one of my favorite shows. Granted this show is not what I would call family viewing and I believe that it should not be viewed by anyone under 15. But, it is the parents responsibility to monitor your child’s viewing habits. Not the governments and certainly not the PTC’s. If you don’t know what your child is watching than your just a bad parent, bottom line.

Rewind to about 1985 I believe. There was a senator from Tennessee whose wife organized a coalition to censor lyrics in rock and rap music. That senator was Al Gore and his wife Tipper Gore. (Do you see where I’m headed with this?) We haven’t heard from Tipper in a while have we? Just biding her time until she got to the White House perhaps?.

I almost was going to vote for Al Gore because he was a Vietnam vet and I believe that our Commander-in-Chief should have military experience. But now there’s no way I would vote for him. A vote for Al Gore is a vote for censorship. I’m not asking you to vote for Bush, I’m just asking you to not vote for Gore.