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Never bring a can to a school shooting

To arms.

To arms.

In my time of working on this website in its various incarnations I’ve heard a lot of stupid ideas that are designed to protect kids during a school shooting. This one may take the cake, or in this case creamed corn.

A middle school in Alabama sent a letter home to parents asking to give their kids a canned food item to bring with them to school, every day. This isn’t some kind of food drive, the cans are supposed to be used as potential weapons against a possible active shooter in the school. This school of thought comes from school defense program that a lot of schools use although it;s only one aspect of the program. However this is a dumb idea.

First off even a couple dozen kids armed with that can of unidentifiable food that even the food drives won’t take is no defense against a crazed individual with a high-powered weapon capable of dispensing hot leaded death at multiple rounds a second. Secondly kid are kids. They’re more likely to use the cans on each other than they are a possible threat.

Instead of wasting time and energy on harebrained schemes like this more effort should be put towards preventing school shootings by not only making mental healthcare more widely available but also by lessening the stigma that too many parents believe that getting your kids metal treatment means they’re broken or you failed as a parent somehow. You only fail if you don’t do anything.

A Backpage murder where no one is innocent

Woods and Williams

Woods and Williams

Coast Guardsman Murder Case Sent to Grand Jury:

Here are all the players in our little drama.

Shaniah Woods: A transgender prostitute advertising on Backpage.

Christopher Williams: The pimp and/or bodyguard.

Robert Andrew Roberts: Coast Guardsmen from Alabama and alleged murder victim.

Back in March Mr. Roberts responded to a Backpage ad for Woods and the pair met at a hotel. She supposedly asked for ID but instead Roberts allegedly started groping her. Then the pair went out to a vehicle where Williams was where they discussed price. For some unknown reason a scuffle broke out and Roberts was shot to death with his own gun by Williams.

The suspects are claiming self-defense.

This story shows a number of things. The first is you are taking your life into your hands by using prostitutes. Secondly, if you engage in a life of prostitution and sex trafficking you may find yourself on the wrong end of a murder charge. And lastly Backpage made money on this murder.

Ala. man convicted of soliciting sex from children on craigslist

Alan Preston Prine

Alan Preston Prine

Daphne man responded to coded Craigslist ad offering sex with children, detective testifies:

Jury convicts Daphne man busted in sting of trying to arrange sex with young girls:

A federal jury in Alabama recently convicted 60-year-old Alan Preston Prine of Daphne, Alabama of soliciting sex from children on craigslist.

Back in November Saraland police detective James Morton placed a phony ad on craigslist that read…

“P.hamily fun serious replies only bama won yes T.erday and kansas state lost don’t forget to H. elp the less fortunate this C. hristmas”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Murphy told the jury during her opening statement that the defendant, himself, explained the meaning of the capital letters sprinkled throughout the ad. She said PTHC was an acronym – Preteen Hard Core.

You learn something new every day. “Phamily fun’ is an old one though. That usually means that someone is willing to rent out their kids to pedophiles.

Prine responded to the ad in less than an hour of it being posted. Detective Morton did not respond immediately at first to give Prine an opportunity to change his mind. Four hours later Prine e-mailed about the ad again. This led to an exchange of over 200 e-mails between Prine and who he thought was a mother willing to allow Prine to have sex with her daughters. Police set up the meeting and when Prine showed up with pizza police arrested him. I wonder what happened to the pizza, but I digress.

Prine’s public defender tried using the defense that Prine was actually trying to seduce the ‘mother’ and that on the internet every thing is fantasy anyway. No really, he said that…

“My client, Mr. Prine, was looking for relationships with women,” he said. “My client at no time thought that he was speaking to a child.”

“It is not just officers who pose. People on the Internet pose,” he said. “This case presents a world of smoke and mirrors.”

Except in the e-mail exchange Prine said that he likes 9+. That means he likes girls no younger than 9. Ick. He probably thought that was some kind of moral code too.

Luckily the jury wasn’t buying it and convicted Prine. He’s looking at 10 years in federal custody.

Yet still no political or media pressure on craigslist. They continue to do nothing about these kinds of ads still relying on what they call community policing but how you can you really police when the community is rife with predators and pedophiles?

UPDATE 10/20/2013: Prine was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison and everyone involved acts like this was his first time…

“I am not a sex offender. This event is an anomaly in my life. It was a one-time deal,” he said. “I am ashamed of the language I used, but I am not a child offender.”

I’m sorry but a noob in any situation doesn’t pick up the lingo like that on their first outing. More than likely, since they found no evidence of any other crimes against children, he was just that careful about being caught.

Alabama doctor caught creeping on craigslist

Dr. Murali Reddy

Dr. Murali Reddy

Federal charges filed against USA resident Dr. Murali Reddy accuse him of enticing a minor:

Mobile doctor pleads not guilty to using Craigslist to entice 15-year-old boy:

Dr. Murali Krishna Aalabasavaraja Reddy is a resident at the University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s Hospital. That makes it even more creepy that he was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a 15-year-old boy on craigslist. I say is a resident because the university has suspended him without pay pending the outcome of the trial. It doesn’t seem like he diddled any of the patients because the university stresses that the residents work in teams implying that he would have had no opportunity to do so. Let’s hope that’s true,

Police say that Reddy placed an ad on craigslist looking for young stuff and received a reply from a 15-year-old boy. Of course the boy turned out to be the police. It seems that Reddy was just another pedo who let his perverse desires overrule his common sense…

According to police, Reddy pleaded to keep the matter quiet: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please don’t do this. I’m sorry for meeting him and I don’t want to lose my job.”

You should have thought of that before you decided that you wanted to diddle a teenager. He’s looking at 10 years in federal prison but even the feds look for plea deals. He probably won’t even get five.

And once again I have to point out craigslist’s need for self-monitoring. How many other victims could Reddy have possibly had. I seriously doubt that this was his first shot at the Sears Catalog for pedophiles known as craigslist. How can the community police when they’re a bunch of scum too?

UPDATE 9/18/12: Dr. Reddy has been convicted and the 10 year sentence is a mandatory minimum so he could be looking at more prison time.

UPDATE 1/23/2013: Nope, it seems that Reddy only got the minimum of 10 years. He’ll be out in plenty of time to re-offend.

Omegle child predator posed as Justin Bieber to extort girls

Christopher P. Gunn (not Bieber) and Justin Bieber. The resemblance is uncanny.

Christopher P. Gunn (not Bieber) and Justin Bieber. The resemblance is uncanny.

Christopher P. Gunn Charged With Sextortation And Cyberstalking After Allegedly Posing As Justin Bieber Online:

Authorities: Man lured girls by posing as Justin Bieber:

In Florida 31-year-old Christopher P. Gunn has been charged with posing as teen pop sensation Justin Bieber on the anonymous chat site Omegle in order to extort explicit photos from underage girls.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office states that Gunn would pose as Bieber and promise the girls things like concert tickets in exchange for topless photos. Once he would get the topless photos he would allegedly blackmail the girls into sending more explicit photos or he would publish their photos on the web. Investigators say that Gunn preyed upon girls from ages 9 to 16 throughout the world.

Gunn was already in custody for allegedly running a similar blackmail plot in Alabama. He would pose on Facebook as a new kid in town and would befriend high school age girls and try to get them to send him inappropriate photos.

In the Bieber scheme he would use such screen names as Justin Babin, justinqazabc123, and surprise.suprise1. In the Facebook scheme he would use the alias of Tyler Mileke.

If convicted on all the Florida charges he’s looking at 50 years. Not that I have a problem with that but here’s the thing. Gunn’s charges stem mostly from child porn and harassment charges. So far there’s no evidence that he met any of these girls and molested them. So why is that child molesters that actually rape their victims get far less time than scumbags like Gunn?

And again parents, no child, especially a 9-year-old girl, needs to have their own webcam and be on Omegle. Remember, their motto is ‘Talk with strangers.’ You wouldn’t let them talk to a stranger on the street so why would you let them talk to one in your own home?

Juggalo accused in the murder of Amanda Taylor

Ronald Weems

Ronald Weems

Police release more details on Amanda Taylor’s death:

No motive found in murder:

In Muscle Shoals, Alabama investigators recently discovered the remains of 32-year-old Amanda Taylor. The mother of three was strangled and her toes and fingers had been removed. Police have charged a Juggalo with her murder.

Police believe that Ms. Taylor was killed by 33-year-old Ronald Eugene Weems. According to his mother Weems is a Juggalo. Not only that but he actually lives with his mother. No word on if he occupied the basement of his mother’s house.

Some reports say that Weems killed Taylor for stealing a child support check from his baby-mama, Laurel Ann Pruett. Pruett and Weems have a 4-year-old daughter together who is actually in the custody of Weems mother. Pruett was also arrested for allegedly supplying police with a false alibi for Weems. Also arrested was 21-year-old Matthew Richard Fox for allegedly coming up with the plan to cut off Taylor’s digits to avoid her body being identified.

Of course the question is going to come up if the ‘music’ of ICP caused Weems to kill. As much as I deride Juggalos the music does not cause anyone to kill. It’s more of case of people with violent tendencies being drawn to their music.

Some law enforcement agencies classify Juggalos as a gang. To me that’s a misnomer because a gang signifies some kind of national organization. Most Juggalos don’t have the mental capacity to tie their own shoes let alone organize a gang. There may be pockets of Juggalos who act like a gang but they should not be classified as a gang on the level of something like the Crips. In my opinion they are more like a trailer trash cult who somewhere along the way forgot the fact that ICP’s violent lyrics are just a gimmick. But back to the matter at hand.

If you’re 33 and you still consider yourself a Juggalo you’ve obviously failed at life.

UPDATE 5/16/2013: Pruett, Fox and a third person, 26-year-old Ashley Greenhill, were all convicted of abuse of a corpse and sentenced to 10 years. Weems was convicted last month and is looking at life.

Branden Wayne Utley sentenced for soliciting 12-year-old girl

Branden Wayne Utley

Branden Wayne Utley

Geneva teen gets three years for enticing 12-year-old for sex:

I originally posted about Branden Wayne Utley here. The now 19-year-old from Geneva, Alabama was arrested back in October of 2010 for sending nude pictures of himself to a 12-year-old girl that he met on MySpace and MyYearbook. He even tried to lure the girl to a park for sex which I call child rape.

Last week Utley was sentenced to 3 years behind bars. His lawyer and his family wanted probation only for Utley arguing that he was just a “teenager looking for love”. Also trying the ‘he didn’t know she was 12 defense’.

The judge even noted his lack of remorse when sentencing him. I’m guessing the law only allowed him to be sentenced to three years which is a shame. He’ll be 22 when he gets out and will be on the sex offender registry but I doubt either of those things will discourage him in the future.

Further proof you don’t have to be a creepy old man to be a pedophile

Branden Wayne Utley

Branden Wayne Utley

Police in Houston County, Alabama arrested 18-year-old Branden Wayne Utley for allegedly not only sending explicit photos of himself to a 12-year-old girl but for also allegedly trying to entice her to a park for sex. And again if you’re new here I call sex with an underage child what it should be called, child rape. But I digress.

Utley, of Geneva, AL, met the girl, from Ashford, AL, on either MySpace or MyYearbook.

Luckily police picked up Utley before he could rape the girl.

He’s being held on $100K bond as police are saying he poses a threat to himself and the community at large.

Like I said in the headline pedophiles and sexual predators can be just about any age and come from any walk of life.

Happy Barack Obama Day


Ala. county passes Obama holiday:

This an actually an old story but I just heard it for the first time last week on NPR.

Perry County in Alabama have declared the 2nd Monday in November Barack Obama Day. It’s going to be a government holiday in the county.

Again I have to say while President-elect Obama’s election victory is historic he still hasn’t done anything worth declaring a holiday for. I honestly hope that he does but to do all these things now is incredibly premature.

While I’m at it what’s the big deal about Mr. Obama quitting smoking. He only smoked at most less than half a pack a day.

I used to smoke a pack of day and I’m trying to quit but you don’t see the New York Times writing articles about me.

All I’m saying is let’s see him actually do something before we nominate him for sainthood.