Classifieds crime blotter 12/5/2017

Classifieds crime blotter 12/5/2017

Apartment Manager Finds Stolen Fridge For Sale On Craigslist:
(Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Craigslist)

Home rental scam steals mom’s Christmas money:
(Cincinnati, Ohio, Craigslist)

Lehigh Valley police discover nationwide sex trafficking ring including cities like Chicago, San Diego and more:
(Pennsylvania, Backpage)

El Paso men charged after stolen cellphone shows up on selling/purchasing app:
(Texas, Craigslist and OfferUp)

Couple warns rental scam has resurfaced in Central Maine with new twist:

Rental scam ruins vacation in Naples:
(Florida, Craigslist)

Officials warn public of online rental scams:
(Moorpark, California, Craigslist)

Huntsville police warn about ‘movie money’ counterfeit bills:
(Alabama, Craigslist)

Police: Stranger harasses woman with threatening texts, negative Craigslist ad:
(St. Louis, Missouri, Craigslist)

High School student charged with Snapchat child porn and rape of other students

High School student charged with Snapchat child porn and rape of other students

18-year-old Adonis Jackson, of Elmore County, Alabama, has been charged with the production of child porn and second-degree rape. Jackson allegedly used Snapchat and Facetime in order to obtain explicit pictures of 16-year-old students. Once he obtained the pictures Jackson is said to have extorted his victims into having sex with him.

These are the same tactics used by much older predators except in this case the predator doesn’t have to pose as a teen because he is one. He also deserves the same type of prosecution as these older predators as well. Just because he’s closer in age to his victims doesn’t make him any less of an abuser.

This is also a good lesson for kids that Snapchat pictures don’t disappear like the app may claim, and anything that makes its way out on to the internet is out there forever.

Backpage sued by victims of child sex trafficking in four different states

Backpage sued by victims of child sex trafficking in four different states

Five separate underage victims who claim that they were trafficked on Backpage for sex are suing the embattled website in four different states. The victims, ranging in ages from 14 to 16 at the time of the crimes, have filed suits in California, Texas, Washington and Alabama. Previous lawsuits like this have been defeated in the courts because of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. However, since the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that Backpage allegedly edits the ads to make the victims appear of age, that could make their CDA defense precarious.

The only people who Backpage really listens to are dead Presidents, so hurting them financially really is the best way to put them out of the sex trade business, and yes, they are still making money from sex trafficking ads.

The kreepiest of Kik kreepers arrested in Alabama

The kreepiest of Kik kreepers arrested in Alabama

James Darnell Smith

This is basically just a copy and paste of most of the Kik stories I post, but man, sometimes you just can’t pass up a mugshot like that.

Anyway, Tor Johnson’s younger brother up there is 35-year-old James Darnell Smith of Silverhill, Alabama. Smith is accused of allegedly using the mobile messaging app Kik to trade in child porn and to try to meet juveniles.


Investigators say they witnessed Smith trading child porn on Kik and trying to pick up kids, which gave them probable cause to search his home. There, they reportedly found a cache of child porn which included images of children as young as five.

By now it should come as no secret that kik is crawling with sex offenders and pedophiles, but it has also become the app of choice for those who trade in the most vile iconography in existence. If you allow your children to use this app unattended this is who you’re leaving them unattended with.

Alabama Kik kreeper tried to check girl out of school

Carlton Carvel Bates

Carlton Carvel Bates

First I want to give props to for using the word rape in their headline regarding the following incident. Underage children can not legally consent to sex so it is a form of rape.

Anyway, 35-year-old Carlton Carvel Bates or Birmingham, Alabama, is accused of allegedly ‘having sex (i.e. child rape) with a 14-year-old girl that he met, where else, on the mobile messaging app Kik. Prior to his arrest Bates had already ‘had sex’ with the Blount County girl on at least one occasion. On this trip however Bates went to the girl’s high school in an attempt to check her put of class. Luckily the school staff didn’t fall for it.

Think about that for just a moment. This man allegedly went to the girl’s school an hour away from his home, walked into the school and spoke with school staff possibly posing as a relative in an attempt to check her out of class for the sole purpose of ‘having sex’ with a 14-year-old girl. That’s a new parents’ nightmare for you.

Luckily it was his hubris that caused his downfall. The school contacted police who posed as the girl on Kik and maybe no so ironically arrested him outside of an establishment called Mugshots.

Not to belabor the point but if you’re not keeping an eye on your kids’ online activities the many sex offenders and pedophiles using the Kik app will.

Never bring a can to a school shooting

To arms.

To arms.

In my time of working on this website in its various incarnations I’ve heard a lot of stupid ideas that are designed to protect kids during a school shooting. This one may take the cake, or in this case creamed corn.

A middle school in Alabama sent a letter home to parents asking to give their kids a canned food item to bring with them to school, every day. This isn’t some kind of food drive, the cans are supposed to be used as potential weapons against a possible active shooter in the school. This school of thought comes from school defense program that a lot of schools use although it;s only one aspect of the program. However this is a dumb idea.

First off even a couple dozen kids armed with that can of unidentifiable food that even the food drives won’t take is no defense against a crazed individual with a high-powered weapon capable of dispensing hot leaded death at multiple rounds a second. Secondly kid are kids. They’re more likely to use the cans on each other than they are a possible threat.

Instead of wasting time and energy on harebrained schemes like this more effort should be put towards preventing school shootings by not only making mental healthcare more widely available but also by lessening the stigma that too many parents believe that getting your kids metal treatment means they’re broken or you failed as a parent somehow. You only fail if you don’t do anything.

Two women charged in Alabama craigslist killing

Saraya Shakai Atkins and Kymberli Elizabeth Lindsay

Deputies dig into suspects’ pasts after man dies protecting his stepdaughter during Coden robbery:

Mobile DA: Charges upgraded to capital murder:

Not too long ago a friend of mine asked me if Miranda Barbour was the first female craigslist killer. At first I said yes then I also remembered Korena Roberts. Now you can add two more women’s names to that list. 20-year-old Saraya Shakai Atkins and 25-year-old Kymberli Elizabeth Lindsay are accused in the craigslist shooting death of 66-year-old Robert Perry.

Perry and his step-daughter went to look at a car at a local Wal-Mart that was being advertised on craigslist. While Perry was inspecting the car his step-daughter went into Wal-Mart to cash her income tax check. The decision was then made that Perry and his step-daughter were not going to buy the car and drove off.

Police say that Atkins and Lindsay chased them down in their vehicle and ran them off the road in Coden, Alabama. Atkins was allegedly brandishing the gun and when she pointed it at Perry’s step-daughter Mr. Perry went for the gun and shots were fired in the ensuing struggle. One of the shots struck Perry fatally.

Atkins and Lindsay have been charged with capital murder which would make them eligible for the death penalty.

If you’d like you can make an online donation to help the Perry family with the funeral costs.

AL man charged with running sex tourism trade on craigslist

Man arrested in connection with sex tourism business:

Patrick Minga

Just when you think the sex crimes on craigslist couldn’t get any more depraved a story like this comes along.

50-year-old Patrick Minga of Huntsville, Alabama, was recently arrested for allegedly running a sex tourism business that advertised on craigslist. In case you’re unfamiliar with what sex tourism is it’s when a travel organization arranges trips to places like Thailand in order for their customers to have sex with underage children. In this case investigators say that Minga was allegedly arranging trips to Ecuador and Colombia for customers to have sex with girls that were 13 and under. I would love to know how the ad was worded.

Minga was being investigated by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida since that’s where they say the trips were originating from. He’s looking at 30 years for attempted sex trafficking.

Isn’t it funny how craigslist’s vaunted community policing didn’t catch this ad but the real police did? I guess it’s probably because craigslist’s community police were too busy responding to the ad.

Craigslist, it’s past time that you started monitoring your own site. Clean up your yard.

UPDATE 7/4/2014: Minga has been found guilty. He faces sentencing in November.

A Backpage murder where no one is innocent

Woods and Williams

Coast Guardsman Murder Case Sent to Grand Jury:

Here are all the players in our little drama.

Shaniah Woods: A transgender prostitute advertising on Backpage.

Christopher Williams: The pimp and/or bodyguard.

Robert Andrew Roberts: Coast Guardsmen from Alabama and alleged murder victim.

Back in March Mr. Roberts responded to a Backpage ad for Woods and the pair met at a hotel. She supposedly asked for ID but instead Roberts allegedly started groping her. Then the pair went out to a vehicle where Williams was where they discussed price. For some unknown reason a scuffle broke out and Roberts was shot to death with his own gun by Williams.

The suspects are claiming self-defense.

This story shows a number of things. The first is you are taking your life into your hands by using prostitutes. Secondly, if you engage in a life of prostitution and sex trafficking you may find yourself on the wrong end of a murder charge. And lastly Backpage made money on this murder.

Ala. man convicted of soliciting sex from children on craigslist

Deante L. Brown

Daphne man responded to coded Craigslist ad offering sex with children, detective testifies:

Jury convicts Daphne man busted in sting of trying to arrange sex with young girls:

A federal jury in Alabama recently convicted 60-year-old Alan Preston Prine of Daphne, Alabama of soliciting sex from children on craigslist.

Back in November Saraland police detective James Morton placed a phony ad on craigslist that read…

“P.hamily fun serious replies only bama won yes T.erday and kansas state lost don’t forget to H. elp the less fortunate this C. hristmas”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Murphy told the jury during her opening statement that the defendant, himself, explained the meaning of the capital letters sprinkled throughout the ad. She said PTHC was an acronym – Preteen Hard Core.

You learn something new every day. “Phamily fun’ is an old one though. That usually means that someone is willing to rent out their kids to pedophiles.

Prine responded to the ad in less than an hour of it being posted. Detective Morton did not respond immediately at first to give Prine an opportunity to change his mind. Four hours later Prine e-mailed about the ad again. This led to an exchange of over 200 e-mails between Prine and who he thought was a mother willing to allow Prine to have sex with her daughters. Police set up the meeting and when Prine showed up with pizza police arrested him. I wonder what happened to the pizza, but I digress.

Prine’s public defender tried using the defense that Prine was actually trying to seduce the ‘mother’ and that on the internet every thing is fantasy anyway. No really, he said that…

“My client, Mr. Prine, was looking for relationships with women,” he said. “My client at no time thought that he was speaking to a child.”

“It is not just officers who pose. People on the Internet pose,” he said. “This case presents a world of smoke and mirrors.”

Except in the e-mail exchange Prine said that he likes 9+. That means he likes girls no younger than 9. Ick. He probably thought that was some kind of moral code too.

Luckily the jury wasn’t buying it and convicted Prine. He’s looking at 10 years in federal custody.

Yet still no political or media pressure on craigslist. They continue to do nothing about these kinds of ads still relying on what they call community policing but how you can you really police when the community is rife with predators and pedophiles?

UPDATE 10/20/2013: Prine was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison and everyone involved acts like this was his first time…

“I am not a sex offender. This event is an anomaly in my life. It was a one-time deal,” he said. “I am ashamed of the language I used, but I am not a child offender.”

I’m sorry but a noob in any situation doesn’t pick up the lingo like that on their first outing. More than likely, since they found no evidence of any other crimes against children, he was just that careful about being caught.