Youngniceguy is neither

Quick-Thinking Dad Helps Nab Sex Predator Suspect:

I wouldn’t say quick thinking I would just say that he’s a knowledgeable parent.

Anyway this father saw one of his 14-year-old daughter’s MySpace messages. It was a sexually suggestive message sent from someone calling himself ‘youngniceguy’. Dad decided to play the role of the daughter and at that point ‘youngniceguy’ was trying to get sex from the 14-year-old.

Dad called the cops and it turns out that ‘youngniceguy’ is neither young nor nice. Police arrested 36-year-old Alan Dean Sims. Sims is being charged with criminal solicitation of a minor and attempted criminal sexual conduct. Both are felonies and he’s looking at 30 years.

Who will be the first to come to his defense on these pages? Friend, family, or significant other?