Alan Moore gets 5 years for child prostitution

Man gets 5 years in Craiglist prostitution ring:

No, not the comic book guy. This Alan Moore hails from Milwaukee. 22-year-old Moore was sentenced to 5 years in prison for running a child prostitution ring off of craigslist in Elmhurst, Illinois. The girls he was pimping out were 14 and 16 but he claims they were older. Don’t they always. Moore even had sex with one of the girls. He was previously arrested in Wisconsin for a sex offense involving a 5-year-old boy.

Even though he entered into a plea with prosecutors 5 years is a joke. When he gets out he’ll be 27 and have plenty of time to re-offend.

Not only that but there’s the so-called victimless crime again. No legalization will change that.

Nice clientèle you have there craigslist.