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Death of an Icon

I have some sad news to pass on today.

This past week Alan Schafer of South Carolina passed away this past week. Who is he? Have you ever driven between New York and Florida on I-95? Have you ever seen the billboards advertising a tourist trap called Pedro’s South of the Border? Alan Schafer was Pedro.

I remember driving to Florida from Atlantic City with my family. I must have been 8 at the time. And I saw all these signs for this place just over the South Carolina border. The signs were hilarious. Then again I was 8. Anyway I begged my parents to stop there. But my dad being Mr. No Fun would never stop there. 3 years in a row he wouldn’t stop there.

Well finally about 3 years ago after I was exiled from Florida I stopped at Pedro’s just because I could. It was the cheesiest, tackiest, tourist trap I had ever seen. It was glorious. It was liked being trapped in a giant velvet painting of Elvis.

I bought some bumper stickers and a few t-shirts. And on the day I got married, my wife and I had to drive through Pedro’s to get to our destination. I think I was just a little less excited about driving trough Pedro’s then my actual wedding? You can ask my wife, I wanted to get married there.

So Mr. Schafer rest well in knowing that you created the Mecca of all tourist stands.